K1 Special Forces Hovercraft - Oxford Review

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Name: KF0715 Hovercraft

Theme: Special Forces Military

Pieces: Rough count 134

Price: 11700 won ($9.82 USD)

Minifigs: 3

Time: 30 minutes

this is my first K-1 Special forces fighting group set. This is their lowest end model, the hovercraft. Now that I've got myself a new shelf, i thought I'd put a few things on it. This is tied into their military theme, but they are a bit of an advanced fighting group. I don't think these designs are remotely related to real life like their other military stuff.


Oxford box, alternate design and angles on the back showing sticker placement. This model uses a lot of stickers.

came with a plastic tie around it and it has flaps that open with a tray inside.




shows the pieces for each step. Has the story on the back as well as info on the hovercraft. Apparently this represents a craft 26.8m long that ways nearly 16 tonnes. It also has a wet spot because some condensation built up on my cup in this hot weather and leaked on to the desk and got the corner of the book. Damn you science!


Lots of pieces here, some 1x6 smooth pieces, a couple jets, a cannon of some kind, weapons, battle armor, and some big thick 2x10s. Came in 4 bags.




3 figures, 3 faces. One has a printed com device on it. Between the body armor and the faces they are all unique. The body armor is a little so-so. The big one looks tough and awesome, but it really hinders movement. The guy can't raise his arm very high so he's limited to radio or pistol duty. he can't hold a rifle at all. The big armored guy also doesn't have a printed torso. I guess oxford saves a little by sometimes not printing torsos if there is armor or something there. You can see the armor on a Lego fig. The only one I have. I might use him again, I'll call him "Sweepy".





Smooth, easy and standard for an Oxford set. Nothing crazy or hard, no pieces had trouble going together.



Finished Model

Well here we are. This comes in roughly at the same price as the K1A1 tank. How does it stack up? Well, one less figure, but it has body armor. I'd guess less pieces, it is a shorter model. No awesome treads or turret. on the other hand all people can fit in the craft, and there is plenty of space to attach them for playing. Given a choice, I might go with the tank though, but it is still a nice model. The rails on the side let you position a guy going over or jumping back in, it is a hovercraft so it gives you a little water play if you want, and it still has the main gun thing. I'm not sure if it shoots lasers or missiles or ponies. It does get you two weapon sprues, but no helmets that people want so much. I think stripped of the futuristic gun it could make a good water vehicle for the regular military.











Minifigs - 8/10 Not bad, 1 less but + body armor the non-printed guy could be used in a town theme

Parts - 7/10 A couple unique things, but overall generic and a little low compared to the tank

Playability - 7/10 3 guys, some armor, a main gun you can have a few adventures. Integrate it for more

Design - 8/10 it is a pleasing looking hovercraft. The only thing I can complain about is the controls. They're placed in such a place that it'd be hard to use them and move the main gun at the same time

Price - 9/10 Oxford is usually great value. I'm only deducting a point because it didn't completely blow me away

Total - 39/50 Good set, but not quite as good as the K1A1. Good compliment to any military theme.

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Usually, I like the minifig accessories, but this time, I don't really like them. The hovercraft is pretty nice though.

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Usually, I like the minifig accessories, but this time, I don't really like them. The hovercraft is pretty nice though.

Yeah I don't mind the smaller body armor, but the bigger one is more of a hindrance. With the focus on K1 being special forces with advanced weapons, I would hope they would include some different gun sprues.

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