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Review: 30072 Woody's Camp Out

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It was a busy day at Star Command. Oky Wan just finished assembling all the new mini ships when suddenly the doorbell rang. Could it be Dunjohn the mail-bot again? He went to open the door.


Indeed it was! But this time he didn't have a crate with him. Instead, he handed Oky Wan an envelope. "Mail for Oky Wan Kenobi" he said with his robotic voice, and left. Oky opened the envelope. It was an invitation to a camp out from his partner Buzz's friend, Sheriff Woody! This was just the kind of recreation he needed! Quickly he packed his things, put on his cowboy hat, and departed for the Wild West!



Set Number: 30072

Name: Woody's Camp Out

Theme: Toy Story

Year of Release: 2010

Pieces: 20

Minifigs: 1

Price: FREE with Daily Mirror

Brickset BrickLink Brickshelf

The Bag

The front of the bag shows Woody camping out in the desert that the Western Train was seen driving through. Like the other promos it has the Toy Story 3 design with the real Woody and his best bud Buzz in the corner.


The back has the same warnings as the other promos. And like on the Buzz promo, there's no Lego Club ad.


Here it is next to the other two promo bags. Now where is the forth one?? :sing:



Inside the bag you will find the parts along with a folded instruction sheet and the separately bagged, pre-assembled Woody minifig.


The instructions are the most underwhelming instructions I have seen in a while. Each of the three set pieces are made out of only 3-4 pieces and it only takes 7 simple steps to assemble them all. That's one less building step than the three other Toy Story promos have.


On the back of the instructions there are ads for the three other sets the "clean" Woody comes in. Again, no Lego Club ad.


The Minifig

Woody is the same one as in the sets pictured above. Nice and accurate.


The completed Set

Here are the three main set pieces: a log chair, a small camp fire, and a lamp. Very basic design, but easily recognizable as what they are supposed to be.


It's not easy making Woody hold the lamp since the piece used as the handle isn't designed to be held by minifigs that way, but it's possible.


Here he is sitting at the fire. It's not easy seating him in the log chair either since it doesn't have studs where he is supposed to sit. It's virtually impossible to seat him if his legs are bent down more than 90 degrees because he will fall over backwards.

Who wants a piece of Woody's sausage? :laugh:


There are two spare parts: A black claw and a fire/plume piece, both quite useful.


If you want to get creative, you can use the instructions as a tent. :tongue:



Design: 3/5 - Very unimpressive, although the fact that the log chair is entirely built sideways is kinda interesting. It definitely gives you the feeling of a little camping site though.

Build: 0.5/5 - Since there are only 7 small building steps and you don't even have to assemble the minifig, this can hardly be considered a construction toy.

Minifigs: 4/5 - Woody is a highly accurate minifig, and it's great to get a main character in such a small set. The only problem, as always, is that his body parts aren't very reusable and are made of the cheap Chinese plastic.

Playability: 4/5 - With all the accessories included, you can play out various camping adventures, so the playability is fairly high for a set of this size.

Parts: 3/5 - Nothing too special, but there are some useful accessories. The sausage on the pearl silver frying pan is especially nice since those two parts are pretty rare these days.

Price: 5/5 - Like the Buzz promo, it came free with the Daily Mirror, and it don't get better than free Lego. The bricklink prices are a different story...

Overall: 3/5 - While it's not a bad set, it's certainly my least favorite Toy Story set (aside from the magnet set). It's still a very campy set and recommendable though. If you're looking for a cheap way to get a Woody and a sausage, this is the set for you, although if you didn't get this from the Daily Mirror or from a friend (like me) it might get a little pricey for you.

This concludes my third and (for now) last promo review. I hope you enjoyed it. Next, I will review something bigger. :wink: You can find hi-res versions of all the pics in this brickshelf folder.

Special thanks again to Dunjohn who kindly donated this promo to me!

Oky and the sheriff had a great time during their camp out. It was very relaxing, until...


Edited by Oky Wan Kenobi

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Great review as usual Oky. default_thumbup.gif It can't get any simpler for a promo set - Woody plus a bunch of accessories. Though I do like the build of the lamp. It's a good thing you're presentation is entertaining as always, making up for the simplicity of the set. Can't wait for your fourth TS promo set review.

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Thanks for the review 'Oky Wan' - handy little promo son prefers Woody to Buzz...except your custom he likes.....I'm a conformist! ! :sweet:

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Cool review Oky Wan! I would probably buy this set just for the sausage :laugh:. There are other useful parts, however.

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It's a good thing you're presentation is entertaining as always, making up for the simplicity of the set. Can't wait for your fourth TS promo set review.

Thanks. It's my job to make the Toy Story sets look good, even if it's such a mediocre set. :grin: And as I said, when I review the fourth promo depends on when I can finally get my hands on one (one that is reasonably priced that is). :sceptic:

my son prefers Woody to Buzz...except your custom he likes...

I'm honored, but what "custom" are you talking about?

I would probably buy this set just for the sausage. :laugh:

Yes, everyone is after Woody's sausage. (pun intended) :tongue:

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