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Dear Eurobricks members,

I will like to invite members whom were given a title before, to write down your past titles, leaving it in here, for amusement, by leaving a very short note beside your profile, as where you think you have gotten your title from. This topic is to be served as an archive, allowing members to remember their past titles in one place. By the way, this idea was inspired by Izzy.

Before you proceed any further,

This is a warning to all whom has intentions to post in this topic.

For those whom are intending to post in here, please try and leave your titles in one single post for each member for the very first post which allow me for easier update. I don't want each title to have a single post, ending up flooding this whole topic. Give me short captions, if you think you know where it comes from. Discussion about others' titles is allowed, but don't cross the line of asking titles or change of titles. Anyone, whom doesn't take heed of my advice, will be in for a nasty surprise.

More importantly, this is supposed to be a fun thing! :grin:

Eurobricks Fellows, feel free to help me out with the update and ensure that this topic stays on track.



224 Eurobricks Members and counting...

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Member names starting with Letters E-H

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Member names starting with Letters M-P

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Members starting with Letter "#1234"

5150 Lego

- 32% Evil, but aiming higher! [ Only have my current title due to an "How evil are you?" online survey/game i took. ]

- Has a ball of string and isn't afraid to use it [ Due to a comment i made in a thread about the a"secret mod thread". Some members felt stalking moderator "fun. So told them if they felt that was entertainment, i had a ball of string that i could let them use. ]


- Brutally Self Aware [Hinckley gave me my title "Brutally Self Aware" because I replied to my own post "This thread I started sucks." Glad to see someone other than me could laugh at the nonsense in that thread.]


- Silver T-1 Typhoon Reviewer [ Given to me for obtaining a silver badge from the RA. Must have been Fangy, hehe. ]

- Golden T-1 Typhoon Reviewer [ By Fangy in commemoration of my Gold Badge - thank you fine sir! ]


- Hoverbikes+Cycles+Hot Rods Expert [ Just noticed it was there... my first title! So thanks. Well, what to say about it; it sums up what I like to build best. ]


Members starting with Letter "A"


- Color Master [ Just recently got the title Color Master for helping Superkalle and other members in the LDD forum in identifying what official LEGO color names equate to the colors we're all familiar with in physical bricks. ]

- Colour Master [ I recently had my title changed from Color Master to Colour Master by an irritated Brickthing. ]

- Party pooper [ Since I tend to swim against the stream on a lot of LEGO-related issues, this could stem from any number of my posts-- this one fits the title pretty well, though, I'd wager. Alternatively, the post could be because as of yet I haven't returned to correcting official sets in the LDD subforum (so my previous title "colour master" doesn't apply as much as it used to). But that seems pretty doubtful-- I think the title probably stems from some post of mine rather than just inaction on my part. No idea who would have given me this title, and I'm not "chummy" enough with any of the staff to make an educated guess. But personally I don't mind; I've heard a lot of far worse accusations, and at least I probably deserved this one! ]

- Color Encyclopedia [ This one is from this post by Hinckley, so I'd assume the title is from him. I'm very flattered. ]


- Lalandia Mini-Golf Masters 2012 Champion [ By Peppermint_M after a serious (for me anyways) mini-golf round, which I won. ]

- EB Resurrector [ Probably because I helped getting some lost users back, lost when the EB server provider mercilessly took an unsafe shutdown. The only moderator I restored was Rick (I think), and also he has a matching title, so I think he is to blame. ]

- EB Accelerator [ Made a patch to the IPB software that made forums faster, think it was Rick, thank you ]


- Moron [ My first is easily the worst. Hinck gave it to me for playing dumb in Witch Hunt. ]

- Smart Guy Again [ Well, Hinckley just explained that it was because I voted for the Inquisitor, which turned out to be a good choice later. ]

- 12 year old lawyer [ One might say that Hinckley gave me all of my titles, and that could be true. I was given this one because he thought I was 12 during a discussion, after which I promptly told him that I was a lawyer. ]

- Gets annoying after a while [ Hinckley changed a lot of titles after he died in Witch Hunt, and I commented that it had become annoying after a while. I was tempting fate, really... ]

- Now armed with telescope [ Well, this is the most obvious title, but I don't know who gave it to me. Ever since I became a Shipyard Specialist, the "Lookout Boy," I've had this title. I'm going to guess it was Zorro. ]

- Material Thief [ I got this one for stealing Hinckley's character design in Galactic Ineptitude, so I'm pretty sure this came from him. ]

- Walking Yoinker [ Adam didn't even realised that Hinckley has given this title, and it was changed very shortly by someone else, before he could ever noticed it. ]

- Can not be heard because he jumped off the train. [ I don't need to explain that one. Then again, it comes from Murder on the Emerald Express Chapter 15. ]

Admiral Croissant

- Aka ynykly aka 1/2 croissant [ It's because once my name was ynykly and I lost 2 of my croissants at LegoWorld in Zwolle last year (don't know who the title gave it to me). ]

- To croissant or not to croissant... that's the question! [ But I have absolutely no idea who gave it to me and why. Somehow it's always something with croissants... ]

- Will get a lot of croissants for Christmas! [ I think Capt. Blackmoor gave it to me, perhaps because I said that I would like a new one, or because I blogged quite a lot of articles for Classic-Pirates last week (or 2 weeks ago..?). ]

- Didn't get any Croissants for Christmas! [ My previous title said I would get them, but I didn't! I think Santa ate them all by himself. ]

- Croissant and ship expert! [ I think Capt. Blackmoor gave it to me because I recently got a MOC Expert tag. Yay! ]

- Made from the best croissant dough in the world. [ Given to me by Captain Blackmoor. I believe it was just time for a new title. ]

- His Croissant is now swimming with the fishes! [ Last weekend, one of the worst things that could happen, happened: I was visiting the Batavia Shipyard together with Captain Blackmoor and Perfectionist. And I wanted to picture my sigfig, but then I dropped his croissant and it fell through the timbers into the water. I could only give it an honorary salute as I saw it floating away. Then it sank. ]

- His Croissant is going green! [ I got this on the day I became a Fellow. ]

- Late to the party [ which was rather late according to some fellow Fellows. ]

- I'm on a boat! [ I went on a boat trip this summer (without T-Pain) and I showed a picture of the boat somewhere. I think Big Cam gave the title. ]

- Drunk! Let's lecebrate! [ A few days ago I was in a certain mood when I came up with the genious idea of posting something in the Shipyard. I'm glad that forum is hidden from most members, it's from Captain Blackmoor. ]

- Popped his title cherry! [ ...so that was the first title I gave, and it also gave me a new title (by Big Cam) ]


- Star Wars specialist [ I think Ras gave it to me, and I have an idea it's a combination of the way I like to talk in detail when discussing Star Wars, my Star Wars-related signature game, my Clone Trooper MS Paint characters! I think they are probably also the reasons why I was given my Star Wars badge as well. ]

- I quote myself because I'm a plural sheep specialist [ In the SW 2010 Pics and Rumours thread, I quoted myself a few times when people brought up things I'd already cleared up. One of these was someone asking what the plural of Talz (a species) is. I told them that the plural and singular were both Talz, such as sheep, hence that part of my title. When I saw my title had been changed, I was upset because I liked my 'Star Wars specialist' one, so Kim added 'specialist' on the end to keep that. ]

- Now just a plural specialist [Superkalle offered to give me a new title seeing as I had my previous one for almost a year, however 'his imagination ran out' so he just 'tweaked it a bit'.]

- Another day, another hat [Presumably from Rufus for my performance in his and Pandora's Curse of IMHOTEP Mafia as the hat-wearing talking camel, Aloysius. It is a quote of mine from the beginning of Day Two.]

Alasdair Ryan

- Forgets the Ides of March [ For thinking that April follows February,I still can't believe i said that especially how my birthday is in March. Thanks to Siegfried for that great title ]

- Forgets the Ides of April [ Thanks Hinckley for the new updated version of my title. ]

- Finger is glued to the report button [ I guess from Hinckley From Big cam,thanks for the title. ]

- Wants to RCB [ I am guessing from Superkalle for saying that I am up for hosting a technic RCB,although Ricecracker as also been on my profile page. ]

- Struck by Lightning! [ My house got struck by Lightning and so I have a new title,thanks Jim. ]

- Forgot his safety rope [ from LuxorV. Well that title lasted for about three hours.... This topic had something to do with it.... ]

Alex the Great

- Captain Blue Hair is the best! [ My title is "Captain Blue Hair is the Best" for the Tournament of Retribution, most of the redcoats had it at first. But since I have been posting much over there it hasn't changed. ]


- Saint Alice [ Because I introduced myself and said that I'm in love with Shadows. ]

- Tough Broad [ Baritones II - I shot up the town. ]

- Tough Guy [ Galactica Paranoia - I'm playing a boy! ]

- Just Playing Hard to Get [ Murder on the Emerald Express - rejecting Mr. Greaseman's chauvinistic advances. ]

- Has the least mental illness [ Murder on the Emerald Express - For being in the 'sane' group, more or less. ]

- Has it bad for Schmelt [ Murder on the Emerald Express - Apparently, Schmelt hold the key to her pony heart. ]

- Rolling Pin Vigilante [ Staudie got the idea somewhere that I beat the hell out of people with rolling pins and I was the Vigilante killer in Galactica Paranoia. ]

- Paradisa Princess [ I am the arch enemy of the Belville Fairy (Svelte). Shadows gave me the title because he liked instigating this war discussion. ]

- ... in Wonderland [ Yes, that Alice. ]

- Cheese-a-licious [ Goes well with fancy ham. ]


- Using Bunny Powers to Foo-Foo you! [ Because I am a baby rabbit with under-average proportions. And I like to Foo-Foo people. Given by everybody's favourite slut. ]

- RCB Commander too [ For hosting the 6th, 5th LDD RCB. Thanks Superkalle!!!. ]


- Responsible & Resourceful [ I am not too sure whom gave it to me and exactly why, but I guess it was related to my introducing 10196 as a newly discovered set known in the East but not yet the West back then. Anyway, I thank for the praise. ]

Andy D

- Older Than Dirt [ I just noticed that I have a title. I wasn't expecting a title of "Older Than Dirt", but, well I did start a thread hunting for the "Older than dirt" crowd. ]


- Drow master builder [ (Partly as a reword for all of my Drow cities, and mainly so I could impress my girlfriend who does not look kindly to my playing with Lego - and it worked, because for our anniversary, she bought me few Lego sets :) I love to say: when girl brings you flower, that is affection. When she gives you a ring, that is marriage. But when she buys you Lego, that is love. ]


- Bluecoat with boobs [ Some nasty redcoat changed my title ,because i submited a female character as avatar. ]

Artanis I

- AKA Aussie [ For my "AKA ...WHOOSH!.." comment earlier + being blatantly Australian... OI! Dubbed by the Giver of Titles, I Scream Clone. ]

- Keepin it green [ Regarding my appreciation for ISC's green Classic Space dedication to the Fellows and the similarity of the minifigs to my previous green Futuron avatar. From I Scream Clone. ]

- Selling like Hothcakes [ From this post in the Aussie Sales thread regarding what would happen if TLG was allowed to sell the Battle For Hoth board game set in the US. If not from I Scream Clone (who is a fellow?), then a sneaky mod that left no trace. ]

- Who's Friggin' Dan? [ I'm unapologetic of my ignorance of Star Wars character names that are not stated during the film (especially those without dialogue). That includes Figrin D'an (who I can now tell you is the Bith bandleader from the Mos Eisley cantina scene in Episode IV). So I asked that back-handed question. Title given by the quick-on-the-trigger Brickdoctor roughly 5 seconds after my post. ]


- Mystery Distraction [ Almost single handedly messed up The Brickster's Emerald Express 6D Stroyline by going to fast. ]


Members starting with Letter "B"


- Boobies [ Someone (Hinckley) nicknamed me Boobies. Probably because I introduced myself as Beatrice 'Boobies' Synclair in JimButchers Werewolf mafia game. ]

- Baby monkey boobies [ My title has been changed from Boobies into Baby monkey Boobies after I shouted BABY MONKEY BABY MONKEY BABY MONKEY in the collectables 5 discussion thread. I guess Harriet has got something to do with it but I could be mistaken. ]

