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Review: 30072 - Toy Story promo

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Review: 30072 - Toy Story promo

Set Title: Woody camp set

Set: 30072

Theme: Toy Story

Pieces: 17(not including minifig)

Minifigures: 1

Year of Release: 2010 (late 2009)

Price at Release: £0.65 (free with daily mirror)


After a friend told me about the free offer in the Mirror late last night, I was ecstatic. I rushed out early this morning and ran to my nearist WHsmiths and got myself 4 (before any one asks for a trade I got 3 as a present and the other for me).

The review

First impressions :

It looks like an average polybag(I think thats what you call it) not much interesting here.


Front of the bag


Nothing at all Toy Story like on the back.


Woody and Buzz in the corner of the bag.


Closer picture of the set.


The only instrucions page.


What the instructions show you will get.


Back page of the instrucions showing some advertising of other sets.


Oh no woody is trapped. Strangely woody is in a little bag, not sure why?


From the back. I dont want to focus too much on Woody as I think we all know what he looks like.


What you get from the bag.


"Now, what can i do with this pile of bricks?"


Simple four piece bench.




Wood camp fire.



Slightly different lamp design to usual.



Finished set. Not much to it.


Yay sausage piece :tongue: . In my opinion the best bit(I dont have many of this piece)


Spares. Just a robot claw and a new fire piece, although not bad spares for a promo.


Parts: 7/10 - nice to get free stuff but not much here.

Design: 5/10 - I know its only small but a bit more inventiveness please TLG.

Minifigures: 8/10 - Nothing wrong here I am just not too keen on Woody.

Playability: 4/10 - Not much you can do with it on its own.

Price: 10/10 - Brilliant for £0.65 and has a minifig as well.

Overall: 8/10 - I love legos promos and want more especially Toy Story.

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed it. Cant wait to do it tomorrow.

Until next time, CB

Ps - dont know how to make a poll and if a Moderator can that would be very nice thank you.

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I understand that Woody (and probably Buzz, tomorrow) is in a separate baggie because he's made and assembled in China.

But yeah, I got mine this morning too and I'm delighted with it. The cup, snake, frying pan and sausage are all great accessories to have, and the two flame pieces (rather than one) were an extremely welcome surprise.

I agree with your scores, mostly. The set goes nicely with Woody's Round-Up, which may or may not boost the playability.

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Oh thanks for the review.

It served as a handy reminder that I'd forgotten to pick up mine. :tongue:

Anyway, it's a nice little set. A cheap way to get the Woody minifigure and the pieces are all very useable.

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Thanks for this review.

This is a nice little promo. I really like the variety of stuff included in the set - the log for Woody to sit on, the campire + accessories, and the snake. As mentioned before, this looks to be a nice little companion set to Woody's Round-up or the Train chase. The cup, frying pan, and sausage would also be great to add to kitchens in one's creations.

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Thanks for the review 'crabboy329' - again these kind of co-promo's are the two C's.....COOL and CUTE ! :sweet:

Is Woody is same as the regular this one is already assembled, sort of defeats the idea of Lego doesn't ?

Aw well, I hope these come down under........oh yeah, I'm a conformist! everyone ! :sweet:

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