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[Review] 8076 Deep Sea Striker

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Name: Deep Sea Striker

Number: 8076

Theme: Atlantis

Year: 2010

Pieces: 259

Minifigs: 1

Price: € 19,99



Found this Set yesterday in a near TrU. After building it I noticed that there is

no review of it yet. So here is my take on this set. (Sorry, there are no pictures

of the bagged parts and the loose parts)

The Box

It's a lengthy box which size and weight feels right for this price point.



A small but thick book.


Random Page


Pieces of Interest

Nothing special. Only the amount of some parts is very impressive.

You got 10 white teeth, 12 black teeth, 6 red bulbs and 16 black (half)pyramid slopes.



I didn't apply the stickers. In my opinion, without the stickers the model looks a lot



The Atlantis Manta Key



The Torso and Legs are as usual. The two sided head seems new. I really like

his scared face.



A nice little vehicle. Nothing special, and against the giant scorpion pretty

useless, I think.


The Scorpion








very nasty







He is very big. It's a little unbalanced. The Tail won't stay in place if it is posed

to much forward.



Scorpion without Tail and Claws

Here you can see the pretty accurate pose of an angry Scorpion.


The mechanics of the Tail.

Turn the wheel and...


...ouch! The two stings hit really hard. There is enough space between them, so there

is no way the Scorpion would accidentally hit his head.


The complete Set (in a pretty dark picture)


Spare Parts

The usual suspects.



Set 8/10

I really like the Scorpion. He is a great model and looks pretty cool. His balance

problems are easily fixed. Without the stickers he looks a lot more intimidating.

The Scooter is nice but nothing outstanding.

Playability 8/10

Like I said, the Scorpion is great and he can do much mayhem to your Divers.

Parts 6/10

Nothing special, but it's great to get so much teeth in one set.

Minifig 7/10

Usual Atlantis diver with a nice Head.

Build 7/10

The Scorpion build is sometimes pretty repetitive, but the end product

holds up very well. Again, the scooter is nothing special.

Price 8/10

I payed €19,99 for the set. It's ok. It would be better if it was €5 cheaper (without Scooter) or

€ 5 more expensive (with a bigger vehicle).

Overall 8/10

The 8 just for the Scorpion. I really like this guy. It's a much better design than

the shark from the first wave. For Atlantis or Brickbuildt Creature Fans a must-have.

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Great reveiw. IMO, this set looks much better in your pics than it does on the box :thumbup:

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Having bought and built this set myself just the other day, I can confirm that is is horribly unbalance. Leaving the tail posed in an sort of forward attacking position means that it will automatically swing forward, hit itself in the head, and rest with the stingers there. To balance it, the tail has to be bent back into a (I think) somewhat unrealistic pose. I think the weirdest thing about the set is the rubber-tipped stinger pieces, but I can completely see why they would do that. If it were solid ABS, that could hurt.

Still, all in all, I agree that it's a good buy. Lots of black and white teeth, hinges, and leg parts for other creature MOCs.

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Thanks for the review!

It's size is really impressive. Just awesome.

As a fan of brickbuilt creatures it's a must buy for me in the next couple days.

I've already seen it at "Real" but first had to pick up the Exploration HQ there.

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Hmm.Nice review Plissken.I like the set,i'm going to buy it on next week.I think scorpion looks better with stickers.

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