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[MOC] FBTB Moc Madness - Erotavoyager

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Introducing the Erotavoyager. This is my FBTB Moc Madness entry and my first MOC in almost 20 years. Ive been collecting Lego heavily for the last few years however this is my first attempt at making something from scratch since before the dark ages. If you liked this entry please show your support at FBTB by submitting a vote.(2nd to last entry in the Tatooine Regional Group) '>Link

Please let me know what you think. :classic:

This ship is large class vessel equipped to carry several bounties at a time. The ship is engineered using thrust propulsion. The crew never gets bored on long voyages due to the onboard entertainment.



Captained by the fearless bounty hunter Zed el Dégoûtant


This bounty hunter is so fearless he captures multiple bountiesat a time, the Erotavoyager has plenty of room to keep his prizes locked up below board in his specialized electro containment hold. If he happens to take a fancy to his prizes he can chain them upstairs in his own built in dancing stage.











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OMG! What a fantastic MOC meat1980! I love the overall smooth finish of the ship, very streamlined SNOT build. The light bley with dark red highlights color scheme looks very regal and high-class, though it might not suit the supposed-to-be-rugged reputation of a bounty hunter. The interiors are also impressive, with the slave dance poles at the top level and the red lasered cell beneath. Yours and ACPin's are probably the best entries I've seen so far. May the Force be with you in the contest, best of luck!

PS: LOL'd at slave Ahsoka! default_laugh_new.gif But how come Aayla became a slave too? This bounty hunter has got to be that badass to capture two jedi bounties.

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Really cool ship meat1980! I like the dark red and grey colour scheme, it has a Dexter Jetsters feel to it with these two colours. The design of the ship is very aerodynamic. :thumbup:

That bottom compartment is very nice, and the top is :wub:

Good luck for the contest! :)


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I love it but as KielDaMan it doesn't have that rugged feel a bounty hunter should have. Though I do love that specialized electro containment hold or what ever its called :classic:

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Wow! This looks like a really solid model, with cool details. I really like the prison hold, and the dance hall is funny. But the Bounty Hunter better watch out, because I'm pretty sure Ahsoka is under-aged. :tongue:

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