- Yogi [ I have no idea who gave it to me and why nor what it means... But I like it! ]

- Pee in this cup [ My guess is Pandora or Rick have something to do with it since it is one of my personality quirks in their mafia school game. ]

- bad lick [ Quote self It appears to be bad lick to be a mayor... End quote Thanks autocorrect! ]


- Block Block Eulogiser [ For giving a sad sad speech about the death of the Block Block theme once it was discovered to be gone... ]

- I Kant Spel Mi Owne Naym [ For signing off with Batbirck Away! ]

- Jealous Tasmanian Bat [ Because I was jealous that Tasmania didn't get those cool dust winds like the mainland. ]

- Purist Tasmanian Bat [ I'm embarrassed to say I only noticed it after I posted that a porn virus had recently infected my computer, and thought it might have something to do with that. But it turned out to be the one I thought it was anyway. ]


- Finding extras at 110% efficiency [ Got it after noticing the easter egg text on the backgrounds of the Hero Factory site. ]

Big Cam

- Devoted SW Reviewer [ I'm pretty sure it was WhiteFang because he asked me if I had anything else to review and more or less I said no. I only collect SW sets for now anyway. I'm curious if he meant devoted? WhiteFang said, "Yes". ]

- Nerd [ All can be explained here. I explained the advanced physics behind tags to another member and labeled myself as a nerd. I guess you get what you ask for. Haha. Given by Shadows. ]

- Waaay to talkative Nerd [ I don't know if it was Shadows again, or WhiteFang since I keep asking questions that probably don't concern me in the Reviewers Academy. The truth, it's not even Shadows or WhiteFang that did this to me. ]

- Shop for me like I'm a 10 year old and you can't loose [ OK, Whoever did this, Kudo's, because I am laughing so hard at this right now. I don't have a clue who, becasue no one has posted in that thread since, so it's a mystery to me. Post #4068 in the "What did you buy thread" explains this in full. ]

- My finger is glued to the report button! [ I'm assuming I got this because I did report a few posts this morning. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing. ]

- New Classic-Pirates blogger! [ Zorro put out the call and I answered. I can only assume Zorro was behind this title. ]

- I'm the Cam-man...the BIG Cam-man! [ I'm not sure who gave it to me or why, I'm guessing Zorro since I only posted once tonight and it was in the shipyard, maybe because I wrote 2 CP posts in one day? Or just for fun. ]

-Never ever doubt the man whom does the indexing! [ Finally a title I know who I got it from. WhiteFang, he added my Chrome stormtrooper review to the SW index and I misread and thought it was an alternate review, but it was the alternate version. Doh. ]

- Yikes! [ Given to me by Svelte or Shadows I'm assuming, it was the last part of my response to brickme in the Reviewers Academy, we played a little April Fools Day Prank on the students. ]

- I'm sorry, don't destroy me! [ I can only assume it's from post 29 in this thread. If I had to guess I'd say one of the admins, maybe Siegfried since he answered most of my questions in that thread except my last one. ]

- Older Than You Think [ From my birthday thread, simonjedi was off by only a mear decade +2. ]

- It's my Birthday and I'll cry if I want too! [ Another birthday related title. I haven't been around the last few days so I have no clue who or why this title came about, but who cares, titles are fun! ]

- Could not bear Cold Turkey for a minute longer! [ I left for a planned week of home improvements on my mother in laws place and I'm back, apparently someone noticed. (Zorro?? after further research, indeed it was my Admiral) ]

- Aarrrr! ARRRR I say! [ I have to guess Zorro again, likely due to my new piratified avatar that I made for myself, the more and more I get submerged into Zorro's lifestyle. ]

- Please tell me to "Shut It!" [ It came from this thread. I assumed Shadows, but I kind of suspect KimT now. ]

- Probably Shouldn't Have Done That [ Maybe my funniest story for a title yet. I had been gone for a while, came back, posted in this thread and then took a stab at Shadows during the whole Sesame Street Staff names debacle. I got the title and a new user group of Grand Dork. From the Global admin, or should I say Count Admin. ]

- Rum Supply Overseer [ I got this when I got promoted to the role of Shipyard Master over at classic-pirates.com I can only assume Zorro was behind this. ]

- Slightly Dorky Rum Supply Overseer [ Although I think shadow's misses his handy work since my title has already been updated to Slightly dorky rum supply overseer and it turns out Erdbeereis felt bad for shadows, and updated my title accordingly. ]

- Regulators? nothing to see here :P [ That makes me pretty sure I Scream Clone gave me my new title. I'm positive he wasn't a moderator this morning. ]

- This Sister Has a New Woot Woot Title [ Thanks erdie, I'm drunk on the beach and I was silly enough to ask for a new title, here is what I got. Well deserved too as I actually asked for A title. Kind of bold and stupid. Thanks pirate moderator sir. ]

- Edrie Alert! [ I'm actually confused with this one, I thought maybe Erdie did it but the d and r are swapped, I don't know what Edrie means (for mistyping Erdie to Edrie). ]

- Prefers the red tag [ I got this from Captain Blackmoor, we were having a conversation in a place that doesn't exist about a tag that also doesn't exist. ]

- Profile Control Freak [ Given to me by Erdbeereis, because I commented in his profile to set his status, and he did. ]

- Mop and bucket to aisle 3 [ Hilarious, first off, it's either because I merged a thread, or more likely given to me from I Scream Clone for constantly calling him the janitor since he posted a picture of one after a thread cleanup. ]

- Hi, I'm Drink! [ I said I'm drink instead of I'm drunk due to my phone auto selecting words for me, and like every typo I make, Erdy takes advantage of it and gives me a typo title. ]

- Bark bark, woof. Love, Hinckley's dog [ This is because I said my application to change titles was left on Hinckley's desk, and he's using it to potty train his dog, at least I'm useful. ]

- Ake Goo [ A riveting conversion arose about dust and bunnies, and dust bunnies, and murder. I presume Hinckley is the mastermind behind this title. Also my phone has become self aware as it chooses what I type. I was originally trying to say "You can't fake good dust" ]

- Shells like cheese [ I was ranting about a mafia game and a per the status quo, my phone misspelt the word smell with shell, see Here, given by Hinckley no doubt. ]

- Commodore Cam [ Given to me by Captain Blackmoor, when I said Commodore Cam has a nice ring to it, and hey look at that, a title that is not based off one of my typos. ]

- Afraid of straws [ Given to me by Hinckley no doubt, for saying I was grasping at straws while semi accusing another player. It was fast too, he must of been waiting for me to post something "mafia title" worthy. ]

- Beer and backdoors [ This is hard to explain, I typed ya instead of yeah, which someone mistook for you, the word megabluck was involved as was beer and I now have this lovely title, thanks ISC. ]

- Megabluck me, I've lost my panties [ I'm guessing KimT since I tried to post a picture of panties for him, but my link failed and I cursed, turns out it's Hinckley who loves the panties. (It's way more innocent than it sounds). ]

- Look! It's Ashley being sold at Target! [ Erdy caught me in another phone auto correct moment, explanation can be seen here. ]

- Where's my atlas? [ Apparently I have no idea where Hinckley lives, and it is Important. ]

- Transparent! [ Not sure who, but I'm guessing because my lovely new avatar brick is transparent. ]

- has a nit phone and a nitty auto correct [ If you're ever read more than one of my posts, you've probably seen an auto correct mistake from my phone. This one happened recently, I'm guessing Kieldaman or ISC. ]

- Mr. repost [ I called myself this for reposting my own find in a thread somewhere, luckily Rick pointed out my flaw, If my profile views serve me correctly, I think it was LuxorV who gave me this one.. ]

- 2tal pwnage boonz!!!1!! [ I'm thinking Hinckley, I said pwnage, falling back on my older internet days and I now have this hilarious title. ]

- Serious Cam [ I really don't know on this one. Maybe it's because I'm being more serious when I post, or maybe this post?. ]

- Updatizzled Cam [ Ironically I got this title for updating this very thread. I think it was Whitefang since he was in my profile yesterday. ]

- Stalks past History Moderators [ I presume that ISC gave me this since, let's just say he is the past history moderator, although Sir Dillon also randomly visited my profile. Well played ISC, well played. ]

- Loose vowels [ Rick caught me in a spelling snafu. I was trying to to say lose. ]

- Doing a virtual punch-by [ From Shadows, because I wanted to do a virtual punch-by. ]

- Pushes things down from high up [ LOL, I'm guessing CorneliusMurdock, since he was just in my profile. From Brickworld, since a handful of you got to meet me and found out I really am Big (tall). I also think I said that was a skill of mine, while some drinking was going on. ]

- Look at me! I'm a Commode Door! [ From Hinckley since we changed my rank from Admiral to Commodore so Zorro's rank can be retired with him. ]

- Look at me! I need to learn to read. [ Probably from Whitefang since he was involved in a conversation where I overlooked something and said I need to learn to read. ]

- Pirates Bogger [ I'm actually stumped on this one. Not sure if they meant blogger, or if I mispelt blogger somewhere. Edit: Turns out I mispelt blogger, go figure those ninja mods, it could have been anyone. ]

- Ain't nobody got time for that [ the first title I've ever given myself. Based off the hilarious YouTube parody


- New Digs! [ because I updated my sigfig ]

- I Read That I Acknowledged [ I'm believe this is from Rick since he so kindly pointed it out. This is a classic Big Cam spelling mix up. Although Hinkley and Sinner have both visited my profile. Hmmmm ]

- On the Verge [ Given because I wondered if we were on the verge of another crash, I was wrong. I'm guessing either Shadows, Not Shadows, or Rick. It's tough to know for sure because we are sneaky. ]

- The it is [ Judging from my profile Ricecracker picked up on my latest phone typo, I was trying to just say "it is". ]

- I loose [ My phone strikes again, I had meant to say "I lose". I think it was CM. ]

- Reay Annoying [ From Hinckley, Ironically this was his spelling error, not mine. ]

- Despises internet cache [ I gave this to myself because it was the reason my latest review went without pictures for a few hours. ]

- Still a little dorky [ I'm assuming Shadows since he once made me a grand dork, but I'm not sure what sparked it, probably just me being a dork somewhere. ]

- Played in walrus poo [ The typo title strikes again. I meant to say I got paid in walrus poo, but some fast typing on my phone got me the word played instead, Sir Hinckley gave me this one. ]

- No good dead ever goes unpunished [ I'm not sure who gave me this, either from the Eurobricks mafia since I tried too hard and ended the game, or maybe from Foog for something I said in regards to asking questions. - Actually for typing "One good dead did not make up for...", by Cornelius. ]

- Starless and Pirate Black [ I think from the Foog. Given to me because I'm the only moderator with a starless tag. ]

- A Good mood, too [ I've had this since I left, I don't recall exactly what it's from but probably revolves around a typo I made, something about my being a good mod, but I typed mood, something like that.]


- Needs to put on a pair of paints ASAP! [ Because in my former avatar there was a stormtrooper without his paints on. I think kimT has given it to me, but I'm not sure. ]

- Pantsless no more [ Because I have a new avatar,I have no clue who has given it to me. I think Kieldaman has given it to me, because he was the last visitor on my page. ]


- ...but also comes in red and blue [ Go figure. ]

- ...but comes in red, blue and now green! [ I've been updated from coming in red and blue. I'm a tri-coloured fellow now. ]

- 83.8 [ My life expectancy. It's a decidedly optimistic value considering the number of lethal free-roaming isotopes floating about these forums. Then again, it's nowhere near as impressive as 192.22. ]

- Sandwich Stealer [ I stole a sandwich... ]


- Hands Up! [ Given by Hinckley for my silly idea in Baritones III that those raising their hands in a picture were scum. It's also my first title ever. ]

- I'm going to need more shadowy figures... [ A comment I made in The Pearl dead writeboard. Night Three was very messy and I had to make more shadow figures. From Rufus. ]

Bob De Quatre

- WIP Advice Jedi [ Got the title two weeks ago, but I'm not sure who gave it to me ]

- Signature Standardizer [ Given by Brickdoctor a few days ago I think... cause I likes standardized things ]

- Throws flowers at himself [ Because if I don't do it myself, who will?.. Don't know who gave it to me... ]


- Accepts Forgiveness [ From KimT. Because he was forgiving me and I pointed out in jest that since I wasn't the one at fault, I should be the one forgiving him. Then I changed my mind per the fact that he was the Dark Lord of Denmark with scary Force Moderation powers.]

