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Ok, this is my first post apoc moc, so dont judge too harshly :laugh: But i am happy to take any advice on how to improve it!

There really isnt much of a story, its sort of a WW2 scene where the war ended due to some disaster.



The broken street


Destroyed buildings on one side


This building became the command center, as it is the least damaged


Officers discussing the current situation


Newcomers arrive in the city


A kinda cool looking view of the MG bunker

Thanks for watching!

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This is pretty good for a first attempt Admiral Ron. I would reccomend adding more details to the buildings and to the whole scene in general. I really like how you added debris to the road, but I think you should add more, and use smaller pieces for the debris so it looks more realistic.

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I really enjoyed it dude, different from other things iv seen and a good use of varied post apocalyptic looking in a mad max style minifigs :)

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