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My film - a trailer for my LEGO pirate comic

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I want to show you a brick film which I made recently. It is a trailer for my Lego pirate comic series called "Kings & Queens Of The Sea". It also advertises the new website made specifically for my comic, which can be found here.

The thread about the comic itself can be found here. Please note that it wasn't my intention to make double threads - that thread is about the comic, but I also wanted to make a thread about the film itself and put it outside the Pirate forum - so here it is. However if a MOD decides that this thread is unnecessary, feel free to close it.

Anyway, here's the trailer:

It's a slideshow of sorts of some frames from my comic (minus the dialogues). The music is also mine - I made it many years ago on my old Amiga computer and now decided to use it as the series' main theme. I'm planning on making a better recording some time in the future, this time with real instruments, but I really wanted to use the old version for now - it may not sound that professional but I just feel nostalgic for it. :classic:

Feel free to post your comments!

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