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  1. 1. How do you like the song?

    • I love it! Its so catchy!
    • Its okay
    • Not really my thing
    • I hate it! Its so annoying!

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Hello there. :classic: This is my entry for the iMake the Lyrics contest on Brick Horizon. It's based on "Pyromania" by Cascada.

And here is my interpretation:


"I’m gonna get this fire started

Impossible for you to breath

The temperatures rising up (up, so hot)

Cause I’m burning up


I must confess

A thousand degrees

Bring out the beast inside of me


Pyromania, Pyromania ow!"


When I envision "Pyromania", I think of it as a flaming dancefloor above a giant incinerator where a beastly version of Natalie Horler (a.k.a. Cascada) is dancing in a hot outfit. :grin:


What is that Technic piece in the back, you ask? It's the switch for turning on the light brick. Below you can see how it works:


You can find more pics in this Brickshelf folder. C&C welcome, and just for fun, I added a poll to see how popular that song is on EB. :classic:

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Great MOC! My body temperature goes up just by looking at it. :tongue: Great use of the Toy Story stickers BTW :thumbup::classic:

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Whoa! What a burning hot MOC! As always great job Oky Wan! pirate_thumbup.gif I love alll those flames, and I also like your song interpretation! I voted for "it's catchy".

Edited by KielDaMan

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Great song by the way, I turn it up when it plays on the radio. :thumbup:

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