- Smells a Hinckley [ 'Cause I said that when guessing who gave badboytje88 his title. ]

- wantz instucrtoins plz!!1! [ Because smokebelch's custom Garindan is genius enough to warrant that line. ]

- RCB Operator [ From Superkalle for running the current LDD RCB. I'm pretty close to finishing the build now, but I like it. Suits me more than my previous title. ]

- Wishbone Walker [ Judging by the latest visitors to my profile, I'm infamous ISC's latest victim. Based on the 'walker' part, I assume it refers to my latest MOC. ]

- Emerald or Gold? [ from Rufus, for completing my review of the Emerald Night and becoming an RA Teacher.]

- Mesa love CW [ From KDM, because I don't love CW and I don't love Gungans, yet I've been building some CW lately and I watched the season premiere of CW Season 4.]

- Photoshopper Extraordinaire [ Presumably for my work on the Showcased MOC banners for the Star Wars Forum Blog. From KDM.]

- Beaten Sith Apprentice [ Today I blogged the new Star Wars product videos that grogall found at about the same time KimT did, and he beat me to it. Then, because of a discussion about the videos in that blog post, I went to register a YouTube account for the blog at the same time that KimT did, and he beat me to it again. I said in the Rebel Blogger's Forum that today must be 'Get Beaten by KimT Day'. ]

- Beaten Dark Sith Apprentice [ Because I've now officially gone over to the Dark Side. Cam is the only visitor to my profile in the appropriate time who has title-giving power. ]

- Fastest fingers first? Less than a minute apart [ From Fangy. I ninja'd him in updating the list of active students in the RA. ]

- Tags, tags, tags! [ Most likely from Cam. Probably because I made a couple new tags for the Star Wars blog, and then I redid an older tag to 'LEGO-ize' it, and then yesterday I combined some of my tags and asked Erdy to give me a lightsaber and a flag. ]

- FOMSWLFA* [ *That's "Found On MafiaScum While Looking For Acronyms. From Hinck. ]

- RA Anniversary master jouster [ Because of my review of 10223 Kingdoms Joust for the RA's fourth anniversary. From Fangy. ]

- As helpful as a rock [ Because, and I quote, "A tank's as helpful as a rock if all he does is stand there and take hits." Pie said that, and it looks like Cornelius gave me the title. ]

- Board Behaviour Detective [ I figured out why the board sometimes reloads a page when you're linked to a post on the same page and why it sometimes just scrolls down. From Rufus. ]

- Board Behaviour Detective and Lecturer [ As it turns out, it was just because of my lengthy explanation of what I figured out leading to the last title. From Rick. ]

- Pew! Pew! [ We've spotted Spamboticus automated members! Spamboticus automated members on the north ridge. Eurobricks station Five-Seven, we're on our way. Attack Pattern Delta, go now! *Pew!Pew!Pew!Pew!* ]

- On a Title Roll [ I gave out a couple titles. From Pandora. ]


- Formerly Commander Law [ I was named Commander Law, until the awesome Big Cam changed my name for me. Thus, it has to be Big Cam who gave me this title. The story can be explained here. ]

- I like to lie about my age... And my identity... [ Boy is this a lesson learned, I got what I deserved. You see kiddies, never lie period, especially to a very powerful and smart man. Given by Mister Phes because I fibbed a little... okay, a lot. At least I finally got rid of "Formerly Commander Law." ]

- It's Tuesday somewhere, right? [ Because of my high levels of stupidity I thought today was Tuesday while calling myself stupid. So I seriously am stupid. Well I spend to much money on LEGO to get some real help, so that problem isn't going to get fixed. I believe it was given by CorneliusMurdock. ]


- Knows that Shadows is keeping an eye on him [ Oh boy, Today I was being nosy and decide to view where everyone on the board was when I saw shadows was viewing his profile. I saw his status then (Shadows is keeping an eye on you) and got really creep out. I told him this in a pm and he got really amused. As for who gave me this title, "His citizens haven't half a brain between them" so I have no clue. ]

- Dead Messenger [ From either Shadows or Dragonator, I'm going to guess Shadows because I sent him a message with a link that says that Portal 2 has been delayed (again) and a message to not kill the messenger. ]


- No Relation [ Just to make sure that people know that I am not an anthropomorphic personification of Hinckley's website. ]


- Photography Contest Winner [ More than obviously given to me by KimT for winning the Star Wars Photography contest. ]


Members starting with Letter "C"


- Not lookin' real good! [ For getting voted out on Eurodina. And since I'm not doing anything else of note, it's probably gonna stay for a while. ]

- Movin' on up [ Barely a clue. Maybe my SW vignette, but I doubt it. Maybe I'm just this cool? ]

- Fitting End [ It was freshly chalked. Given by Hinckley, probably. Pool cues do not fit down there. They just don't. ]

- Died on cue [ I'm more embarrassed with such a horrible pun under my name than I am with the death itself. ]

- Nasssty little hobbitses [ Because they stole it from usss... my new avatar. Looks like Rufus to me. ]

- I love poop and mushrooms! [ Poop happens. From Hinckley, likeliest. ]

- pool cue [ I thought I was past this. Either from Stash or a ninja title-r. ]

- Hippo Hero [ I burned myself alive to keep a crocodile from committing suicide in a mafia game. From Hinck. ]

- Skull for a face = needs to die [ I was arguing against taking epic boss battle enemies prisoner. Especially those with skulls for faces. Given by Pandora, I think. ]

- Magic 8 Ball [ Unlike them, I don't have definitive answers. :blush: From Hinck. ]


- I shaved off Joey's beard, and head! [ Because of my Tournament of Retribution Contest entry, don't know who gave it to me. ]

- Wears a morion all day! [ I have no clue who gave this to me, but whoever did, knows I wear an 18 gauge steel conquistador helmet all day. ]

- I think all "you"s mean me, except for all of them [ Thanks Hinckley, interpreting my thoughts so they don't make any sense. (In Mafia and RPG forum.) ]

- Don't you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry me [ LOL. Must've been for my MOC of Les Miserables Barricade. Capn' Blackmoor, I know it was you! ]

Capt. Redblade

- Hypothesis Demonstrator [ I'm quite certain this was awarded me due to my bad habit of proposing and explaining many a ludicrous hypothesis in Yakuza Family (and often being flat-out wrong.) ]

- Python Parrot. [ Don't know how long I've had this or who gave it to me, but I'm guessing it came from this post. ]

Captain Becker

- Captain Blue Hair had all of his Jupikes stolen! [ I got the title for some reason: Captain Green Hair Had all his Jupikes stolen. ]

- Pirate Pig [ I got this title because i changed my avatar picture into a pirate pig obliviosly. I guess it was only matter of time when i would get this title, and i must admit its quite funny. No idea who gave it to me though, Big Cam maby? ]

Cap'n Blackmoor

- Shipyard Pirate [ I think Zorro gave it to me since I help in the Shipyard. ]

- Shipyard Master! [ Zorro confessed he did it because of my blogging work on Classic-Pirates.com. ]

Captain Green Hair

- Ride hard or burn your pants [ Because I burned my pants on my exhaust pipe. ]

- I just love Jupilerkes [ Because I do. ]

- Benelux-Whatever-Team [ Because I kick megablocks at bowling. ]

Captain Settle

- Needs eggs on his face [For saying EB needs an eggs on your face smiley.]

Captain Zuloo

- Workhouse Movieman [ Because Mister Phes saw some of my brickfilms. ]

- Life is unfair and other lessons [ I don't know why I got this one anymore than I know why I complained about it. ]

- Phes Junior [ Because Zorro decided I was just as dedicated to one theme as Mister Phes. ]

- Conductor Zuloo [ Because people in Murder on the Emerald Express keep calling me 'Captain Zuloo' rather than 'Conductor Max'. 'Conductor Zuloo' is a good compromise. ]

- Train Porter Zuloo [ What's the difference between that and Conductor? ]

- Lost his V card [ Captain Green Hair is a stalker. ]

- Lost his Izzy picture card [ Zorro is immature. ]

- Hated my title and got this one instead! [ I think Izzy had words with Ras. ]

- Something, something, something MEAN! [ Again, Izzy and Ras talk too much. ]

- I like the colour of poo [ It's spelt colour so it can't have been an American staff member. ]

- I like the colour of Smurfs [ Ras is a wierdo and this smurf thing has gone way too far. ]

- Behind the helm of the Brick Broadcast [ Coolest title ever! Thanks Zorro. ]

- god for 10 [ I made a typo on Facebook which Siegfried picked up. ]


- Queen of PAB [ Next to garage sales, I do love my PAB. ]

- Made a TOR entry that Rocks [ has always seemed a little ironic, since the entry didn't make it past the first round. That or else its maker and myself share a similar sense of humour. ]

- Captain of the Flying Piranha [ that would be because of The Flying Piranha sailing ship. ]

- Green Captain of the Flying Piranha [ a reference to changing to a green fellow star. ]


- Don't go beyond that door... [ Given to me by WhiteFang, and I suspect it has something to do with my latest MOC. ]

- Contest Junkie [ Guessing someone gave me this after seeing my post saying I am a contest junkie here. No idea who though. And, proving the point, I noticed this title after posting my entry in the white Boba raffle. ]

- Crocodile Architect [ I'm going to take a wild guess here and assume this has something to do with my sudden jump into Fabuland building with my two crocodile figures. Hinckley I presume? ]

- Green Crocodile Architect [ The Crocodile Architect has been fellowed! LuxorV perhaps? He was the last one to sneak a peek in my profile.]

- Yummy... rats! [ Well, they are! Which makes it hard to spit them out. By Rick... ]

- I doooeonthueonthuoenthueonthueoooooo [ Damn wifi. It's a good thing I doooeonthueonthuoenthueonthueoooooo - by Pepppermint ]

- Queen of the Mountain [ Yes I am! Given by Shadows I presume. And now back to building said mountain... ]

- Dave'd herself [ Yeah, I did... Piratedave dave'd everyone in def's EB Mafia II, except me, I dave'd myself... Given by Hinckley I presume? ]

- Refuses to mix her colours. [Or so Si-MOCs thinks :look: . But I'll have you know I love to mix colours, as long as they play nice!]

