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Sir E Fullner

MOD: The Fat Controllers Engines, Part Two

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I am pleased at the number of good replies on my previous MOD that I am doing another one.

Please Welcome:

Edward the Blue Engine


I met the Fat Controller in Edward, because Charlie called in ill.

Edward is a Sharp Stewart "Larger Seagull" 4-4-0. He was built in 1896 and worked on the Furness Railway. The Fat Controller bought him after he bought Thomas and set him to work on building the railway. Again, when bigger engines arrived, Edward was locked up in the sheds. One day, he was let out to work in the shunting yards, which he enjoyed very much. The next day while Edward was in the shunting yards again, Gordon got stuck up a hill. Edward came up and helped Gordon get past. This pleased the Fat Controller and Edward got his branchline at Wellsworth, which he still enjoys working.



This design for Edward was kind of challenging, since LDD does not have large train wheels. So, I improvised and used eight medium wheels connected by a techinc beam.


The inside is more detailed than Thomas', with two levers, speed valves, and a glowing fire.


As you can see in this image, I connected the hind wheels with some more technic beams that are not fully attached.

There you are, folks. For more information on Edward, click on this link.

Always entertaining, always inspiring, always:

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Another great LDD from you 'efullner' and man, he'll be called the average size controller if he loses any more weight ! :laugh:

Excellent work and I'm a conformist! ! :sweet:

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