Raus' 4x4 Trial Truck Chassis Is Very Nimble

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Over on Brick Truck Trial , Raus has posted his lightweight Lego Technic 4x4 Trial Truck chassis. His MOC uses one Power Functions XL motor for propulsion and one PF Medium motor for steering, with a simple, space-saving transfer of rotation for two axles. It has pendular suspension with shock absorbers made from Technic Axles and VERY LOOSE springs wrapped around them (for maximum suspension travel). The gear reduction 12T [12 gearteeth] to 20T, 12T to 20T, then 8T to 24T for each wheel. His Brickshelf Galllery has 29 pictures. The MOC is surprisingly nimble, and can climb some nasty rocks. :thumbup:


Scale (wheels used): 81.6 x 38 R

Width: 22 studs

Transmission: 4x4

Motorization 1 motor(s): 1 ea. Power Functions System (PFS) XL Motor

Fake "Flat-6" Motor

Steering: PFS-XL motor with steering wheel

Onboard Battery Box: PFS unit

Total Weight: 890 grams



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