- Didn't feel up Hinck [ Yeah, well, I didn't! This had something to do with thin shirts... I think Shadows resisted, so I'm blaming Peppermint... ]

- Which witch? [ Rick (presumably) subtly points out how I messed up which is the correct spelling of witch. Can I blame auto-correct? I wish. I'll just blame being an overworked Norwegian typing too fast. ]

- Light old blue grey! [ I suggested a new name for a not so old grey grey GREY!!! Rufus seems to be the most recent possible perpetrator on my profile. ]


- "Here's your hero- now he's sub zero" [ Peppermint M was the last person who is able to give titles to visit my profile so I'm assuming it's her, but that was two weeks ago! Did I really not notice it for that long? I think mine has to do with my contribution to underwater month. ]

- "Here's sub zero - now plain zero" [ New one from KimT, looks very interesting. ]

- Straight Up Cero![ Possibly KimT again, and maybe because I am Ceroknight, not sub-zero? ]


- Lives in Belgium [ I just got my first title. Though I'm honestly wondering what it means... "Lives in Belgium". Because I can't remember posting something recently, that could have anything to do with it. ]

Clone O'Patra

- Silver SW Reviewer [ Most of the first six reviews I did in the academy and before were of Star Wars sets, so I was given this tag when I got my silver reviewer tag. I think WhiteFang gave it to me, and yes he did. ]

- Introducing Reviewers' favourite weight loss programme [ I was given this after Svelte_Corps made a comparison between a picture from my first or second academy review and a picture from my ninth when I became a teacher. I bet WhiteFang gave me this one also, but what I know for sure is that the giver was not American or things would be spelled differently, and indeed WhiteFang gave this too. ]

- Not afraid to ask stupid questions [ Given to me by Svelte, since I wasn't afraid to ask a stupid question, and may do it again someday. ]

- Not afraid to ask stupid questions and cone-head clone [ The "cone-headed clone" part was added because my name was Cone O'Patra for a day after the smurf madness, and my avatar at the current time (Jan '10) was my clone with a cone head. LuxorV added it after changing my name back to normal. ]

- Nipple-phobe! [ Because I posted something about Dastan's LEGO abs in the Ostrich Race review. I think it was Shadows. ]

- All about Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me [ Given to me by some Admin/Mod or other. It's Beaker at his narcissistic best. ]

- 126.9 [ Probably my actual weight. ]

- [words under picture-thingy] [ Because that's what this is! Who gave it to me? Hinckley, Shadows… who knows. I'd guess Hinckley. ]

- We shall double our efforts milord! [ Given to me by the Dark Lord of Denmark himself (KimT) due to my restarting of my more-than-year-old Star Wars funnies topic. ]

- Likes to arf at cats and sticks [ I'm guessing I got that from KimT due to my little ARF Trooper series of single-pane comics. ]

- Isn't THERE a rule for that? [ probably given to me by Hinckley because of my smart mouth and to teach I Scream Clone the difference between 'there,' 'their' and 'they're.' ]

- CHEESE overload [ I don't know who gave it to me (Rufus maybe?) but it's because I posted this discussion about LEGO's (possible excessive) use of cheese slopes. Why the all caps? That's anybody's guess. ]

- No hissy-fits necessary! [ Thanks to info from JimButcher, I have learned that this comes from my own Podracer review. So, I have a feeling it might've been given to me by Rufus. ]

- Loves fingering apples [ It's just something people like, ok? Thanks Rufus. ]

- had a nitty fit' - [ Hooray my first title! Got it 'cause I'm angry. All. The. Time. Or maybe it is because in the past, no nitty fits were necessary, but now I'm raging.]

- Innuendo Sleuth [ Because I make innuendos and I do it through the back door ]

- RA Anniversary group photographer IC [ I take those group Teacher Sigfig pictures! ]


- Slightly older, but still a young one [ Well I got my first title when I called filip skywalker a young one. I didn't realise I was older than him by a month. Then Ras pointed it out, and I have a feeling that since he gave it to filip skywalker, I think he is the one whom gives mine. ]

- Can't remember his own name [ I have been typing my Mafia School character name next to my user-name initials - Cruz/CF. Yeah, smart I know. ]

Commodore Hornbricker

- The Official Ship Building Techniques Index Creator [ Bonaparte gave me that after I suggested we have such an index and then volunteered to work on it. I spent a lot of time on that which lead me to the conclussion that I was just going to duplicate the ship index... sorry I still feel bad! ]

- Loves to shoot down Rats! [ I am pretty sure this was Zorro. I am not entirely sure what it meant or why? I know it had to do with some of the banter in the shipyard when I was helping Ratshot on his very successful community build project. It seemed to annoy Ratshot so I loved it. ]

- I just fired my bazooka into Bluehair's ***! [ I am thinking Zorro again. All the explaination required is in this comic Link to comic. I laughed extremely hard when I read my new title for the first time! ]

- Captain Blue Hair is the best! [ I got this same “Captain Blue Hair is the best!” title as did many other Redcoats during the ToR II. I suspect the Blue Haired Captain is behind this! Some folks are upset but what they don’t realize is B.E.S.T. stands for Bluecoat Enemy (with) Severed Testicles. Redcoats mark BEST on the foreheads of fallen Bluecoats on the battlefield so other Redcoats don't waste time as we go from Bluecoat to Bluecoat cutting off their %$#@. Apparently Blue Hair's have already been removed. No surprise really, Captain Blue Hair is the Bluecoat Enemy (with) Severed Testicles. ]

- Captain Blue Hair is a Pest! [ OK...and now....mercifully....It says, "Captain Blue Hair is a Pest!" I figured I better record it as it isn't likely to last long. Funny how all my titles seem to be about Captain Blue Hair lately... Apparently we are now either arch-enemies or we are dating.... MUHAHA! I might know who made this latest one but if I do, I am not saying.... Thanks! ]

- Cyborg Chef Splatter [ Thanks for the new juicy title "Cyborg Chef Splatter". I might have to put that on a business card. I got it for doing this to Erdbeereis in a ToR II comic. I suspect Zorro. He is the title master. For the record I am not sorry and I'll do it again! ]


- Moon Rocket Friend...or Foe? [ Just given by Hinckley for my very small part in his downfall in Bloodbrick's Asylum. My character suffered from the delusion that he had been to the moon and some of my PMs to others in the game I called Moon Rocket Messages. ]

- Medical Journal Consultant [ Given By Hinck for saying that if someone would consult a medical journal they would see that heroin led to scumminess in Baritones 3. ]

- My Kaboominator is all green [ From Hinck. In Baritones 3 I was (rightfully) wary of the grenade that eventually blew me up. I told Hinck that in spite of his reassurances that I wanted a bomb disposal robot to deliver the grenade. I even had the name "Kaboominator" picked out for it but he told me no. It's all green now to celebrate my Fellow-ing. ]

- Lost in Space [ A fitting tribute to the sacrifice of Stanley Spussemmin, elongated space hero. By either KDM or Rufus. ]

- Bley is the future! [ Because it is. 9 can say whatever he wants to, but it's 86's time to shine now! Given by 82. ]

- Making Lemming-aid [ Because it's delicious. And life gave me Lemmings. Not looking forward to cleaning out the juicer... ]

- Making Lemming-aid ... with Coke [- Slight addition to my last one. I guess Lemming-Aid uses Coke as an ingredient now. Good thing someone just sent me some... I'm guessing Rufus did this one. Or Hinck is being a Title Ninja again.]

- The cow goes....MOOOOOO! [ Because I know all the sounds animals make. My kindergarten teacher would be so proud. My latest visitor was Rufus, so I'll assign the blame for it to him. ]

- Bad hours are bad. [ Another completely true statement. Thankfully, happy hours are happy so it all kind of evens out. I'm assuming Rufus once again. ]

- Necrophobe [ Because dead things are scary. I would say who gave me the title but that would blow their cover. ]

- Gone with the wind [ Given by myself to explain my sudden disappearance. No phones, no lights, no motorcars. Very sad. ]

- Blainbow [ For suggesting a new replacement for Bley. Swirly Rainbow. It'll be the next big thing in LEGO, tell your friends. From Hinck. ]

- Always picked last [ Sad but true. From Big Cam. ]

- Bed Sheet Pride [ Who wouldn't be proud of pretty pink fluffy bunny sheets? They're all cozy and soft. From Hinck. ]

- I'm potentially interesting! [ From Hinck. Because I'm not interesting now but I might be later. ]

- Mmmmm... Waffles... [ From Pandora. It's too late for cake but waffles would sure hit the spot. ]


- A poet and knows it [ I sung a song to Corny's character in heroica. I assume he's responsible for that one. ]

- Heyo! [ from Sandy's cruel angel thesis mafia, the character I played began conversations with that. From Pandora! ]

Cyclone Titan

- Journaliste de la Mort [ I got my title after posting Ted Kennedy's death topic and I mentioned all the celebrities whose death topics I had created. ImperialShadows mentioned something about having a "Guess Who Died!" topic. I laughed, and then said a joke about perhaps joining the EB News team for a "Death segment once in a while". And then somebody gave me a title in French, but I'm assuming French wasn't their native tongue as "Journaliste de la mort" literally translates to "Journalists death". I believe the title giver gave the title to me meaning, "Death Journalist", but it came out screwy (unless it was intentional...) Better luck next time! ]


Members starting with Letter "D"


- Sci-fi E.G.G. Counter [Translation: somewhat socially oblivious unintentional ruiner of others fun by being overly analytical, who had a total mental lapse regarding the concept of guessing...]


- Working on a tall erection [ Probably because I was working on a giant tower. I thought it was Si-Mocs who gave it, but recently I started suspecting ISC ]

- Hippy kicker [ Given by ISC, the reason is Avalonia... You always have to blame Avalonia... Those treehugging, mushroom eating barbars! I really should kick those hippies (note: it's a Guilds of Historica thing) ]

Dan the Brickman

- Soft Bluecoat [ It has something to do with me getting called a softy during the current ToRII. I am actually surprised I didnt get one about my facial hair. (They will change this title once MY entry comes out I assure you.) ]


- Smarter than your average walrus [ which is thanks to me knowing more about helipads of ships more than Siegfried ]


- Intentionally Disobedient [ Thank you Hinckley, I got this by apologizing for unintentionally leading the conversation at the Conclusion of Excalibur 1.0 towards the discussion of roles which Bob stipulated was off limits. ]

- Likes pinching Klingons [ because everybody's a Trekkie but I. Given by CorneliusMurdock. ]


- Looks good in green! [Because I am one of the Fellows now. Dunno who did it, could be anyone! ]

- Classic-Pirates.com's new blogger! [ by Big Cam because I'm one of the new bloggers ]

- Put through the sorting machine and got mangoes [ Just warning someone about what the USPS machines can do to minifigs and my iPhone went and made me look like a complete idiot. Given by Hinckley ]

- You're doing it wrong [ From ISC because I told someone they were doing it wrong.]

- Freakin' Sponge [ Ricey! It's about Spongebob. ]

- Collectible Sexual Positions [ Given by Hinckley at dinner because ... none of your business. ]

- Heads and Torsos are Boss. [ I said it because they are. Someone sneaky Big Cam gave me the title. ]

- Keeping an eye on Cam [ From BigCam for pointing out a tiny little error he made. ]

- way TO smart [ from Hinckley because he loves catching my typos and making me pay for them. ]

- Knows Si MOC's business [ from ISC, but I blame Si-MOCs ]

- It's so Web2.0y [ My comment about the new forum upgrade, from Big Cam ]

- There's a cream for that. [ I can't explain. But there is. Given by Big Cam. ]

- May or may not have a buying problem. [ I may..or I may not. It's debatable. From Big Cam ]

- Brick Flicks Headmistress [ From Hinckley for the opening of the Brick Flicks & Comics Academy ]

- Scary angel! [ Probably for my new avatar, probably from ISC (or someone sneaky). ]

- Heartlake Heartbreaker [ from Shadows ]

- Heartlake Stalker [ from Ricecracker, probably because Simon was too scared to do it. ]

- GLaDOS to Welcome the Class of 1984 [ for Aperture Academy Mafia School, from Shadows ]

- Adorably Racist [ From Si-MOCs because he thought a minifig I built was adorably racist. ]

- Easy Glover [ because I bought some gloves and then was killed for it in Sandy's mafia/bloodbath/rpg Heroica special event. From that scummy Shadows. ]

- Destroyed Dreams of Super-Santa [ not because I destroyed anything but because someone else destroyed my dreams. Possibly from Hinckley. ]


- EB Raffles & Mystery Hunt Official 2010 [Given this title by WhiteFang to assume position as the official mailing correspondence for the Eurobricks Raffle and Mystery Treasure Hunt and it also includes other contests which is hosted by WhiteFang too. ]


- Looking for a Johnson Rod [ Quoted from Emerald Express: "Its because the Emerald Express broke down so we're looking for new parts...one of them is a "Johnson Rod" and IS made a joke out of it.... " ]

- Bagel Heretic [ For daring to oppose ImperialShadows on the matter of Toast Vs Bagels. ]


- Oh boy, vomit brick! [ In a desperate attempt, and with the help of Natman, I had seen his yellow-green discolored brick picture and shouted what is now my title. I'm pretty sure ImperialShadows gave it to me. ]


- im from no-caps country [ USA isn't capitalized for my country, but I have no idea who gave it to me. I like it anyway. ]

Darth Dino

- Vigilant Spam Zapper [just noticed that i am a Vigilant Spam Zapper. And i am proud to be one ;) Die, evil Spam Bots, die!]


