Special Force Zforce Police 03 - Oxford Review

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Set name: Special Force Zforce 03 ZF-1000-3

Price: 7800W ($6.51 USD)

Pieces: Maybe 100-150

size: Fully extended 16 cm tall, 9cm wide, 7cm deep

Construction time: about 20-30 minutes

Okay this is the last of the Police Zforce models. There will be one more review in a few days of the Union robot though. On with the show!


Like the rest. Unique shape. This one is green. Still reminds me of a milk carton. Shows the bot, and the union bot.




Instruction book

Honestly forgot to snap a pic. No different than the other instruction books. See one at the Model 1 review. Standard Oxford quality, set instructions and union robot instructions.


I'm nominating this set for best use of a wheel well ever. It's used on the top of his torso as a kind of guard for the pilot. Looks kind of cool. This one has some red solid pieces in it which the other sets don't have. Also has a hinge, windshield, double length cylinders, great hinges, small jets/laser weapons, and a couple unique white and gray pieces which are double high tapered dealies. It has a custom cockpit cover as well.





takes place in 3 parts. Legs, arms, torso. The first step is odd, it just has you floating a couple pieces there, which are fastened into place in the next step. It's not tricky, just weird to set a piece beside another piece as a step without fastening it. Otherwise smooth and easy. Everything went together well. Clutch is all good, including windshield.



Complete Model

Not bad, but unlike the other two models it doesn't transform. It also borrows its arms from the other two models. No unique weapons for this guy. Playability is still good. He can stand in some unique positions the two arm choices give him good movement. He's a sturdy model and unless he does the splits on a smooth surface he's good. All these hinges will typically hold well until they go past a tipping point of extreme position. you can spread his legs to at least 45 degrees on each joint and he's okay, that's pretty wide, and far wider than you'd likely ever want to really position him.

I like this model. I think #2 was my least favorite. He transforms, but the chicken leg style wasn't doing it for me on him. Still wish this guy had some longer arms with a joint for some grappling.








Minifig - 8/10 same guy, still no accessories.

Parts - 8/10 Not as many unique parts at #1, but maybe a tad better than the other guy cause he has a cockpit

Playability - 8/10 Doesn't transform, but he's a sturdy humanoid shape. Good for stomping.

Design - 7/10 needs better arms. The cockpit while there isn't special. Basically just a slot to insert the guy. No computer, no controls, but the model itself looks cool

Price - 10/10 I haven't found an Oxford set yet that I'd be disappointed on price with.

Total - 41/50 but I think it's better than #2, so let's call it 41.5, just a little tilt for the cockpit ;)

I'll enjoy these for a few days and then build the big model. I'm tossing in a bonus pic of all three together.


Hope you guys enjoyed!

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