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Big Pete

Review : 7599 Garbage Truck Getaway (Toy Story 3)

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Name: Garbage Truck Getaway (7599)

Theme: Toy Story 3

Year: 2010

Pieces: 402

Minifigs: 4

Price: £49.99 (RRP) ... although I paid £29.99 in a Toys R Us sale

First up, the box art from the front and the back ...





There are some really nice minifigures including in this set, including the exclusive Twitch figure. The other figures, Lotso, Jessie and Buzz all have "garbage stains" on them, so show that they've been in the bin etc!


Lotso ... I like how he even has the tag on his bottom, as most bears do!




Buzz Lightyear


Twitch ... those tiny antennae are gonna easily get lost if you're not careful. The wings are cool too, in a sort of bendy, semi transparent plastic

So, now onto the build ... first up, here's what you get in the box. Yay, no DSS!!


First up, you build the garbage container ...


it's a box ... with handles ... nothing exciting, although the little wheels on the bottom are a nice realistic touch

And then you start to build the truck ... first the base ...


and then the cab ...


I really like the look of the truck ... it's an interesting scale and allows for nice detail, whilst not being too fiddly in the design. I really like the fact that you get a nice printed tile for the registration plate. I wish the Star Wars sets still came with printed plates ... but that's another story!



You can even lift the windscreen easily, presumably to get figs in and out easily

Next up, you start the build of the rest of the truck ...


Mid build ...


Nearly there ...


And here's the final model ... looks rather snazzy eh?

I really like the final model ... I especially like the mechanism which actually replicates the action of emptying the garbage container into the garbage truck. It works just like you'd imagine and adds great play value. You can see it in action by clicking here and here.

Oh and just because I can, here's a pic of my Toy Story collection ...


There's some really nice figs in this line ...

For bigger pictures, click here for the Flickr photo set

The Ratings :

Playability/Swooshability : 8/10 (it has great playability, due to the mechanism and opening cab)

Design : 8/10 (very accurate from the film version, from what I remember ... a nice scale too)

Price : 2/10 (if you buy at RRP ... FAR too expensive) or 7/10 (if you get it in a sale, like I did!)

Overall : 8/10 (probably my favourite of the Toy Story 3 line)

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Thanks for the review 'Big Pete' - nice set.....bad's about 100 bucks Aussie at TRU here ! :wacko:

I agree....a high level of playability and some interesting plus dirty figures ...they all need a bath ! :grin:

I would really like to see this truck in actual minifig 6 wide scale for city/town - aw well I could MOC one I guess ! :sweet:

I'm a conformist! ! :sweet:

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Great review Big Pete, I like your presentation a lot - very clean and orderly. :thumbup: And nice collection of TS sets/MFs, I wish I could have even half of that.

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I'm eager to get this one myself. It looks like real fun to play with (wheee! I'm emptying a trash container!), and it's great that it uses exclusively prints for element decoration rather than stickers.

Strangely, though this is a vendor exclusive for Toys 'R' Us (at least here in the US), which is notorious for overpricing LEGO sets, they actually carry this for $5 below LEGO's own MSRP (!).

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Your review makes this look alot better than S@H. The RRP though here is scary as lightningtiger mentioned. However, it is the one of two left for me to finish off the complete Toy Story series, and I would love to have the whole set!

Thanks for your effort!

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I really want that Twitch, but not enough to get this whole set. He reminds me of Masters of the Universe!

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