- Miniature Star Wars Reviewer [ The first, Miniature Star Wars Reviewer was from my teacher training. I bought a set of four miniature Star Wars sets and reviewed them for my training. I was urged to increase the size of my reviews, and I had to explain, Yeah, I'm going to review large size sets, just let me finish the mini sets I got. Though the teachers were wary, I did get around to 1,000 piece plus sets. But I got that title first. ]

- def-initive Star Wars Reviewer [ The second (and current) title, Def-initive Star Wars reviewer was due to my name (which means little <I am but a shadow>) but also with my later reviews, 7133 in particular, I edited and re-edited them to make them the 99% unimprovable. I'll eat my shorts when you do a better 7133 review. That name might have been by Svelte though. ]

- Making LEGO reviews like a movie blockbuster... [ Given by Ol' Whitie for making this. ]

- Nin-plussed [ I'm nin-plussed. Which was a typo, but it's one of those rare cases where a typo made what I was typing much more interesting than what I would meant. Don't know who did it, but I'd suspect Svelte to have the sense of humour to find it funny. ]

- He's not senile, move along now [ Given by Erdiebirdie, because he found out my secret. ]

- 1.4732 [ Me don't know why. ]

- Stupid Ruiner [ By Hinckley, because I ruined his stupid stuff. Hence, I'm the guy who ruins stupid. ]

- Pin-pon! [ I am pin-pon!, the sound of a correct answer. Maybe Hinck or Shadows will take credit for that. Maybe Luxor V would take credit for that. ]

- stores things in his design hole [ Given by Hinckley, because I live in a dank, dark, designing hole. ]

- cocknocker [ Someone on the staff is highly jealous of my professional level cock nocking skills, but has hence given me a title fitting of my abilities in order to pay respect and appear impartial. ]

- I can't get no...Hippo Action! [ A bizarre fusion of my love for The Rolling Stones and hippos... Though I thought it was a Devo reference at first. ]

- Up close and personal with the "Gaga" [ Sensei Shiroba (aka Whitefang) I assume. I recently accidentally walked into the middle of a Lady Gaga mini-press greeting at the Tokyo airport and showed up in every Japanese entertainment news article that week. Plus I was on the plane with her, from Toronto to Tokyo, though she was smuggled on: as the second most famous person in the world after Barrack Obama, she can't have real privacy. Unfortunately, I didn't get to hit on her or anything. Strange and fun, and it's been a long time since my last EB title, so it's a breath of fresh air. ]

- Covered in Banana Welts [ I got beaten with bananas by a mob of angry townies. They left welts. ]

- Stupid Blue Pee [ I was a bit baffled by this at first, then recalled posting a Shimajiro youtube clip that I hadn't fully sat through... I'd sat through it a long time ago, but the one I ended up posting had all joke subtitles, including blue pee, that I hadn't seen. ]

- Pants-less at McDonalds [ I go to McDonalds and take my pants off. It feels natural ]

- White Reggaeist [ I think it's pretty self-explanatory. ]


- Shopping is a sport [ Then my 2nd one, Shopping is a sport, which I got for shopping a little too much at the EB event -09. ]

- Has a new totle [ I got it from here, misspelling "title". I strongly suspect KimT, you´ll understand why if you read the post the link takes you to. ]

- Not so bright... light yellow [ I got this (again, KimT is the main suspect) because of some trouble with delivering Bright Light Yellow coin pieces to the EB Event. Check this post, along with KimT´s reply (just scroll down), to find out the whole story. ]

- Too dangerous to be kept alive [ In that same game, the scum decided to kill me on day one, and instead, I killed them. All six of them. Sometime you eat the bar, sometimes the bar eats you. Should have killed me day three, Deadshot. Now your goose is cooked . ]

Derfal Cardan

- Had to be the biggest [ I didn't intend for mine to be the biggest...it just turned out that way! ]

- Dr. Come [ because I wasn't paying attention to the sentence I was writing and well... the Dr. Came ]

- I Blame ZCerberus [ because I left him in control and all hell broke loose! ]


- Academy teacher [reason is obvious]

- dumb knight [given to me by KimT after I poked a little fun at his expense (though he got the last laugh...)]


- Ninja Poodle [ Thanks again Hinckley! ]


- The Draggy-est [ Originally given during Mystery Castle by ImperialShadows. From somewhere the nickname Draggy was introduced, and it stuck quite solidly with the cast of Mystery Castle, which I personally found quite funny. Then something happened with some cross-dressing minifigs, and it all went downhill... ]

- Innocent, Rational, Smart [ Given by Hinckley for seeing perceptively at the time and for not being considered a witch. ]

- Innocent, Rational, Smart, Overly Verbose [ At some point I wrote an extremely long post trying to get my point across about something, after which I think it was Shadows said the exact same thing as I had but in about two sentences. Chaos ensured. ]

- Innocent, Rational, Smart, Overly Verbose, CRAZY! [ Added to by Shadows for eccentric posting in the CRAZY Jester competition. ]

- Innocent, Rational, Smart, Overly Verbose, Heartless, CRAZY! [ Given by WhiteFang for throwing my own father in jail in Batbrick's Interactive Apocalypse. ]

- Me too please, I love nuts! [ Given by Shadows for an interesting comment of which nothing needs to be said... ]

- Me too please, I love nuts... and TOAST! [ Adapted by Shadows in relation to his toaster business in Noir Mafia. ]

- Doesn't Know the Meaning of Neutral [ A gift from Shadows during Day 3 of Mystical Castle. He didn't agree with my definition of neutral, for some reason. ;) ]

- King of the Dragons [ Given by Shadows as a reference to the inevitable conclusion to Mystical Castle. ]

- King of the Dragons and Games [ Adapted by WhiteFang after my promotion to Games Regulator. ]

- Dungeons and Dragonators Freak [ No explanation here, it's origins shall remain a mystery... ]

- Goard-ous! [ Shadows apparently has a love for my Infection Mafia character, who happens to look like a pumpkin. ]

- Has Red Hooker Hair Now! [ Turns out my new hair acquisition has been duly noted. ]

- A Tramp for the Duke of Edinburgh [ Thanks to a language barrier. Or something like that. ]

- Now i needs filling [ No comment... ]

- Wants it hard... [ Yep, exactly what you think it means. ]

- blows a hotter thing [ I think I'll just stop trying to explain these...]

- Wants to grape you

- M. Night. Shyamalamadingdong Fan [ ... ]

- Now with fruitier balls!

- 196.97 [ The number of souls I have stashed in the attic. ]

- It's small and persian, seen it? [ Well? Have you? ]

- megablocks [ I love you too Hinck ]

- Portsl! Yayyyy [ Woohoo! ]


- Does it have any interior? [ Because while commenting Pirate-themed ship MOCs I was frequently wondering and asking whether they had any interior details, like cabin and so on, since interior pictures were frequently absent. ]

- New Classic-Pirates blogger! [ Obviously because I became the said blogger. ]


- Wife moderated LEGO nut [ I'm guessing Siegfried saw my "When my wife says it has reached critical mass." comment in the "When did your collection reach critical mass?" thread. ]

- Sticks flick-fire missiles everywhere [ I think it might have been Rick who gave me this title. I replied to a post about that useful piece. ]

- Tickling Redcoat Ropemaker [ because I obliged the Bluecoats' desires to be tickled while being hanged on a rope. Yeah, those Bluecoats are a strange bunch. I suspect the work of a Bluecoat named Admiral Croissant. ]

- Tickling Redcoat Ropemaker and News Scout [ I'm scouting for the classic pirates. I am not sure who added "and News Scout". The last 5 visitors to my profile didn't have the title powers. ]

- Tickling Redcoat Ropemaker and Master News Scout [ I think it might have been Big Cam. ]

- Ex-News Scout scouting for new themes [ I am no longer scouting for pirates. I think by Admiral Croissant. ]


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Members starting with Letter "E"


- Master Admiral of blue goats... [ I guess that's done by a red coat who misspelled coat! ]

- Nice and Round [ Nice, that's surely is a compliment and Round maybe stands for all-round?! No idea who gave it to me. ]

- Pretty [ Obviously for using the word pretty(too much) when I was trying to express how awesome our display was at brickworld. "Pretty" sure Hinckley gave it to me. ]


- Eco-Friendly Cheapskate [ For this quote in my "How to get LEGO for a penny a piece" topic. It starts with Mini-sidetrack: I suggest bagging up the random toys and clone brick in a ziplock even if they are small- and donating them back to the resale shop. That bag of crap, can fetch a buck or two for a charity. In this world every cent counts, and every bit that goes back to the shop is a bit that doesn't end in a landfill. ]


Backin' the Drakarkan: very likely from ZC back when he first got his super powers, in reference to these guys.


- Brithday Slacker [ Forgot to place this one up here when I actually had the blasted thing. I mentioned I was behind in Heroica duties due to my brithday... Courtesy of Fugazi. ]

- Welp you dead [ Made a fake ending to previously mentioned Heroica Quest on Aprail Fool's, where the antagonist said this to the heroes ver batim. Also Fugazi's work. ]


- Strawberry Teacher [ Because of my name and becoming an Academy teacher. I'm not sure who gave it to me, one of the teachers. ]

- Strawberry Mathmatics Teacher [ I thought I was losing posts. Sinner, I mean Siegfried, gave me that one. ]

- Pirate of the week Teacher [ For being pirate of the week in the Shipyard. From Zorro I think. ]

- Blacklisted Strawberry Ice [ From KimT, because I wanted to change my Star Wars tag to my silver trophy tag. ]

- Polar Bear Head Potty Chair [ From Hinckley, I believe this is for saying that KimT's helmet in his avatar looks like a Polar Bear Head Potty Chair. Not sure who gave it to me, but now I know. It was quite a while ago that I said it... ]

- Bowing Down Before Santa (like in 300) [ For "interacting" with KimT. ]

- Pizza Face [ I've been doing a lot of food related MOCs lately, and I have a pizza on my jack in the box. Not sure who I got it from. ]

- "Live each day like it's your last" [ Still no clue. ]

- Signed his own death warrant by showing Zorro's rumstash [ From Zorro, pretty self explanatory. ]

- Planning his next Staff entry already! [ For winning the PTV 2 staff contest. From Zorro I believe. ]

- Lawyer [ For helping my team argue to avoid disqualification of a few entries for the MOCathlon. ]

- Faster Than Shadows! [ For being the first to frontpage Ricecracker's POP review, but then having it replaced by Shadows to keep his good image. The title was worth it. ]

- So badass he doesn't need a tattoo [ For saying I don't like tattoos much in the tattoo thread. From Ras I would guess, but now I know it's not him and it's Svelte instead. ]

- Can you tell me how to get, how to get to... [ For playing a part in some odd glitch. ]

- 167.26 [ The size of my waist. ]

- Hi, Phyllis! [ For an old story I told, not sure who it's from. ]

- Asking for what you believe in [ To be filled later. ]

- Loves hairy carpet! [ Because who doesn't? ]


- Star Wars Community Build Commander [ Well, I got this for organizing the EBCSWB. It has so far been very popular and is running out of free module spaces. I think Stash2Sixx or KimT gave it to me but I don't know for sure. ]

- Titleless, but tagged [ Most likely by KimT/CloneCaptainShadows as I got the Star Wars Death Star tag. ]

- Captain Blue Hair is the best! [ I believe I got this through a title spree, possibly Zorro by the looks of the other replies. ]

- Captain Blue Hair sometimes looses his head... [ Look above and you will get it. ]

- Gullible isn't in the dictionary [ I believed Rick when he said he was Rick Astley, given by Hinckley. Clicky. ]

- Exploding Glass House [ Not 100% sure what it means, I guess its from Hinck and to do with IMHOTEP Mafia, maybe a reference to my stupidity of thinking he was scum! ]

- Plays with His Ponies in the Corner of His Exploding Glass House [ Due to my extreme newfound love of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" ]


- The real Indiana Jones! [ Given by Ras after he found out that I'm an archaeologist. Thanks to this vignette. ]

- A real Quacker [ I hope my new title is because of my duck avatar and not that I've been gabbling too much. Not sure who gave it to me but I think Ras is a good guess. ]

- Me want Pretzel!!!! [ This title would suit me very well if I had been named Pretzel Monster after the Cookie Monster on Sesame Street during some Muppets-name-change amongst the fellows and staff. However, to my knowledge something like that has never happened. ]

- Me want Ducky!!!! [ Yes, ducks are nice. ]

- 6.941 [ The speed limit of my monorail. ]


