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rather than do a post for each of these, I'm doing a big post of all the various little sets I've picked up over the last few days. Anything in the MC2000/2500 line. 5000 stuff is big enough that it could be worth talking about, like the Hwacha.

I'm going to post a lot of pictures in here of many sets, so I'll list them now. These all cost around 1500-2000 won, about $1.25 to $1.65

Most of them are just an excuse to sell a minifigure.

Set list:

MC0825-3 Fire Khan soldier

MC2000-7 Gate soldier with helmet

MC0825-4 Firefighter

MC0825-1 Construction guy

MC2000-4 Police man w/stand

MC2000-8 Capped soldier with guns

MC2000-8 Racing bike

MC5000-2 Jeep (this one was 3500won, about $3)

I'm going to make some general comments about each one:

Fire Khan Soldier

The availability of this guy perplexes me. The rest of the line is completely unavailable. I can't find a single set from it except this guy who comes without accessories. I guess he is useful if you want a different style castle body. He has some printed armor and a big helmet. But none of the cool shields and weapons available in the rest of this series.



Gate Soldier with Helmet

This is the absolutely cheapest way to get a helmet. He comes with a very basic gate, and a unique radio. It isn't on a sprue so you get nothing else. The gate doesn't even come with a sticker, but I had an extra gate sticker from another set so I put it on it.



This is where we start getting into the weird stuff. There are actually quite a few blocks here, with a ladder, and 3 fires. But in reality I don't see the point. it isn't much of a playset. The whole focus of this set is the firefighter with his cool oxygen tank and faceplate. it actually slides over his head and is loose. This isn't a backpack. they could give us two firefighters and forget the useless half-wall with ladder.



Construction guy

Of the general mini sets this guy is pretty useful. He could actually integrate well into a construction set with his tool cart and jackhammer. I like him even if his mustache is a little weird.


Police man with stand

I like this model a lot. The stand is nothing special, but I think the print on the torso is great quality and he also has the unique little radio but no gun.


Capped soldier with guns

This is your cheapest set with guns. It has a weird half wall that seems to serve no purpose. But it also has a unique military cap. everyone wants the helmets, but this military covered cap only comes in this set. I haven't found it any other set past or present that Oxford makes.





Racing Bike

an ethnic mini. He's a dark brown guy with a still black printed face which makes it a little hard to see. He comes on a bike with a flame for no reason. The only problem with this is who is he racing?

If they sold 4 different ones this might make sense. Bike seems like decent quality, balances okay. Bigger than the old school lego bikes.




For some reason Oxford has made a ton of jeeps over the years. This is an even smaller 4 wide version. It's not bad, except there is no room for anything. The guy can't even sit back in his seat. I had to put a 2x2 under the chair to elevate it enough for him to sit all the way back. Otherwise he had to be leaning forward (while fully seated) The wheels are different than the other jeep. They're plastic. It's a solid model though, and you can stick a big gun in the back for storage which he can grab when he exits. has a half-windshield and giant antenna. You can't stick a gunner in the back.



a few more


includes some pieces I haven't reviewed yet



I'm not going to score it because there are many sets here.

I think some of the sets are really worth the price. The capped soldier gives you lots of guns. The other sets depend a lot on need. Do you need a cop? Get him he's good. Do you need lots of flames? get either the fire khan or firefighter. They each have 3. Need bikes? Get the racer. etc.

playability wise. The construction guy, jeep, and gate soldier are the best. They can integrate well into other sets. The other ones don't add much. The racer is good if need more bike racers for something but I'm not sure if they have a set for that. I'll have to check.

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I like that gate soldier set, with all the guns, and that motorcycle is pretty nice too.

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I like that gate soldier set, with all the guns, and that motorcycle is pretty nice too.

That's only some of the guns, he comes with the standard 2 sprues for soldiers. That means 3 machine guns, a heavy gun, a sniper rifle, a pistol, and some other accessories like a radio, binoculars, and ammo box.

Quite a bit considering the price.

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