Special Force Zforce Police 01 - Oxford Review

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Set name: Special Force Zforce 01 ZF-1000-1

Price: 7800W ($6.51 USD)

Pieces: Maybe 100-150

size: Fully extended 16 cm tall, 7.5cm deep, 15.5cm wide

Construction time: about 30-40 minutes

This is the first model in the Zforce Police series. I found it at another store and will also be reviewing model 3 later on.


Much like the other box, a unique shape, slightly different colour. Shows both forms of the model as well as the Union robot (which I can now build!)



Instruction Book

All models in this series contain instructions for their set as well as the Union robot. Making them unique in that they have instructions for 2 complete models. They are standard Oxford quality. Good pictures, shows pieces for each step




Lots of good stuff here. Wings and a jet if you are building a plane. A canopy, some double long cylinders which might be handy, lots of those neat Oxford hinges that could be used for further giant robot construction or attaching segments of a vehicle together (truck and tow) Standard Blues, whites and blacks. stickers which give the model a little character. I think there is a lot here if someone is looking at custom builds.








Single build. No sections and combination like the other model. Took around 30-40 minutes, with taking pictures, etc. It went smooth. Oxford bricks are always great quality. Clutch is great on everything.


Complete Model

It goes from bot to small fighter plane. I like this one a little more than the first one. One thing I do find is that I need to turn the thighs of the legs around to get a good stance. The way they show it in the picture results in him being off balance. turned around it looks and stands well. The canopy is nice, locks into place well. Arms move and are jointed giving a better firing arc. Transform smoothly.










minifigure 8/10 - Same as the other set, still no accessories. Quality, but a weapons sprue for sojourns out of the mech would be nice.

Parts 9/10 - I think there are some useful parts here, some good unique pieces

Playability 8/10 - This guy has a better feel to him than the other one. The jet form is more playable than the squatted hovercraft in my mind.

Design 8/10 - Good design. I'd like to see the arms a bit more detailed. No hand to hand combat for these guys.

Price 10/10 - It's Oxford. For $6.50 its a good deal of unique parts and quality workmanship.

Total - 43/50 a better model than #2. if you had to own just one of these (given the Union robot why would you?), I think it would be this one.

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