- Putting the Fun in Funicular! [ It's for the totally fragile and wobbly Funicular railway I entered for the Pimp your Camper Van competition. From Rufus. ]


Members starting with Letter "F"


- Wants cake with liver and onions on top [ For quoting FBTB member Draykov, who likened the alterations made for the Special Editions to putting liver and onions on a perfectly good cake. ]

- ... [ Probably due to the fact that I was upset with my last title because it was completely the opposite of what I had meant by that quote. ]

- Star Wars Online Lexical Professor [ Because I frequently incorporate hyperlinks and bits of Star Wars trivia in my posts, often to help another member out. ]

- SNOT welcoming committee [ I'm guessing this came from my recent activity in the 'Hello! My Name is...' subforum. Not as nice as my last title, methinks, but it's pretty funny. ]

- Who you gonna call? Spambuster! [ for reporting many, many spammers yesterday. Presumably awarded by either KielDaMan or Big Cam, since they were the last to take attention. ]


- Motion Sensing Banana [ This actually happened a couple months ago (but I only just noticed cause I'm slow), but I finally got my first title! Motion Sensing Banana - because I built my LEGO wiimote into a banana - I'm pretty sure Siegfried did it. I think it's an apt title regardless of the circumstances, my banana is pretty sensitive to motion. ]


- Vote: Officemate (Scum) [ I got this after commenting that I have a coworker who never seems to add anything to email conversation and therefore is most likely scum. ]

filip skywalker

- The young One [ Given to me because CommanderFox called me "young one" in this topic. He got the title "Slightly older, but still a young one" after Ras74 stated that he was only a month older than me. I think it was Ras74. ]


- A phonemonanl speller [ Because of this comment of mine and the stupid conversation that ensured. Yay my first title! I'm guessing... Brickdoctor? ]


- oshaberi sugiru [ a Japanese phrase which translates, roughly, to "Talks too much" (from oshaberi, lit. "chattering," and sugiru, lit. "excessively"). Given for not realizing that Def is from Japan and asking (in extremely basic Japanese) if he spoke Japanese. ]

- Doesn't find waffles amusing [ For this post and the ensuing discussion in the 2012 Ap ri l F oo l 's Day topic. Hinckley was the last admin to visit my profile, so I'll blame him. ]

- Can't order Corny around [ From the Heroica RPG. Because I told CorneliusMurdock to change Zepher's username to Josh Zephdon due to his habit of turning dearly beloved secondary characters into redshirts (a la Phil Coulsen). This is the result. Given by CorneliusMurdock, naturally. ]

- Wishes he were less busty [ I typo'd my way to this one. Now I know how Big Cam feels. From the timestamps, CorneliusMurdock jumped on this one. ]

- Treason didn't work for him [ In response to this post in the Heroica RPG discussion topic. I'm guessing Brickdoctor, because he's the only staff member who's looked at my profile recently. ]

Fred Daniel Yam (was volcanicpanik)

- Reporting for duty [ Given by ISC for being first to sign up for a guild. ]

- Thinks dead fish can drool [ Because I said my Heroica character drools on the floor like a dead fish after being KO'ed even though they obviously can't - Given by CorneliusMurdock (?) ]


- eMERGING star [ Likely bestowed by Siegfried for unashamedly suggesting that he merges a popular recent topic into my own similar old one! I think it's a very nice first title! Now it can only get worse! ]

- I am The Foog [ My new nickname, introduced by Hinckley during his memorable Forest Mafia! Perhaps because it spells Goof in reverse? ]

- Join the green dots! [ Given by I Scream Clone, after inviting me to a Connect the Dots game on recycled paper. That's my version anyway! ]

- Join the sand blue dots! [ Hinck thoughtfully updated my title to comply with new EB Regulation 3001/55. ]

- angry tongue [ Look, this is my angry tongue: <emoticons removed> -- though I have a hunch that Hinck had something more obscene in mind... ]

- Foogilla Gorilla [ A play on Magilla Gorilla, my code name in Pandulfus' Mafia game! I love it, can I credit Kiel Hinck again? ]

- Really wants to see the Rum [ Show me the Rum, Admiral Cam! Or I will ask again! ]

- General Indexer [ I used to be Colonel Indexer, but Rufus gave me a promotion! ]

- 4n4rch15t [ Cornelius just loooves leetspeak for he thinks it's the pinnacle of civilised society. So he really wanted me to share his enthusiasm! ]

- Fr13nd51f13d 4n4rch15t [ Rick was converted by leet teacher emeritus Cornelius, so he added his friendly touch to my already messed up title! ]

- Collectable Minifig Internet Crack Dealer [ Big Cam is about to get his fix! ]

- Now Extra Corny [ Fugazi was so last year and had to be refreshed, Corn was the obvious answer! From Rick. ]

- Playground Monitor [ Because someone has to keep the Staff in check! From Rick. ]

- Helpfully Intimidating [ I can help you, if my (previous) avatar doesn't turn you away! From Pandora I think. ]

- Makes Something Happen [ It's coming! Soonish! Well, eventually... From Rick. ]


Members starting with Letter "G"

General Armendariz

- Shipyard pirate [ Probably Zorro gave me this. ]

- Horrible speller [ That's must be Hinckley. Because I spelt my name wrong when I joined. ]

- I'm a HOAX man! [ I dont know who gave me this, but I know its because I lied about having a British army of 480 men! ]

- Knows who needs to win to get out of the barrel [ TheBrickster gave me this, he wanted to beat Hinckley in the Classic Town contest and Brickster will give me freedom from my barrel if he wins. ]

- I invoke upon thee...the Curse of the Merman-General! [ I got this one due to the hilarious Commodore Hornbricker and his comics. Here's the comic. ]

General Redwater

- Worried about saving his own skin [ I know I got this because I asked for a peace treaty with a Bluecoat. A mistake I am currently paying for, I deserved this title 100%. I don't know who gave it to me though. ]

- Captain Blue Hair is the best! [ I don't know why I got this, and I don't know who gave it to me. This most certainly is a lie, I am a Redcoat, so I don't think "Captain" Blue Hair is the best. Captain Green Hair might be better, but not Captain Blue Hair. ]

- Captain Blue Hair urgently needs to change pants! [ This one is because Hornbricker shot a bazooka into his @$ resulting in him $*** himself.(No curse words, because I would like not offend anyone.) If CGH had stayed and not became CBH, this embarrassment probably would not have happened. ]


- Arranging the Village People Reunion [No clue who gave it to me but I considered inserting the village people into an EB layout.]

- Let me in Let me in Let me in [The exact quote was "It's not like I'm like let me in let me in let me in." Shadows gave me this at what I can only envision as persistent begging from Darkdragon]

- No Signs in Dome City [I'm the guy who forgot to put the best group nomination sign on the EB layout at brickworld 2013. As a result, Hinckley someone has saddled me with a new title.]

- Won't Curl Up and Dye [Looks like Si-Mocs changed this because of our fight with the coloureds.]

- Premature Commiseration [Hinckley doesn't understand what commiseration means. He changed my title when I called him on it.]

Grevious aka Zarkan

- Gungan Rebel [ I got this back when I was a new member and the Tie Army Thread was still going. I got into an argument with Vader about whether my in game character was a Gungan, and he responded by giving me this rather embarassing title. ]

- Indy afficionado [ Even more embarrasing than my first title, I got this one after demonstrating a complete lack of knowledge about the Indiana Jones movies (although I don't remember who gave it to me). ]

- Indy afficionado & Gungan [ This title was given to me by Hinckley after I said in the original titles topic how glad I was that I didn't have the title of Gungan Rebel anymore. ]

- Boring Title Gungan [ Got this title after commenting in this very topic that my titles were relatively boring compared to some of the more active member's titles. Got it from the sinister Hinckley. ]

- Greviously Renamed Gungan [ Recieved when I requested that my old name be changed to the username I use on most other sites. Five titles in and four of them have the word "Gungan in them." Why did I ever join the Tie Army Role-playing game all those years ago. ]


- Knows how to bake 'em and blog 'em, pirate style! [ My ToR round 1 comic had to do with baking some redcoat scum, and I was given my tag as a Classic-Pirates blog editor ]


- High-res hero [ High-res hero was given to me by Sveite when I posted High Resolution images of the 10213 Shuttle Adventure. ]

- Firmly in place and absolutely straight [ Was bestowed on me for a comment I made about 10232 Palace Cinema, I'm not sure who gave it to me though? ]


- What's a title for anyway? ^^ [ Because I asked on the "How I get my title topic", a post asking why does people kept asking about title as it does nothing ^^ and I think the " ^^ " is here because I use it too often ! ... ^^ ! ]


Members starting with Letter "H"


- Can't figure out a sigfig! [ Captain Green Hair gave this one to me, I believe, after I posted a topic asking for help with a new signature. No idea why he said sig fig then. ]


- Classic A-Wing in Space [ Classic A-wing in space for a classic space version I made of the star wars A-Wing. The title sure beat Classic A-hole in space. ]


- You don't understand - it's a joke!

- Is it inappropriate for me to boo you?

- The Noble Joke Hunter

- The Noble Preacher

- The Confused Preacher

- The Confused Whacker

- Booing the Walrus Bucket

- Has Walrus Envy

- Has Waldorf Envy

- Has Troy Envy

- Has Whacking Issues !!

- The voice of Riley

- The dog whisperer

- Jipay's little female canine

- Look at meeeee! Inc.

- Master of the Fabulands

- David [ One of the mods was trying to help a new member learn how to post correctly. This new member became irate and told said mod that he knew me and that the mod probably didn't even know my name, which apparently is David. So, there you have it. I meant to keep it secret, but it's so fun &amp; goofy I had to share it. ]

- Doesn't need botox [ I got my latest title "Doesn't need botox" because I don't need botox. Thanks Sieggy! ]

- Part Calm Part Witch Hunt [ A bit of inside mafia history that still holds true. ]

- 4.0026 [ My IQ. ]

- Part Calm, Part Monkey Hunt

- Part Calm, Part Witch Hunt, Part David, Part Monkey Hunt [ I don't remember the order or the pairings. Maybe all four were in there at some point. ]

- Respect my balls [ I gave myself the title "Respect my balls" for a while, because people should. ]

- Respect my Cake [ It's been a long time since somebody gave me a title, but I've been given "Respect my Cake" because I'm sick of nerds who play Portal and make jokes about it that I can't follow along. ]

- S M R T [ I gave myself the title of "S M R T" because I played really smrt in def's mafia game, Dr. Bloobrick's Asylum. ]

- Dead Horse Beater [ I have changed my title to "Dead Horse Beater" since I keep beating a dead horse about the most recent mafia game. I prefer this title over my other option which was "Sore Loser." I prefer to think of myself as the former as opposed to the latter because I'm in denial that I'm a being an irrational baby about losing. ]

- Shall never hear the end of it [ From Shadows for getting him killed... twice... in Werewolf Mafia. I feel bad about this, but truth be told, he was expendable. Now I truly never shall hear the end of it, now that I've said that. ]

- Potty mouthed instigator [ This is the most true title I've ever had and my favorite since "Is it inappropriate for me to Boo you?" That one had come from Mr. Phes after I said it in a thread. I don't remember where or why I said it, but the title described me very well. As does this one. That is exactly who I am. I want it on my tombstone. My best guess is Dragonator. I edited one of his posts, which happened to be admonishing swearing, with a swear word, in the staff forum. Hee hee hee! I'm so funny! ]

- For Rick! [ I gave to myself to dedicate the remainder of my performance in Werewolf Mafia to Rick, who worked his megablocks off for the winning town side, only to get killed at the last minute by the Stupid Rouge Rufus. ]

- Throwing his underwear at bearded men [ Because I do. I don't know who is delving so far into my private life, but it is what I do. I have trouble denying it. It's an expensive habit. Underwear and hospital bills are through the roof! Investigating this incident further, it appears this title came from KimT... who happens to be a bearded man. ]

- Anyone need a HERO? [ Given to my by the infamous I Scream Clone, because Brickthing had a HERO Factory set shipped to me and I forgot about the arrangement and got really confused. I was worried some poor little kid didn't have his Design by Me HERO Factory figure. I'm a doofus. I liked my previous title better. ]

- I like my old undies better than my new stuff :P [ From I Scream Clone because it is true. I like my old undies much better than my new stuff. And I do like this much better. Any title with underwear in it is a good title. ]

- Likes Strain people [ Given to me by master of grammar, I Scream Clone. No clue why. I'm at a complete loss as to what it means. I do have the ability to change my own title, but I like when other people change it. Except I Scream Clone, who has no spelling or grammar skill and doesn't make much sense. ]

- [insert stupid ISC title here] [ Not sure who gave me this, but it's very accurate. I can hardly tell the difference between this and my last couple of titles. ]

- 3 1/2 men cannot sleep on 2 treadmills. So says Pandora. [ Given to me by me, because it is true and Pandora helped summarize this particular situation. How did we learn that 3 1/2 men cannot sleep on 2 treadmills? Well, use your imagination. ]

- We we we all the way home, what a mess [ give to me by I Scream Clone and I have no clue what the hell it means. Aha. Now I know. I was posting something rather hastily and it came out making no sense. It was a great idea I proposed in the staff forum, but the conclusion came out like this "Then we you see someone..." It was quite a mess of a sentence. But did I mention it was a great idea? ]

- Purple shirt guy? [ Because they made a movie about me about something I may or may not have said while possible wearing a purple shirt or not. Duh. ]

- Clever Slut [ I gave this one to myself because it's fitting. I'm clever and I'm a slut. Also my character in Werewolf Mafia was slutty and clever enough to remove the Stupid Werewolf on the first day. I'm very humble about this.]

