Fire Khan Siege Tower - Oxford Review

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Name: Fire Khan Siege Tower OFK-0825

Theme: Castle/Fire Khan

Pieces: I'd guess 50-100

Price: 20000 won ($16.60 USD)

Minifigs: 3

Construction time: 20-30 minutes

As I mentioned in the Mega Mini review round-up, I thought it was weird you could get a couple figures for defunct lines. After some digging I found one set from one of those defunct lines actually available. I also saw in a promo picture that they had some pretty cool weapons. Let's talk about the Fire Khan line for a moment. I haven't been able to find out much about it. It was a small line introduced in 2008. It's only 2 years old. Yet somehow in that 2 years it appeared and all the stock was sold to such a degree that you can barely find anything on it at all. One mini-sans weapon and a siege tower. The two castles simply appear nowhere. The premise of the line seem to be these spinning discs. You can assault castles and use them to bash down walls. No idea if the walls actually bash down.

Here is the the biggest castle for example


There are actually some cool looking things in this model. I'm seeing 2 different axes, a different style horse (with bridle) than is available now, a cool tower hwacha siege weapon, 2 suits of armor, some crossbows, several shields of currently unavailable style, etc. Perhaps the gimmicky discs put people off, but I could look past it for the rest of what is going on here. Anyway, on with the review


standard box with white plastic tie around it. On the back it shows instructions for using the disc.




Standard, starts with the top piece, then gives instructions for body assembly. Body assembly is very simple and fast and couple done without instructions.


I'm not often disappointed with an Oxford set, but this time I think I am. It's a tough call to make on a set like this. I saw the weapons and decided to grab it right away. It looked a little juniourized, but I guess I didn't realize to what degree that is. The entire body of the tower has no bricks in it at all. This is a shame. While the launcher might not be doable in bricks, the walls, base and everything else could be. I think there was a real missed opportunity here, even if it was with larger wall plates. At least then you could turn around and use them in a MoC. The body of this is usable only one way, as the body for this. You can't use the pieces anywhere else. You can at least take the top off and use it as a playset. Otherwise good clutch, a couple unique pieces, good weapons and shield.




3, 2 good, 1 bad. I guess. I dunno who is good and bad in this. I got a face I hadn't seen before in this. The figures are solid, standard Oxford. Great accessories. Printed bodies



Fast, not that much to do. I was planning to take more pictures, but then it was done.


Finished model

As I mentioned above, I'm disappointed because the body is just not bricks. If it was bricks this set would be significantly better. That said, it's still a decent siege tower, and I'm sure a kid would like it. The disc is easy to operate. Push it in and it'll click the launcher. Push a lever on the back and it will roll out. If it strikes something with significant force it will light up and make a noise. I could only get it to do it once. It's easy enough to get it to go off if you tap it, but the launcher doesn't really propel it with enough force to cause it to go off. 3 minifigures wearing uniforms I couldn't otherwise get are decent, the weapons are fantastic. Two cool swords, a couple of blunt weapons and a big battle axe. These are worth the price of admission, and those neat extra tall helmets.

If you want cool weapons. This set is rare. These weapons do not appear in any current Oxford sets. The guy I found selling this, I don't know how many more he is selling. Actually now that I check, he is listing the item as out of stock. He apparently only had 1 and now it is gone. Well then. Let the bidding start! :laugh: I'm not sure what caused such a new series to disappear so quickly. For me, these discs just aren't doing it. But for kids I think it would be great. I think adult fans would have loved the weapons, but I don't know how popular Oxford's castle series are with Korean adults compared to the military. I find it much easier to find military pictures and reviews in Korea than castle/fantasy stuff.

There is still that other fantasy line though, hopefully I'll be able to pick up it's cheapest model and give it a go. It looks like it also has some neat weapons.







Minifig - 7/10 Not bad, but price per fig isn't good compared to other oxford sets.

Parts - 6/10 Just not happy with the body, the weapons make up for it a bit

Playability - 8/10 This is pretty high I guess. Tower, rolls, shoots things, opposing soldiers, lots of weapons

Design - 6/10 Body again..looks okay, but should be brickified

Price - 8/10 The price has left me wanting. For this price I could have gotten some other castle sets which would have been better. $5 less would have made this a more reasonable deal.

Total - 35/50

If I had to choose a set out of a group, it wouldn't be this one. But I think it has value if you want the weapons and accessories.

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