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2 years ago, I build this wheel loader, after some months, blakbird mades exelent rendering. After 2 years, I took the .mpd and re-work on it to add step, rotation step and make a pro-building instructions. The result is :


The wheel loader was a good moc (two years ago), today, it's quite obsolete because of new differentiel, new frame which permit to build very strong transmission. Mine used old differential with special frame but this construction was really strong, a good point two year ago.

About the features, you can read the complete article that I write on my blog :

To download the building instruction :

low-definition on Brickshelf : (1280x850px)

High definition PDF available in the article on my blog : (33mo, 1500x1000px)

Here is some renders of the building instruction :



(powered by Ldglite with Lpub4.0).

Please report any mistakes :)

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Can you put a part list (text file) so that we can know beforehand if we have enough pieces to build it?



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Can you provide it as a text file which we can import and more easily find out which pieces we lack? :]

Nico71, if you just provide the MPD file, then people can easily export their own parts list from MLCAD or LDView. That's what I did when I made my copy last year. Another possibility is to import the MPD file into Brickstore. This will give you a parts list which you can turn into a Bricklink wanted list. I've used this method to order parts many times.

By the way, this is a really excellent MOC (which is why I decided to build one)! Very well proportioned and functional. Thank you for taking the time to do the detail instructions.

Would you care to share your method for making that video? How did you make the model revolve while stepping through the building steps? Did you just do screen captures from LDGLite?

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I remember finding your loader on Brickshelf some time ago and I was stunned with the complexity and functionality of the model. Thank you for the instructions.

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@Blakbird : yes I will update the BS folder with tne .mpd. For the moment, the part list in text file is here. :)

For the video, I use ldview (last release) but with the option latitude and longitude rotation, the moc rotate on a center point with a fixed angle, which is better. I record the video during I press on the button "next step" on Ldview, quite simple :)

@grohl, thanks !

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