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Vizcaya Bridge

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Hi everybody,

Allow me to make my first persentation on the EuroBricks forum;


The famous "Puente Colgante" (=hanging/suspended bridge) close to Bilbao, on the spanish north coast.

Vizcaya Bridge is the oldest hanging transporter bridge in the world.

It was built in 1893 and designed by Alberto de Palacio, one of Gustave Eiffel's disciples.

I´ve crossed it several times myself, as my wife is from the town where it is located.

It also forms part of the UNESCO World Heritage.


This model is in scale 1:300 (more or less)

The two towers are made with layered bricks, curved in two different directions, in an

attempt to capture teh slim look of teh original.


After several attemps I decided to try to approach the "clean" style often used in the Lego "Architecture" line.

(Although I prefer not to show too many studs...)


El transbordador de coches;

The suspended cars- and people transporter.




I hope you like it.

Comments welcome.

Have a nice summer!

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Oh my, this is simply amazing! the curvature of the towers is perfect, and the way you captured the basket (not sure if thats its title, but hey.) is perfect as well. Good work indeed, and welcome to the EB! :thumbup:

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I love the clever SNOT techniques - the smooth finish is absolutely stunning. Good job Hoexbro! :thumbup:

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Really good build - the slightly curved main supports in particular are exceptional. As you said, it is a very clean build :thumbup:

Was the length of the flex tubing the determining factor in the scale? - it fits perfectly.

I had to build one of these bridges for an engineering project once; an aluminium bridge, with a Lego Dacta (from the 80's, no less!) motor to control the shuttle - do you have plans to automate it in any way?

Keep up the good work :classic:

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