Lego MINDSTORMS NXT Monkeys Show Agility

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We're all descendants of monkeys, right? :wub: Well, you should feel a kinship with Lego Technic Monkeys that can really get around!

Joshyboy81 made a video of a Lego Mindstorms NXT version of this motorized 4094 Lego Inventor "Motor Movers" set. He wrote, "With my Lego Mindstorms NXT kit I created a monkey robot that climbs along a sring, hand over hand":


Ugenementor made a great NXT "Gymnastic Robot" (which could be a Rhesus Monkey). 6299-14.jpg He wrote, "We used LEGO Mindstorms NXT to build a two-link gymnastic robot which can perform giant loops on a horizontal bar. The hand-and-bar link is a free running passive joint. Two NXT motors are used to drive the robot-shoulder link. We are still seeking the factors to make repeatable and predictable loops. Comments and ideas are welcomed!

"Building and programming instruction could be downloaded from: http://www.ugmentor.com/Download/Gymbot-960212.pdf [10 pages, 1.2 MB; a somewhat slow download so be patient]. Contact: Mr. Eugene Tsai, gene@ugmentor.com."

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