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Name: Excavator

Theme: Vehicle Collection/City

Pieces: 56 (rough count)

Price: 3900 won ($3.25 USD)

Minifigs: 1

Construction time: 10 minutes

Working on making my reviews a little more snazzy. By snazzy I mean that you don't need to see my modem cables. That's snazzy right?

The local super duper mart got in a new shipment of sets. They're still not really carrying many impulse sets, but they did get a bunch of the smaller vehicle collection series in. It's 4 sets that give you some basic vehicles related to city stuff. I picked up the excavator because it goes with that terrible bulldozer/front end loader.


the box is your standard Oxford box. Though they do tend to put extra tape on smaller ones. Doesn't really make it hard to open, just creates a bit of an odd look if the tape isn't put on well. You can see a bit of a line going down this box.



back - showing an alternate build


The box opens well like all Oxford boxes. No tearing at a breakaway circle to open this up.

open end



Standard Oxford instructions. Clear, with boxes telling you which bricks to use for each step. These instructions include instructions for all vehicles. Apparently they only wanted to print one sheet. This set contains the most instructions at 14.

Scan of instructions



Some wheels, a bucket, a megaphone and a turret. Other than that nothing else overly interesting. Pieces are standard Oxford quality which means good clutch and they look good.

Pieces out of the box






Pretty fast model. Not overly huge. Nothing tricky. Pieces went together well as always.

Starts off with a base





A view inside the cabin

Complete Model

What can I say? This review is bigger than the model. It's a decent little excavator. Compact, moves well, has a turret to add mobility. The only gripe I have is the lack of hinge on the cabin. I need a few more Oxford sets to really confirm it but so far the two non-bot sets I've gotten with hard tops don't have hinges, which means pulling a piece to put the figure in or take him out. Otherwise it's a well built model that looks good. the stickers add a lot to it and really make the model stand out. Good playability. Mobility, the arm really extends far.

A few completed shots




Hey you - Get that crappy Bulldozer out of here!


You know, that Bulldozer kind of matches my pants


so it it does..


Minifig - 7/10 Good Oxford quality, but no real accessories. The face could be a bit better on him. His mustache looks more like big lips.

Parts - 7/10 It's an impulse set. The amount of unique interesting parts per $ is a little low though compared to a few other sets. The tires aren't the good ones that I've seen on my military sets so far.

Playability - 8/10 good playability. Good mobility. I think it would integrated well into a city set.

Design - 8/10 For the size, it's designed well, but a hinged roof would be appreciated.

Price - 9/10 I usually give Oxford full marks, but not even doubling the price would get me a jeep with better wheels, a little nicer windshield, weapons, a helmet, and some other pieces. Does it work out per $? I don't think so.

Total: 39/50 Another decent set that I wouldn't turn down and would be happy to have in a collection (and am!) Is it the greatest thing ever? no. but it shows up and doesn't make you regret buying it. Unlike that dozer.

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