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Review: 8011 Jango Fett

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Name: 8011 Jango Fett

Theme: Technic/Star Wars

Episode 2

Year Released: 2002

Parts: 422

Minifigs: 0

Price: n/a (Bricklink average price guide as at July 2010 €35)

Age: 9+

Welcome to another star wars technic set review. This time my mission to go boldly where others have not gone before takes me to set 8011 Jango Fett. This set stands approximately a foot tall so its dimensions are similar to the battle droid, C-3PO and storm-trooper sets in the series. As I've mentioned elsewhere this review is being conducted as I dismantle the entire series (see my pic in the 8001 review) so I don't have box images etc. to hand.

Jango Fett is very stable, thanks no doubt to the offset stance adopted by the positioning of the legs. It looks well but means that the legs can't be moved. However, at least there are no rubber bands supporting the legs as in the battle droid set. The hands are more flexible thanks to ball joints. There is also some movement in the head. As far as 'play' features go, the set is quite limited. There is an overused technic rubber missile firing device attached to Jango's back which presumably is meant to look like a jetpack and act like a weapon. However, it reminds me of a scene in the James Bond movie, The Spy Who Loved Me where a helicopter was blown out of the sky by conveniently hovering above a submerged Lotus Esprit. In other words if enemies are stupid enough to hover above Jango they are gonners. Now of course Jango could bend over and aim his missile at an approaching opponent. But wait, he can't bend over. However, he does have his trusty gun and a nice touch is the holster in which it can be kept when not in use. One gets the impression with these technic star wars sets that the complete collection might be better than the sum of the parts. While few individual sets stand out, they are not too bad together especially given the variety of colours.

In design terms the set isn't that bad at all. The leg positioning spreads the legs further apart giving the set more substance and stability. The torso seems well proportioned and the helmet design isn't half bad. Best of all a bit of thought went into the colour scheme with blue, violet and old greys featuring predominantly. The set is put together well and I don't recall any particular difficulties with the build or more recently the dismantling of the set.

The finished model


Jango with Mindstorm R2D2


The pieces for this set came in 4 bags. The first bag contained the leg parts, the second the parts for the torso and gun, the third had the parts for the head/ helmet while the fourth bag had the parts for the arms. This set contains a number of interesting parts although the potential for using them in MOCs might be limited. I particular like the blue ribbed hosing while the particular brown ribbed hosing seems to be unique to this set. I believe the blue technic axle connector block 3x6 with 6 axles is unique while the brown technic axle pin connector and pearl light gret panels appear only in two sets. However, the most unique pieces are the 35 violet technic pieces which per Bricklink are not found in other sets. Now, if only there were some decent uses for violet technic pieces. Otherwise the parts are normal technic pieces.

Bricklink parts inventory for 8011

There are no stickers in this set and there is only one rubber band which has stood the test of time on my bookshelf without any sign of perishing. It holds the torso in shape but any failure of it would not likely cause Jango to collapse.

The instructions are up to the excellent high standard we've become to expect in the sets of this series. They are clear and properly spaced and parts are called out as per normal.


There is no 'human hand' demonstration of the 'play' aspects. In this instance we must make do with arrows showing how to holster Jango's weapon.


Random instruction shot


There is no alternate model with this set. The challenge of designing something decent with the blue and violet parts must have been too great.

My overall verdict on this set is that its between an average and an 'above average', primarily based on the colour scheme, helmet design and stability and taking into account that these sets, despite the technic missiles, would appear to be created mainly for display.

Build 7/10 (Not a bad build for the number of pieces)

Functionality 6/10 (It is designed to sit on a shelf - it does relatively little)

Design 7/10 (Not the worst representation for the parts, sturdy and effort made with the violet colours)

Parts 6/10 (Nothing too fantastic here although if you like violet and ribbed tubing this is the set for you)

Price 6/10 (The Bricklink average price guide of €35 seems about right to me)

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Great review. I don't like the design of his blaster at all.

I forgot to mention that there are two of these and yes the design is rather basic!

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Thanks for the review 'Dfenz' - yes I agree the blaster design is a bit basic.

I wonder does he lose his head like the one in the movie ? :devil:

Interesting addition to the series and keep on reviewing.....I'm a conformist! ! :sweet:

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Great review as usual Dfenz, I think you're almost done completing all the technic SW sets for the review index. :thumbup: This is a pretty good set IMO, it's easily recognizable and the basic elements of Jango (colors, accessories, helmet) are decently captured. Also, I love the box art with the Slave I in the background.

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It's too skinny, but the helmet is really nice :thumbup:

I agree, Too skinny but the helmet is great!

Thanks for another great review Dfenz!

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Great review, Dfenz!

Of course, it's not like a tan AT-ST alternate model made sense, either.

Please, please, please do the Droideka next! And make a video of the pop-up action!

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Very good review, I may not be much of a technic fan anymore, but the SW sets always hit that soft spot I have for anything SW.

He actually looks pretty good.

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