Red Trial Truck by Megan Seguro Uses 8880 Parts

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On this Brickshelf gallery , Megan Seguro posted 20 pictures of her Red Trial Truck that uses steering parts from the 8880 Super Car. Tethered to cables leading to the battery boxes, the truck has a clever design for driven, steered wheels that have full suspension range. It features:

1) RC Buggy Motor for propulsion

2) Old-style 9V motor for the front rack-and-pinion steering

3) Two pendular axles with coil springs

4) Tires, wheels, and coil springs are from Lego 8880. Tires from Lego 8297 [Off Roader].


As stated in the recent post about the merits of "Studless vs. Studded" TECHNIC building techniques, she "used studless parts for the axles (because of compact building) and combined it with a sturdy chassis with studs" (like Sariel did with his recent Jeep Wrangler Rubicon MOC). Here's how she used the 8880 steering parts:


The top of the shock tower is "pendular" to allow for greater vertical movement (which is a great idea for Trial Trucks):


See the complete series of 20 pictures to understand the entire design. :thumbup: If you're a "Lego Purist", it may be easy to construct your own 100%-Lego body shell that fits over the frame. It may also be possible to motorize this with tether-less Power Functions elements riding in the pickup bed.... :classic:


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That wheel setup is nice. I didn't realize the 8880 hubs fit so well into the newer off-road tires.

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Well built, I agree with the comment on the body work but I think the excellent base more then makes up for this.


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As in real life it's not the body that counts, but what is on the inside..... :tongue:

Great technic.

Hopefully we will get a full-lego body on this chassis!

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