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Death Star II #10143

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Last year I finally caved and got it. And best yet, I got it for a great price. And I documented the building from start to finish. A total time of 8 hours spread over two evenings.

For starters, the box is frakking huge. I've used a Battle Droid (whom I shall call Buster) to demonstrate scale in the photos:




The only LEGO instructions I have ever recieved that were spiral-bound.


This is what 3445 pieces of LEGO looks like. Took over the basement for 2 days to assemble the beast. Buster is in there somewhere.


First steps were to assemble the base (which I feel could be a little wider for extra support) and the interior scafolding:


The exterior ring and half the lower outer shelf in place:


The view from the inside:


One of the two "incomplete" hemispheres:


Both attached/hung in place:


Some more of the outer shell in place and the midsection ring is complete:


The Superlaser finished:


"You may fire when ready."


The tiny Super Star Destroyer 'Executor' that comes with the set:


All put together:



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This is indeed an impressive set when built. By coincidence I completed it also last week. For some reason I have two bley wedge plates left over. I can't figure out where these were supposed to go and Bricklink isn't showing these as extras. It looks much nicer than a globe on my coffee table in the corner!

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Thanks for the review 'Tyrann' - interesting ROTJ UCS set - great seeing the 'Executor' next to the second Death Star.

I'm a conformist! ! :sweet:

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Great review. On my death star the bottom half of the unfinished side kept falling off.

P.S. Is it make as many reviews as you can week?

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Welcome to EB!

Nice review of a great USC set, maybe you could add your "score" and opinion to the review.

Look at some other reviews to see what I'm talking about.

And if you're into making more reviews, maybe the Reviewers Academy would be something for you.

Just a thought.

Anyways, great job so far. :thumbup:

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