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Well, I first got Echo Base back in 2009, and I was very disappointed, a little trench thing, an in-accurate turret, and an e-web blaster, the figs and tauntaun were nice (minus the tauntauns "tatto") So I decided to start making things from the epic battle. It started as a couple of mods and mocs, but then I decided to stick it all on a little diorama for public viewing.

An overall shot


Lets start with the Atgar Cannon

reference pic


Now the Moc


This one wasn't to tricky to design, I'd say that the hard part was attaching the disc to the rest of it, and still leaving that overlaping lip on the front.

Next the Df.9 anti-infantry battery

reference pic


Now the MOD


what TLC always overlooked when designing this was the subtle slanting of the cone shaped cylinder, It' was a bit tricky designing it and I had to rip it apart and build it back several times to get it right, it involves some illegal connections


Next up is the Imperial AT-ST MOD

Reference pic


and my MOD





I mostly changed the guns on booth sides to more accurately represent those of the actual model, I also did lots of greeblying on the legs and added what look like the pistons used, also I tiled the roof to make it more light bley.

Now two pictures of the battle

My first attempt at a recent explosion,


I think it turned out okay, I plan on working on it a little more in future mocs.

And the Imperial advancement.


Thats it for now, C&C is always welcome. and more pics can be found in brickshelf folder when moderated.

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Nice diorama, but AWESOME AT-ST and rebel heavy weapons ! :grin:

Keep up the COOL designing 'sok117' and I'm a conformist! ! :sweet:

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That's awesome Sok! I love the MODed AT-ST- I always found those legs a little bare. Very good job on the cannons too!

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Very nice Hoth diorama sok! I like how you corrected the flaws of TLG's cannons and AT-ST. I guess it's not just you, but most of us, are quite disappointed with TLG's inaccuracies in their sets. Good thing they can be modded anytime with the right parts.

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Good diorama! I can't say I'm a big fan of the turret. But that's because I like to have my bricks attached correctly, I can't think of a better way to do it though.

However, I do like the cannon. It nicely resembles the referance pic. Despite this I think that the controls stick out a little too much. You could quite easily shorten it by a plate or two without any hassle. The way you made the snow overhang is good though and creates a nice sense of a recent explosion.

Finally the AT-ST mods are great and the best part of all so well done on that! :thumbup:

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Cool! Great work so far! Your explosion could use some more fire pieces... but I like everything so far! I like how you made the different parts very accurate :classic:

Nice job sok117! :thumbup:

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Wow I second the compliments on the Atgar - that's a huge improvement over TLG's. Also a fan of your "jumping" snowtrooper... adds some good motion to the MOC. Really, a nice collection of mods overall - makes you wonder why TLG didn't do some of them in the first place.

Is it just me, or is your anti-infantry canon barrel drooping a bit? :tongue:

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