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The Cobra

Review: 6595 Surf shack

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It's an oldie but a goodie - Surf city, here we come (The Ramones - Surf city)

Set data:

6595: Surf shack

Year: 1993

Theme: City

Subtheme: System/Town

Pieces: 88 (including an extra Hinge control stick)

Price: N/A. Box size suggests it could have been around 10$.

Building time: less than 15 minutes

MISB on review: Yes

More info: Brickset - Peeron - Bricklink

Box front: Box got a bit bumped over the last 17 year, but that's no problem to me


Box rear: Some interesting alternative builds, including a small Lifeguard station and a glider.


Box side: A secret revealed: parted windsurfs can be safely hosted thanks to clips and arms.


Box side: Some play action; it's a nice day to ride the sea waves.


Box content: Medium bag, small bag, two loose baseplates, two loose #x16 pieces, a sticker, a mini-poster and the instructions booklet.


Loose pieces: So we have lots of white, then red, blue, grey, yellow and green. A few black and trans clear.


Random instructions page: A sort of piece call-out, one of the few. Building was very easy.


Mini-poster: Front has an overview of the Town theme, where most everyone is waving at you and there are some great new sets for the new year (remember, it's 1993). Rear covers the rest of the line, and shows that Pirates and Castle CAN co-exist. Who could have guessed it? Click both pics for much larger images.

c6595-08.jpg c6595-09.jpg

Minifigs: Girl has matching hair and dress colors. That's stylish. Torso is quite rare, only 8 sets have it. Same goes for the moustache guy's torso, which is the same guy we saw in Sidewalk cafè; but this time, he's wearing trousers. The sunglasses head was popular and cool. So cool he doesn't need a print on his torso.


Building: Let's put pieces together. Plates cover an area of 16x18 studs. Only two cups at the bar. See those clips? They're meant to host bars.


Building: There are all those old space wings as board holders (too bad they don't hold at all)


Building: So we're done. No odd tecniques, just an angled leaf placing.


Surf shack: A view from behind the bartender's place. He's ready to pour some cold beverages to his guests.


Surf shack: Side view, here's where bars and wings lie.


Wave riders: Boards are not so popular, and the blue one is exclusive to this set. So is the "8" grey striped wing.



Surf shack: Surfing day is over, let's have a drink.



I bought this set for 16 Euros, incl. S/H. That's just one Euro more than what I'd need to buy, say, a SW battle pack. But this is way better.

It's good to have three figs in such a small set, and they're quite different from one another. Neither one is too specific so you can choose any to be the bartender and the other two to just drink from their cups.

Windsurfs are good. They don't have a print on the board (the one on Minifigs Series 2 has), but that's no problem. Different boards and different wings are an excellent choice; it would have been terrific to have bars in blue, but the long one never existed in that color, and the short one only was used in blue in one SW set.

While similar to some Paradisa sets, this has no pink. Red and white make a solid scheme; big leaves are a great plus, giving a palm feeling; yellow was a nice choice for what should look like sand. If such a set was released today, the obvious choice would be tan.

The Shack is obviously not as detailed as a MOC would be, but the essential is there: two drink dispensers and two cups. It basically lacks another cup and maybe seats, but I guess these people could just lie on the beach sitting in the sand. Space wings are good to pose boards on, but here's tha main flow of this set: as soon as you move the Shack, boards will fall off. A little care will help, and after the first time you've seen what happens, you'll know what to expect and how to handle it.

Building is fast and easy; instructions pages feature a nice seaside background. Miniposter were part of the content, and in those pre-Internet days they did provide a good coverage. It's no surprise that back then Town was made of Police, Fire, Rescue and Airport, while it's nice to see Adventure, Racing and Harbor. On the back, 7 themes or subthemes (like Town boats) are hosted. Again, I can't help but missing those days when there were no Agents or aliens or Rock Monsters, but Castle AND Pirates and some serious Space.

"One" is the number of stickers we have here, and that is OK. Sure, if the panel was printed it would have even been better, but it's fine this way too.

Box is the same size of some of today's sets, like 3178. That's what makes me think that the Surf shack could have once costed 10 USDs. That would be a steal. An oustanding small civilian set, something we have been lacking for years. Most AFOLs will love it, I wonder if today's kids would too.


Color scheme: 5/5. Nothing to argue with.

Minifigs and accessories: 5/5 3 figs including a female one in such a small set. Wonderful!

Pieces: 4,5/5. 3 windsurfs in one set, and each has a different board color and wing design. One board and one wing are exclusive to this set.

Playability: 4,5/5. Assembling and disassembling windsurfs, sailing waves or just having a chat with friends at the bar.

Design: 4,5/5. Nearly perfect, except for those sliding boards.

Overall rating: 5/5. If you can pass on those minor flaws, you'd agree this is an outstanding set.

The final words: A compact everlasting classic, a perfect example of "small but great".

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Wow. This is awesome. The design of the surf shop is great, and there are so many cool pieces :thumbup:

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This is a nice Classic Town review and one of the main attractions is the amount of wave riders made available in this small set. It's definitely ideal to integrate this set into your beach setup.

See it on

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Great review! Reading it inspired me to rebuild mine. A great little set, with a couple of exclusive pieces too (good research on that, I only learned of it myself a few months ago :thumbup: ). I think this was created and released to try to bridge the gap between Paradisa (primarily female-oriented) and regular Town (primarily male-oriented). It fits the fun in the sun theme, but with less pastels. I wish Lego made more sets like this one today.

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Now this is really what I call a C & C set - CUTE & COOL ! :grin:

Somewhere for for boards......and a babe for the two guys to impress ! :devil:

Thanks for the review 'The Cobra' and I'm a conformist! ! :sweet:

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Wave-riders galore! I'm amazed that this set has not one, not two, but three of these beautiful wave rider boards. I love the simple yet functional build of the small cafe/building with the racks for the boards and lifesaver jacket, and the holding clips at the back. Thanks for sharing this classic review of a trully classic set 'The Cobra'!

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Love it - cracking little set !

Thanks for reviewing and sharing a set which I and probably many others had never seen before.

Dr. D.

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Thanks for the review on this one. I really wish we had more sets like this today but with updated colors (i.e. tan for the sand instead of yellow, etc.).

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Thanks for the trip down memory lane! :laugh:

Unfortunately, I never snagged this was released during my 'dark age'...a period when I missed out on some of the coolest LEGO sets ever. :cry_sad:

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Thank you very much for this great review, The Cobra! :classic:

I voted for


since this set is simply stunning! :wub: :wub: :wub:




-three minifigs - one female of them

-three surf boards with sails

-small beach bar

An excellent small set which offers unequaled opportunities! :thumbup:

I really hope that TLG will come back with some civilian oriented harbor and beach stuff in the near future!


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This looks like a great set! It's really such a shame that the City line is mainly focused on Fire and Police, as these type sets were really awesome! :classic:

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I'm not a fan of seaside sets, but I have to give this one a 5. :classic:

Yes there's only a bunch of bricks, and lots of empty space, but the design is quite clever in my opinion, and you get 3 minifigs (!) and plenty of accessories. I think it would have been worth buying 10-12 of these to use in a large seaside landscape.

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Thanks for this outstanding review :thumbup:

You just gotta love this little set!

It was the centerpiece of my beach set up :classic:

I never realized this set contained so many rare parts, I guess I didn't care about that when I was a kid :tongue:

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Great review! :thumbup: This is a really nice set! I like the way they stack the surfboards, and the selection of minifigs is good. :classic:


General Redwater

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