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501st Commando

White Boba Fett review

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Set- Boba Fett

p/c- 5

Ages- 6+

Movie- None

Price-$50-$60 USD

Boba being one of my favorite SW characters, this mini figure was a must have. The overall apperance is bland, but since it's Boba, it's amazing. I wish I was able to get one at an event, but good thing Ebay/Bricklink is around.

The front of the bag.


The back of the bag.


The front of the fig.


The left side.


The right side.


The back.


Minifigs- Only 1 in 10000 gives this a 8/10

Parts- Exclusive fig parts only in this polybag gives this a 9/10

Playability- It's a minifig, not much can be said, but it's a very nice collectable, it gets a 5/10

Price- $60 USD for one rare fig, ouch! It gets a 3/10

Overall- I'm very pleased with this fig, my first "1 in 10000" minifig, so this will be an excellent addition to my collection. The price is the only thing I can find wrong with this fig. I would prefer printed arms and legs, but since this was a test version for the 2000 Boba Fett, I'll let that slide. It gets a 8/10

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Thanks for the quick review '501st Commando' - but he's too clean to a bounty hunter ! :laugh:

Wonder why a white Boba......reason ?

Ah well, I would get one if it was a better price.....anyway I'm a conformist! everyone ! :sweet:

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Great review. One thing that bothers me is that they were giving these away for free at Celebration V to the little kids who helped make the ESB mosaic, for free!!! Did I mention they were free! :sing::sadnew:

And here they are selling for at least $50.

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Nice review, but there were many more than 10,000 produced. They were given out with the purchase of the new slave one in some European countries. I am pretty sure we have not seen the last of this fig, meaning more are going to be distributed.

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Seems like half the packs Lego have provided don't end up making it to promotions. There are 3 or 4 sellers on ebay selling them by the bucket full. Surely Lego loose out with this strategy and it would be far better and fairer to insert randomly in all countries?

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