- Santa Roleplayer [ This is due to this day closer in Baritones 3. Not sure who gave me this one. ]

- No dinner during Mafia! [ someone asked me a question during Baritones 3. I gave them the answer and didn't get a reply right away because they had the audacity to go out to dinner. I told them "No dinner during Mafia!" and that was my title for a couple of days. One of my favorites recently.]

- Photographic Sensei [ In the staff forum, I gave Pep some photog advice and it came off a little zen... Not sure who gave me this one either. ]

- Knows the language of walrus love [ from Sinner because I sent him a boat for his birthday. It was only three and a half years belated. ]

- Lost some length in 2012 [ because my doctor recommended one of those reduction surgeries. Not sure who gave me this one. Had to have been somebody with access to the staff forum. ]

- Anything for a penis joke! [ from Rufus because I would do anything for a penis joke. Unless it involves megacock megablock. ]

- Won't let go of his bwankie! [ From Rufus (&amp; Pandora, I presume) because I won't ever let go of it. Ever. ]

- Won't let go of his bwankies! [ I changed this one myselfs becauses I loves things thats are plurals. ]

- English Project Planner [ Because I'm English now and I plan projects. ]

- Almighty Eurobricks Wiener [ Given to me by myself because I just happen to be the Almighty Eurobricks Wiener. This was actually a result of the "swear-filter April Fools Day" ]

- Tonight's the night [ Because I haven't given Ricey his damn banner. I thought that was more of a post-it than a title. ]

- THE Laser Raiders Champion [ I rule at Laser Raiders, that's why. My score was the combination of the two players who sat in front of me. It didn't hurt that I could sweep both sides of the car being in a row by myself while they had to split the targets between the two of them. So, I guess I'm not that fantastic. Fantastic, though, yes. ]

- Random American Tourist [ I am a RAT, because I made a conspicuous cameo in a certain review. ]

- Brought to you by Pepsi [ is because I think we should sell our naming rights to the highest bidder. Imagine: Fruit of the Loom presents Hinckley. See? Brilliant, right? ]

- The Chosen One [ Regarding my love life. Someone chose me. ]

- Pigs are what I do [ Mafia-related pig-megablocking. I think I'm just misunderstood. ]

- Oh, the ironing [ another Mafia post, this time a purposeful misspelling based on The Simpsons Christmas episode where the kids' school creates the Funzo toy. ]

- No. I'm right. [ We were debating about if the Original Trilogy was any good and someone made the stupid suggestion that everyone was entitled to their opinions and therefore everyone was right. My new title is my response to that megablocks. ]

- ¡2013 Nobel Prize Winner for Language Physics! [ because I know the difference between the Northern and Southern hemisphere and I'm good at explaining things. Given by Rick? I haven't checked. Pandora, probably! She has the power now! Everyone look out! ]

- Occasionally, sometimes, intermittently, periodically right [ I'm sadly somewhat behind in my title record keeping. This one speaks for itself and is from Pandora. It's because I'm seldomly correct. ]

- I look good with boobs [ Rick thinks that I look good with boobs. Thanks, Rick! ]

- Not Scum, just went to the bathroom [ from CorneliusMurdock, for my response, in Zepher's Mafia Mafia, to people saying they wouldn't be around for personal reasons: doctor, church, etc. ]

- Oh!! The exclamation points!!1!!!! [ from Pandora for a comment made in a private conversation, again during Zepher's Mafia Mafia, that I was turning into PirateDave84. ]

- I just love to accessorize [ from Rick, for a comment I made in my review of Friends set 41006 Downtown Bakery. ]

- Can't be bordered [because TrumpetKing was worried that he was bordering me. ]

- Doesn't look like Peter Gabriel. [I only gave two titles at drunken Brickworld activities this year, but I only remember one. :blush: I don't know if I changed my own with the current one "Doesn't look like Peter Gabriel." But, it could be from Cornelius Murdock. It rings a very very faint bell. Please explain it to me. :blush: ]

- Paint-splattered nipples [Rick has just given me Paint-splattered nipples. That's all I'll say. :grin: ]


- Mr. Optomistriac [ I think KimT gave it to me for being positive all the time. ]

- Mr. Nosey [ Sinner gave it to me after stumbling apon a secret forum that wasn't that secret. ]

- Mr. Nosey Optomistriac [ A combo of both. ]


- Emergency medical holobrick [ I think this is self explanatory. ]

- Günzburg Sugar Mama [ Well, we were in Günzburg the last days, I won the jelly rat spit contest, and took care of some little details - I believe that´s what this is about ), thanks to Kim or Ras, whoever did it. ]

- Günzburg biased [ First there was "Günzburg biased" given by (I think) Ras, because of the place we were looking for our event next year. (I wasn't really in favour of Günzburg (again), but who cares?) After all it ended up with Billund 2010, while I was favouring Windsor. ]

- Ich bin ein Berliner! [ Then the title after only a small time period changes again to nowadays "Ich bin ein Berliner", because of this thread. I went to Berlin in september and took some pictures. The rest is history. believe it was Ras again who gave me that wonderful title and I hope it's going to stay looong. I like german history and that quote is a very strong one (J.F. Kennedy 26.6.1963 in Berlin, two years after the build of Berlin Wall: All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin, and, therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words �€šIch bin ein Berliner�€˜!) and well known one in Germany. I have to say I'm proud of that title. ]

- 164.93032 [ Number of unique transparent items in my Lego storage. ]


- New and Fresh Pirate News Scout! [ Well, the title gives it kind of away - I am a new and fresh pirate news scout! And it was most probably given to me be one of the shipyard crew, praise be thee! ]

- Thank you for your contributions! [ Could have been given to me because I left the shipyard crew or because I really like feedback on my MOCs - I don't know for sure. And I suppose it's from a ship yard member as I am most active there. ]

- He's back! [ Because - well... I'm back! Given by the title Ninja, I'd guess ]


- Not on the boat [ Got it for my comment as to not really being on board with the whole "Lego movie" idea, doesn't seem like something I wanna go see and its tie-in sets are delaying all my favorite themes, stateside! ]


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Members starting with Letter "I"


- Cheese-Eating Castle Monkey [ Cheese-Eating Castle Monkey was spawned from this post of mine in the Favourite Cheese thread, as well as the fact that Castle is my favourite (and unarguably the best theme ever [perhaps besides Rock Raiders]) theme and I posted in the History and Adventure theme a lot. As for the monkey part, well, you know me. What? You don't? Well then, I guess it will forever be a mystery! ]

- I'm a Troll... from Persia [ Hah, this came from this post in the Prince of Persia Theme Month Game, Rules and Players thread. We were encouraged to get in the spirit of the PoP Month, change our avatars etc. (It supposedly increases our chance of survival... in the game.) I couldn't be bothered changing my avatar from the troll, so I came up with that excuse. Hey, the troll helmet and armour look sorta kinda Persian, a bit. ]

- I'm a Ghost... from Hogwarts [ "I'm a Ghost... from Hogwarts" - Because my character in Hogwarts Mafia had the power to come back as a ghost when killed off. And then she was killed off. And came back as a ghost. ]

- iamfellowed [ For joining the the rank of Fellow. ]

- Late to his own party [ Self-explanatory. ]

- I need to emote [ Given by I Scream Clone, most probably due to my arsenal of emoticons I wield in secret. ]

- Happy to be a retard [ I accidentally used "your" instead of "you're" when explaining something to Hinck, then when he called me out on it I purposefully used the incorrect term to wind him up. I guess Hinck gets the last laugh though, now I'm stuck with this title. ]

- Count Baron VanVampirePants [ Some people (*cough*DraggyShadowsHinck*cough*) accused my character of being a vampire in Werewolf Mafia. Not sure who tagged me with the title, but I can pin it down to either Shadows or Draggy. ]

- Captain Flowers [ This was my title very briefly (for like a minute or less) before it was changed to my username. (Yes, I was known as Captain Flowers for a couple of weeks.) ]

- Count Baron von Vampirepants [ Changed back to my older title from Werewolf Mafia, albeit spelt a tad differently. ]

- LAMY [ A portmanteau of lame and Amy. (Amy is a nick-name bestowed upon me, taken from the 'am' part of 'iamded'. It's Am-ee, not Amy! ]

- Has magic lady powers [ Someone noticed I got my green star back after changing from the 'Lady' rank back to 'Fellow'. When asked how I did it, I told them I used my 'magic lady powers'.]

- Crow footed horses megablocks [ Aspects from the The Forest Mafia game all smooshed into one title. My character was a horse, and on night one I was attacked by a crow, which no one would believe despite my constant attempts to tell them. ]

- Just a whore [ Y'know, I'm not sure where this came from. It probably resulted from an off-forum chat between Shadows, Draggy and I. I blame Shadows.]

- Will give you a woody [ No, it's not how it sounds! I mean a Woodstock Bourbon and Cola! Here, on the house. ]

Im a brickmaster.

- Apostrofree [ Apparently I left out enough apostrophes in my posts to garner a witty/puny title! ]


- Mmmm.... The smell of "chrome" [ I got it after I commented about my new chrome silver Reviewer's Tag. I'm pretty darn sure it was WhiteFang. He made fun of me after my post. ]

- Annoying confetti for magical "Inky"... [ All can be explained here, in Erdy's birthday thread. Official Description: I threw more virtual confetti in Erdbeereis' Birthday Thread just to make WhiteFang sweep it up. I meant he is a servant in Mystical Castle right now.. ]

- Author of the Inconspictionary [ Poking fun at the title of the glossary found in my Reviewers Academy tutorial. I assume it was WhiteFang who has given me all my titles to date, but if Erdy can give titles it could have been him. Well, as WhiteFang has mentioned it was the magical power of both intervention. ]

- Studious Teacher [ Given by Svelte as part of the RA Mid term April Fool's joke which I had a large part in planning. It corresponded to a name change from Inconspicuous to Inconstudious. ]

- A soda can full of BURPs [ given to me after I made a similar joke in a Pirates review. Most likely given by Rufus. ]


- He's an actor, I swear! [ This was from the Collectable Minifigs Discussion, I bet you can't guess what I was saying. I am not exactly sure who gave it yet. ]

I Scream Clone

- Community Castle Build Commander

- RAT and CCBC

- You scream, Hinckley's clone [ Who knows, probably Hinck. ]

- Screambob Clonepants [ I also became Screambob Clonepants for a week during the too many Copmike's week! ]

- Your my only hope! [ TheBrickster, during the Murder on the Emerald Express game. ]

- reads a review while his friend bleeds to death... [ Either Hinck or Brickster for neglecting to help Herman whilst he bled to death! My dedication will no doubt please the other Teachers though. ]

