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REVIEW: 3300000-1 The Brick Apple

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Set name: The Brick Apple

Set Number: 3300000-1

Pieces: 133

Figures: 0

Price: Free with $35.00 purchase on 7/1/2010

Theme: Store Exclusives

On June 29th, 2010 at 8:00AM, the 'flagship' Lego store opened in Rockefeller Center, NYC to massive crowds of urbanites eager to purchase that first brick. Long lines, high prices, and inadequate supplies of blind-bagged minifigures were only some of the obstacles builders faced as the doors opened.

This information was all gleaned second-hand, however, from a easily startled co-worker. I was waiting until Thursday- when a purchase of $35.00 or more would net you an exclusive, limited-edition set. That is, assuming you were one of the first 500 to get there.

Forgoing breakfast Thursday morning, I hurriedly made my way to Rockefeller Center, expecting to find an unending stretch of brick-fans snaking infinitely away from the store, my chances of obtaining that brilliant set decreasing by the moment...

...only to find I was the third person in line, at 7:55AM.


Long story short, I was five minutes early to work, my prize tucked safely in my backpack, along with a massive Atlantis set- a smile on my face and a song in my heart.


Planning to build the sucker as soon as I got home, I casually checked the set's going rate on eBay.


So, sadly this will not be a review of the set itself, merely of the lovely packaging it comes in.

And what lovely packaging it is!


The Brick Apple is featured prominently on the poly-bag's front, set majestically against a mysterious blue city-scape.


What?! A ninja! Where did you come from?

No! Stay away from that set! It's very valuable, you don't understand!



*Ahem* Thank you, kind ninja, for showing me the error of my ways.

Let's review the set together, shall we?



Not much to say here- lots of red, a smattering of yellow and brown, along with a solitary piece in neon green.

I prefer granny-smith apples myself, but all that green is likely being bogarted by the remaining Power Miners sets.

Instruction Manuel


Random Page


The instructions are clear and easy to follow. No piece call-outs, but they aren't necessary. Colors are vibrant and easily distinguishable. (Red vs. brown is not a difficult distinction to impart.)

The build is divided into two sections (describing them would ruin the 'hidden feature' of the set) and you are left with a solitary cheese block in red upon completion.


Completed Set


The sense of realism here is astounding. I have attempted to consume this Lego apple several times upon completion, my only reward being chipped teeth and frustration. Ok. Sarcasm off. It's a blocky-looking apple, less realistic than the completed Rockefeller Center apple, but a decent-enough likeness.

But what's that, ninja? There's a HIDDEN FEATURE!?!?!





Yep- the top of the apple is removable, exposing the core!

Alright, it's nothing special, but it's an extra layer of detailing the designers could have left out, but decided to include.

The inside of the apple is rather spacious, and can act as a sort of bank, should you so choose.

Final Thoughts


An apple a day may keep the doctor (and ninja) away, but don't spend $125.00 on this set.

Hey- it's a nice set, but a removable core is not worth anywhere near the current prices this thing is going for.

Alright, since you've read all the way through this review, I'll let you in on a little secret: The Brick Apple is still available.

That's right- you can still buy this exact set at the Lego Store in Rockefeller Center. There should be a small bin full of them by the new Castle sets.

Hurry though- they're priced at $10.00 a pop (highly reasonable) and probably won't last too long (if the rumors of it's 500 set run are accurate.)

Good luck!

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Well this is indeed a neat little set. I had to laugh at the exorbidant price listing on eBay though :thumbdown: The core is a nice addition and you are right that the designers didn't have to include it.

Nice work on the structure of the review and photos. if I was to suggest a way to improve the review, I would get a couple of white carboard sheets to remove all the background items, this will maintain the interest solely on the review subject and not the old rum bottle, mmmm rum :laugh:

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Well I love me a fun exclusive, but I'm not driving from WA state to NYC any time soon nor am I paying $125, so I'll just have to live vicariously through your review!

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Thanks WriteMakesRight for you detail review on the set :thumbup: - I like the way you present with a ninja! :laugh:

A nice little touch on a simple (IMHO somehow boring) set!

To be frank, although USD125 may sound expensive, but 125 for 133 piece, it's still less than a dollar per brick, which I think it's in much better value than the creation by the Famous "Dee & Ricky" brother MOC product line (

This cost USD50! *huh*


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Nice review. I like this set (although I guess I'll never see it in my whole life). Finally an apple product that is worth purchasing for its retail price! (10 bucks for such a collectible, yay!)

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