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Sir E Fullner

MOC: RC Steam Engine

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Hello, Eurobrickers. I have been on the Eurobricks Forums for almost a year now, so I thought I oughta show you an original creation of mine.


The engine is loosely based off of an HG Ivatt 2-6-2 Metropolitan Tank Engine (mostly to hide up the hump in the middle of the train) that worked on the London, Midland, and Scottish Railway during WWII.


Since, of course, the RC train base cannot work with large train wheels, I used two seperate bogie trailers and pretend that there are six drive wheels. The smokebox extends from the block in the middle of the train, and the tanks hide it up. The cab controls are mounted behind the red light on the block, and I gave it a color of white with red stripes.


Now here are the engineer and fireman waving good bye.

Always entertaining, always inspiring, always:

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Have you made any Rolling Stock to go With it ???

Yes I have, actually. I made a red brakevan and a yellow boxcar. I also made a small dining car and a ballast car.

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