Hello everyone, Since August 2010 when I completed that MOC, I was asked instructions so many times for this model, that I finally took this request into account. This was possible thanks to the work of another TechLUG member, who has now become a friend IRL : Frousmoul. He took my Executor to his home, and he modeled it. That was a very long process for a 3100 part MOC (3118, precisely). Then, he did the steps. That was a very long process too. And after maaaaaaaaany hours of work, the instruction is complete. The price of the instruction is very symbolical : only 10€. Nevertheless, I you want to send a premium in order to reward the hundreds hours of work, to support that kind of work for the community, or any other reason that is important to you, it is of course much appreciated. To actually buy the instruction, PM me on Eurobricks, Youtube or FlickR. Or even better : email me at setechnic@gmail.com Enjoy !