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Sir E Fullner

MOD: The Fat Controller's Engines, Part Four

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Hello, folks. Please welcome:

James the Red Engine


James is an experimental 2-6-0 Hughes superheated tender engine. He was designed by Peter Drummond in 1915 and worked on the Glasgow and Southwestern Railway until being bought by the Fat Controller in 1946 to help out on the North Western. James got himself in a few problems, though. One time he was hauling freight cars when all of a sudden, they were pushing him dangerously down the line. Thomas came to the rescue with the breakdown train and the Fat Controller thought that to cheer James up, he'd give him a new coat of red paint. This made James almost too proud. He was getting very careless and broke a vacuum hose on one of his coaches. The crew fixed up the hose by tying a wad of newspaper around it with a leather boot lace. This made James very unhappy. All the other engines teased him about it and the Fat Controller threatened to turn him blue. He finally proved himself useful by pulling a long line of freight cars up Gordon's Hill and nobody teased him of bootlaces ever again.



I built James with the same tender as Edward and Gordon, but dyed it red instead of NWR blue. I then built up James' engine, using the same firebox as Henry and adding a different group of drive wheels as seen below.


For more on the real James, click here.

By the way, did some one mention bootlaces? :angry:

Just kidding. :grin:

Always entertaining, always inspiring, always:

Edited by TheBrickster

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Can't wait to see what Percy looks like default_blink.gif

Funny you should say that. Percy is coming up next, as soon as I can get back to Ffarquhar station.

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Good one 'efullner' keep them comming ! :thumbup:

Oh, yeah get the Fat Controller to beef up a bit, otherwise we'll have to rename him the Thin Controller ! :laugh:

I'm a conformist! ! :sweet:

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