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Name: 30042 Mini Sub

Theme: Atlantis

Pieces: 41 (inc Minifigure)

Minifigures: 1

Price: £2.49

Release: 2010



I picked two of these up in Tesco yesterday for a good price. The set is very good considering how small it is, and it fits right in with the ret of the sets in the Atlantis line-up!

Lets get on with the review...

Packet & Instructions:


The front shows the Submarine cutting through the deep waters, with the Portal Structure in the background. The back is just lots of writing and a barcode, so nothing too special here.


The instructions are standard size for a promo set, and come folded.


Here is a picture of the assembly page...


The back shows the sets from the first wave.


I noticed a difference between the positions of the arms on the packet and instructions. On the latter they are facing inwards, but I think the packet-art looks more accurate.





A good selection of pieces with some interesting highlights...


The head is double-sided; one side a happy expression and the other a heart broken expression. Reminds me of Captain Antilles from Tantavine IV!


The Build:

Not complex at all, but I speak as a TFOL and not a small child. :laugh:

Random stage:


This picture shows the use of a white stud in the front headlamp/computer hub.


A nifty technique is incorporated half way through the build making the side suports more sturdy.


Finished Product:









The back propeller is fastened on by a technic pin.



Who doesn't want a couple of spare studs and a grey technic pin? :wink:


Parts: 9/10 ~ Great selection for a set this size

Minifigures: 10/10 ~ The figure is highly detailed, and I can't imagine more than one in a promo, so it's full marks!

Build: 8/10 ~ Pretty average build which leads up to a good model, with some nice techniques along the way!

Price: 8/10 ~ Could be a little cheaper, but it was still worth it!

Playability: 8/10 ~ Good for swooshing and picking up LEGO objects, but nothing much apart from that.

Overall: 86%

Parting picture; "Fear us, beasts of the deep!"


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Wow, I wish these were available here. Those are great parts for the price. Lovely review, thanks!

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Oh, wow. I had no idea these existed. This is really cool. I like how the black railing pieces are held, and there are really cool pieces included, like the crystal and the clear dome :thumbup:

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That has some good pieces, the helmet would be good for space and the mini sub would be good for a robotic soldier under water. Good revie and thanks for posting it.

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A nice little set I'd like to put my hands on. I rated it Above average. Thanks for teh review.

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Thanks for the review 'Jammiedodger714' - an interesting mini-sub using very clever tricks to hold together ! :wink:

I might just knock one of these out of spare parts ! :grin:

I'm a conformist! ! :sweet:

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nice review, wouldnt mind picking one of these up. Where abouts in tescos were they ? i checked my local one but couldnt see any.

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I just saw this in Target and had to buy it. I liked the design at first glance - interesting use of small pieces to create something that looks very much like a real-world piece of machinery used in deep-sea salvage and research, something different from most Atlantis vehicles, and a couple of really cool parts such as the globe "headlamp". Not bad, until I noticed the propellor. Basically you've got a massive, unshielded propellor spinning away about one foot under the diver. That's an OSHA investigation waiting to happen.

Sadly, I think I have to add this to the roster of Atlantis vehicles that need to be scrapped and recombined with other vehicles' parts in order to make any sense. Well, at least it still has some cool parts, and another Atlantis diver with that squiggly horrified expression. I'd be squiggly and horrified too if I had to work so close to that propellor.

Someone please tell me I'm not the only AFOL who doesn't mind crab and manta men, mystical keys to sunken kingdoms, and giant mechanoid shark and lobster monsters, but can't stand to see an unrealistically placed propellor. I keep thinking Atlantis could be the coolest theme ever if it wasn't for these bad little details. (But Atlantis 2011 looks a lot better!)

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I got one of these during the Mirror promo, and it's a nice little model. Have to say, wasn't keen on the minifigure's head.

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