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Review: 9365 Dacta Community Vehicles

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This seems to be my first review. I`ve bough this at very cheap price offer, before 3months, and finally decided to make a small review here at EuroBricks. Here is some information about it:

Name: Community Vehicles

Number: 9365

Theme: Town/Dacta

Year: 1993

Parts: 678

Minfigs: 13

Price: €60 from Bo Hobby Shop

The Green Dacta Bin


When I first saw it, I became speechless, because it contains too much Classic Town in one set! :wub:



These are the instructions carboards, and in the back of them...


...they have roadplates patterns.

The Inventory (without the bin)


Building the set


As you can see it`s a very nice and rich inventory, with all the popular Town sets from these years, it`s released.


These are all the 13 minifigures.


This set is actually 6533-1: Police 4 x 4 and old police motorbike with red wheels.


6660-1: Hook & Haul Wrecker


6643-1: Fire Chief's Truck


Now this is more interesting. It`s the ambulance from 6380-1: Emergency Treatment Center with a red bike.


6532-1: Diesel Dumper


6524-1: Blizzard Blazer


6662-1: Backhoe


6594-1: Gas Transit


6668-1: Recycle Truck


6527-1: Tipper Truck

Leftover Parts


The Full Set


Final Words

Parts: 9/10 Contains great inventory and a lot of rare Classic Town parts in it.

Minifigs: 10/10 Such a nice pack with great Town minifigures.

Price: 8/10 For €60 it`s very fair price, because at bricklink it ranges from $300 to $350

Build: 10/10 Not too hard, but a smile appeared on my face when I was building my dream sets. :sweet:

After all, it`s one of the best community vehicles packs ever. It`s highly recommended to buy!

Hope you will like this small mini review and comments and criticism welcome! I will only say 'sorry' about the quality of the pictures, but I was too excited, when building it with a nostalgia. :cry_happy:


Edited by TheOldGamer

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Excellent review 'TheOldGamer' - what a way to score a stack of classic town vehioles eh ? :grin:

Nothing like the old school so to speak since they are for the classroom !

I'm a conformist! ! :sweet:

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Thanks for this great review! What an amazing find. So many fantastic parts and designs.

I really like some of the Dacta sets and many of the classic Basic sets which were always a vast source of inspiration. I know there are similar sets today but they just don't seem to have the breadth and depth of these golden oldies :wink:

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Great review. I am happy to own this set also MISB and MIB (used with original green storage bin and everything present + in excellent condition).

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The windows on the ambulance really do it for me! Oh boy. I used to have one of those some long time ago.

Really amazing that you found this set NEW. The classic town stuff really rocks my boat and you found and nicely documented a treasure trove. Way cool :thumbup: I'd definitely have a smile on my face as-well, putting these together.

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That is an amazing find for such a price. I'm surprised any store was still selling it. My favorite vehicle is the backhoe. I don't think TLG has ever made a modern version of it.

Some Dacta sets like this one were compilation of several normal sets from their time period. Others were entirely new designs.

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Wow, this set brings back memories!

I remember having this in my classroom in public school. At least I believe it was the whole Dacta kit... it may just have been 6594 Gas Transit, though I seem to recall the whole tub full of parts for the other models.

Anyways... The set contains lots of nice models that seem like they would be perfect for populating a town. As you said, it's a great vehicle pack. It's nice to see that TLC is continuing to make sets like these - 2010 seems to be a very strong year for the Dacta line.

Thanks for the review.

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