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Review: 30070 Alien Space Ship

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Gasp! A stranger! From the outside world! Ooooh! ToystoryAlien1.png

Greetings stranger! I come in peace. I am from the planet Toysrus, and I brought my spaceship! Wanna see?


Set Number: 30070

Name: Alien Space Ship

Theme: Toy Story

Year of Release: 2010

Pieces: 26

Minifigs: 1

Price: $3.99 USD

Brickset BrickLink Brickshelf

The Bag

The front of the bag shows the spaceship flying through space. It features a choking hazard warning and the Toy Story 3 logo. However, unlike other Toy Story 3 sets, it doesn't show the character(s) that are included in the set. Instead, it just has Woody & Buzz, making it look rather generic, but maybe that's the idea. The Toy Story 3 logo was obviously thrown on for promotional purposes as this set resembles nothing from the movie.


The back has some more warnings and other info, and one of those Lego Club ads which seem to be everywhere these days.



Inside the bag we find the parts along with a separately bagged alien head and an instructions paper folded to the size of a matchbox.


The instructions are pretty straight forward and are made up of 8 easy steps. At the bottom of the second page, it has ads for 7590 and 7593, and *Sigh* another Lego Club ad.


The Minifig

The minifig in this promo is an LGM (Little Green Man). He is the same as the ones in the Build-a-Buzz/Zurg sets and not the Chinese plastic kind that comes in the magnet set.


The Spaceship

Here it is after Step 4:


And here it is finished.



Doesn't look too bad, but it's rather flat, especially looking at it straight-on. Also, the third thruster on top looks a bit odd the way it's attached, and I don't like the overlap of the windshield at the front, but those are just minor things.




Looks better from top (and bottom). Nice pattern on the wings, although I would have preferred it if they would have used this tile instead of the 1x1s.



The Complete Set

Due to his unposeable legs, the LGM can only stand on the ship.



The design of this ship is obviously based on that of Buzz's Star Command Ship, so here is a comparison pic:



Design: 3/5 - Well, it certainly looks like a mini version of Buzz's ship and therefore fits into the theme nicely, but it does have some design flaws.

Build: 1/5 - Quick and very simple. No challenge at all.

Minifigs: 5/5 - The alien is very cute and it's always good to get another one of them!

Playability: 2/5 - It's very swooshable, and it has a lever, but that's it.

Parts: 2/5 - A bunch of plates and tiles and other bits. Nothing special, except the lime green pieces at the end of the wings which come in only five other sets in this color.

Price: 5/5 - Over thirty parts and a licensed fig for the price of an impulse set is pretty good, especially considering this is a hard-to-find promo set.

Overall: 3/5 - Nice, cute little set. A great way to get an LGM. If you can get this promo, I recommend picking it up, possibly multiples.

Hi-res versions of all the pics can be found in this brickshelf folder.

Aftermath: After seeing these tiny spaceships in battle, Star Command soon realized they were too inefficient for space combat, so they re-purposed them as kiddie rides.


I hope you enjoyed this review. More promo reviews will follow soon! OkyWanKenobiNormal1.png

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I see this set is good with the reviewer crowd. This is at least the third one I've seen :tongue:

It's a great review nonetheless, and I love the last picture. I wish I had that many LGMs.

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Nice review, Oky!

I picked up this set a few weeks ago primarily as it's a cheap way to get a LGM. While I expected the mini ship to be pretty much a throw away, it has received A LOT of swooshing action! :laugh: I haven't been able to bring myself to put the ship alongside the rest of my TS display yet as I always like to have it close at hand for playing around with.

One thing that did bother me (not really a complaint about the set itself, but instead parts quality - I apologize) is that all three of the round 1x1 pieces are slightly different shades of trans-neon orange.

Anyways, nice pictures, and thanks again for the review, Oky.

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Thanks for the review 'Oky Wan' - a mini Buzz Lightyear space ship - cute factor only ! :wink:

Though the last picture.....AWESOME......I love this set as a kiddie ride ! :wub:

I'm a conformist! ! :sweet:

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Good review thanks. That last picture really made me chuckle. Had to scratch my head over what LGM's were then worked it out. DOH! Too many TLA's and FLA's for a noob like me to work out. Anyone have a guide to all the acronyms?

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