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This set and Grand Emporium brought me out of my darkages :sweet:

I stopped buying LEGO towards the end of "Town" era (the last few years were complete rubbish) and wasn't a big fan of the early "City" sets. But this one caught my eye, in particular the green touring bus - it is pretty magnificent piece of LEGO engineering to finally get a bus that looks proper complete with lower luggage compartment! So I couldn't pass it up and before you know it, I spent over $1,000 on buying other LEGO sets to go with my new city transportation center :grin: (I have the original Legoland Town bus station too... in deep storage - have to go find it)

My personal rating:

Green bus: 5/5 (outstanding)

Tram: 4/5 (slightly disappointed with the length of each car)

Street sweeper: 4/5 (fun build but the sweepers gets bogged down on carpet)

Yellow convertible: 3/5 (nothing too special but my wife thinks it reminds her of her Audi A4 convertible... I kind of agree)

Tram stop: 4/5 (excellent design but the platform is too short for the tram)

Bus stop/shop: 3/5 (it's a bit of a let down after the fun build on the bus and tram)

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Thought it was a bit station-heavy but an excellent assortment of builds for the price. Thoroughly impressed.

The bus is a regular plaything for my three year old daughter. She loves it!

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Is the tram compatible with the tracks from the cargo train set 7939?

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Yes, these are classical train wheels.

thank you for that info

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