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Sir E Fullner

MOD: The Fat Controller's Engines, Part Five

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Hello, Eurobrickers. It was an exhausting ride, but the Fat Controller and I got back to Ffarquhar station, just in time to show you:

Percy the Small Engine


Percy has an unknown origin. He was most likely built in 1896 and is of second hand, with "Hunslet Parts". In 1949, when the big engines were on strike, the Fat Controller bought Percy to help out with the trains. Edward and Thomas admired Percy's whistle, because,"Out in the sheds, you need a loud whistle to get heard." Percy is still young and inexperienced. He has been bumped, led onto the wrong rails, and was mislead by signals. Even still, he is a very useful engine, and pride of the Fat Controller's line.

:tongue: Fun Fact: The Rev. W. Awdry (Thomas' creator) said that C. Reginald Dalby's paintings of Percy made him look like "a green caterpillar with red stripes". This insult was later used in the book Tramway Engines :tongue:


I had the design for Percy from the Rev. W. Awdry's original models, not the picture by C. Reginald Dalby (because, "'Tis a caterpillar with stripes"). I made him 20 studs long, with a plate roof, not roof tile.


Percy's interior is blander than Thomas' interior, being green rather than the usual black.

For more information on the Rev. Awdry and Percy, click here.


As Percy's driver and I have a chat, Thomas and Percy share their own stories; from races with buses to being a submarine.

Always entertaining, always inspiring, always:

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Yep, it sure looks like Percy 'efullner' :thumbup: - great LDD work again.....I again I'll say it I would like to see these brick-built for real.

I'm a conformist! ! :sweet:

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