- How Embarrasment! [ I got my new title for pointing out Bluebard's mix up with Sly Owl vs Nadroj. Rather than writing "how embarrasing" i went for "how embarrasment". this is a saying from a comedy show back in the eighties if I am not mistaken. Kylie Mole is the character i believe. ]

- the s is for stupidly [ Bestowed on me by Shadows. I mentioned ROFLS in chat the other day and then realized I didn't need the S, so quickly wrote " the s is for stupidly" as in Rolls on the floor stupidly. ]

- The S is for Scum. [This is my latest title after being scum/evil/dragon in Mystical Castle. I think Shadows is still dirty I voted him off then killed his better half. ]

- TGIF! [ I keep replying to Ras on Facebook whenever he writes TGIF, which seems like every friday. It's the only thing I can understand on his page. ]

- Got out of hand! [ Most likely refers to my recent multiple personality disorder, (re: name changes as often as underwear). ]

- Go'en Out West [ Go'en out west is my newest title. Most likely due to Brickster. I am planning on a Wild West MOC at the moment, so this is the most likely explanation. ]

- I Scorn Cats [ Probably from anyone of the Staff who actually like cats, as I do not. Of course it fits the whole ISC as well. In my opinion cats make excellent toilet brushes. ]

- I Scrub Commodes (with cats!) [ So it seems I Scrub Commodes (with cats). Shadows strikes again! ]

- Bad Chewie! [ Bad Chewie come with a story of a bunch of lost foreigners on their way to the Northbrook Lego store for the 50% off sale. Basically anyone who wanted to ride "shotgun" whilst staying with Stash, referred to it as Chewie, because he always sits up front in the co pilot seat. The task of navigating Copmike and Quarryman fell to myself, and we got horribly lost and ended up in Libertyville! We still got to the sales, but had to join the end of the line. So Bad Chewie for getting the Eurobricks team lost, but Quarryman still got a 10179 Mill Falcon, so not all bad. ]

- Playful Bad Chewie Moderator! [ Seems I am a Playful Bad Chewie Moderator, thanks to LuxorV. I have been on a title rampage of late. ]

- Gone mad with power! [ Because I kind of have maybe gone a bit power mad in changing everyones titles lately. ]

- Gone mad with the Fonz! [ As I seem to be telling people to stay cool like Fonz. ]

- Gone mad with Fonz and Roid Rage! [ There has been a consensus that the new guy Savage Oppress looks like he is on a bit of a roid rage, just the thing to make you horny I say! What type of roids though? Haemorroids? ]

- Lightsaber Envy [ Jealous of my Stash2sixx's awesome avatar! ]

- Just cooking nnodles [ ? ]

- Likes Fat Sausages [ I believe I mentioned amongst staff and fellows that I hate fat sausages. ]

- I is a gramer profeser [ Seems I don't know the difference between their, there and they're.... Hinckley is the most likely candidate as I have adjusted his titles lately and he is a spelling bee whiz too. ]

- I is a gramer profeser. [ Given to me by Hinckley as he struggles with spelling, which I guess has led to him misspelling my title. ]

- I is a gramer profeser.. Ribbit! [ Slightly adjusted by Kiel da Man due to my multiple frog tags seen hopping all around EB. ]

- Giver of stoopid tittles.. Ribbit! [ Given by Hinklish as he can't fathom the Queens English. So quick to dismiss that which you don't understand. ]

- Rampage of making no sense - [ Hinckley strikes again! We are still ironing out the differences in language. ]

- Kissy kissy kiss kiss kiss [ Well I reckon Rufus has popped his Title cherry! Something to do with all the kissy face emoticons in my Tag section I assume. I got punked! ]

- Deletes good titles and replaces them with crap [ Everyone's a critic, well at least one who has CP access. ]

- Confusion with a side of "What?" [ Which pretty much sums up my role as a title giver. ]

- "Great Balls" , love Jamie [ Given to me by me! After meeting Jamie Berard at Brick Expo, he offered me a signed hat, and after looking at my Maersk Hotties, I asked him to sign my hat "Great Balls" which he did with a huge Jamie smile. He is all class.]

- "To Boldly Go Where Ice Cream Is" [ Probably due to my Fellow dedication MOC featuring green classic spacemen, and being I Scream Clone too. ]

- "To Boldly Go Where Ice Green Is" [ something to do with a green 2x4 brick I believe, and maybe for suggesting the whole crazy 3004 overtake of Eurobricks. ]

- Feelin dryer than a dead dingos ring [ because I need a drink, dammit and Brick World is where it's at! ]

- I blame Cadarnosaurus Rex [ cause he is the root of the whole problem if we are playing the blame game! ]

- I moderate Cadarnosaurus Rex [ because I am back as a Moderator, so look out! ]

- Bossk Rollin [ I tend to Bossk Roll other peoples MOCS at places like Brickworld, that and I tend to Rick Roll Z Cerberus and Rick in the past as well. I also have a few Bossk's that tend to inhabit my Castle creations too. ]

- Craves Hooters [ well cause I do actually crave hooters and I miss our Brickworld trips to Hooters, 3 mile island sauce and blue cheese, good times! ]

- -10nerd points [ seems I just don't know my Simpsons trivia like I think I do. Called the Stonecutters Stonemasons, sigh. Given by Si-MOCS. ]

- Foreign Floræ & Faunæ Prohibited! [ Don't import toads or chazzwazzers into a foreign country otherwise you may end up with a new title like mine; not to mention a name change to go with it; I Scream Chazzwazzer. Most likely Si_MOCS. ]

- My mum says I'm special [ given by Rick as I am a special Fellow with hidden special powers and skills, like the A Team! ]

- Professional Frontpager [ given by a stealthy ninja! ]

- Mmmmmmm, Wookiees! [given by my old nemesis Rick, whom I have rolled in the past many times. :grin: and possibly given due to my affection towards Wookiees with the likely hood of some in the next wave of SW sets and possibly alluding to my old Bad Chewie title.]

Izzy (was Cutlass_Iz)

- I'm a Lady [ Given to me because I didn't want to be in the EB Ladies Group. ]

- Desperate Housewife [ A typical Yoda given title, nasty but nice, he said "It just suits you". ]

- EB Lady Reviewer [ Given for being the first EB Lady to review in the Reviewers Academy. ]

- EB Lady Reviewerass [ A slight addition to previous title, taken from my "Hairy Potter and Dumblyass" comic. ]

- Are you stalking me? [ Because I am a paranoid schizophrenic. No really... I can't think why I got this! ]

- Shiiiiit! I feel so naughty! [ Defies explanation of any kind. I'm sorry, but there are children around. Muhahaha! ]

- Look at that wild flock of meese! [This title was given to me by Ras 74 after a conversation about the REAL plural of moose. No matter what anyone says, they tellers of untruths if they tell you "meese" is not the plural of moose. It went something like this. ]

- Look at that wild flock of Smurfs [ During the Smurf craziness week. ]

- Look at that wild flock of Meese [ Then, it came back again. ]

- "Couch Fetish" [ I was building a MOC with a couch in it... ]

- I'm starting a Jamie Berard Appreciation Week campaign! [ Then, I'm starting a Jamie Berard Appreciation Week campaign! This is the post founded in the Grand Emporium thread. Three Cheers for Jamie! ]

- Co-host of Behind the Helm and The Brick Broadcast [ Not to be out done by the Host, I got a new title too. Also from Zorro. ]

- The Event Secretary [ This title was given by Ras, I guess so he could make me help him out with all the mundane duties of an Event Admin without feeling guilty. ]

- The Event Fluger [ A slight variation of the previous title, a bit of an Event attendees only joke. The rest of you flugers will just have to guess. ]

- I'm chained helplessly against the wall...where's Ras? [ This title came from ToR also (sort of), a comic that Commodore Hornbricker made that starred myself and Ras. I'm guessing it is part of Zorro's title spree but I'm not sure. ]

- Finally has a Shrieking Shack [ From Ras... who else? Because my last review was a long time coming due to lost pieces. ]

- Seen my new gold tag? [ Because I have joined the ranks of Academy Teacher. From Fangy??? ]

- Seen my new gold egg? [ Some chicken laid an egg over my Reviewers Academy Tag, from Hinck. ]

- Women and children first!! [ Because I abandoned the ship. No idea who it is from. ]

- 192.22 [ My life expectancy. It is unusually high, due to the two naturally occurring isotopes of izidium and rasdium. ]

- Talking Animal Movie Lover! <3 [ I am going to say this is from Hinckley... seeing he has visited my profile today! And why? Because I just can't get enough of cute and fluffy little animals chatting away on the big screen. It's almost as enjoyable as eating fricasseed baby. ]

- Rare sized stick optional [ Rare sized sticks are highly sought after by most people, but for me it is completely optional. Could it be from ISC? ]

- Still a whore [ If anyone was watching closely they would have seen a rapid progression of my title to the next few titles. ]

- Still a slut [ From still a whore to still a slut. ]

- Still a cheap whore [ And, now from still a slut to still a cheap whore. Someone out there must really likes me. ]

- We choo choo choose you [ I am the Choo Chooosen one... I won a spectacular prize in a HP contest. Lucky me! ]

- MOC-blocked [Given to me by Pepper; because my MOC was... well, blocked. Very punny indeed.]

- refreshingly short [ Seeing as a certain person with "moar powah" has visited my page, that would be my guess as to whodunnit. But the why, simple. I chopped a fair chunk off my username. It is pretty funny actually, as I am kinda short IRL, but got to pay someone else out just today because I am about 1/2 a foot taller than them. Yays! ]

- knows who has cupcakes [ Given by ISC; I know who has (too many) cupcakes, I know who doesn't have cupcakes and wants them. I know and see all pretty much everything. They don't call me "The Eye" for nothing. ]

- Double prizes for all! [ Given by ISC; referring to a saying that is commonly heard if one is around me.]

- Double crocs for all [ Given by Rufus; Because two crocs are better than one (Avatar and Tag).]

- wants new titties [Yeah, I really don't know]

- elephant brainz [because an elephant never forgetz, and I am that elephant. Given by... Kieldaman? Someone sneaky who didn't go on my profile to leave a trace.]

- Sadly fail poor [April Fools tom foolery]

- The REAL Izzy [There was a bit of a forum glitch and it wouldn't let me have my name back, so I had to be Izzy Dizzle for a short while. Fo Shizzle.]

- Blondie [From Rick, because I am a freshly bottled blonde. Or I like listening to Blondie, or I am just really really dull]

- Bold Baldie [ From Rick. For being bold and bald. Literally. ]


Members starting with Letter "J"


- Halfway through Englishman [ While the SW 'Invasion' contest was going on, I got confused by the rules and said this: "I was half way through my entry, then you changed the rules! Now I need to think of some SW vehicles I could change....", because Oky Wan inspired KimT to change the rules. This meant my model, which I was halfway through building, had to be taken apart. And the second Englishman bit was because I do mention every now and again I live in England. ]


- Or even Corn Flakes! [ Can be explained in here. Don't tell me I'm crazy, I already know. ]

- Shadow's Stalker: Pwned! [ Can be explained here. I fell for the trap. ]

- Teacher's Pet [ Can be explained here. Still not sure why I have it and others don't. Maybe because I was the first to throw myself at the mercy of the court. ]

- A little green [ Possibly from the Teacher's Pet thread. I'm not sure. Probably another act of Svelte. ]

- Why do I always write in green? [ Rhetorical question? Does it annoy someone? Just a little fun? I have no clue. I also have no clue about it's origins. I'd think I'd get something about the Loins. ]


- Eurobricks' house-Orc [ Perhaps for my transformation into the Incredible ORC! ]


- Not-so-smartass SW Reviewer [ Given by Bonaparte or KimT in August 08 because at the time, Skipper 24 and I were doing many SW reviews. He was a smartass and I was not. ]

- Tallheaded Yugioh [ Given by KimT in August 08. Tallheaded, derived from my unending love for Ki-Adi Mundi, and Yugioh, from my dorky e-mail address (now changed). ]

- Empty-headed Yugioh [ Given by KimT in September 08, because I couldn't figure out what "Tallheaded Yugioh" meant. It's mostly Hollisbrick's fault though. His comment still cracks me up. ]

- Silver Brains Yugioh [ Given by KimT (yet again), in October 08. Silver probably related to my silver status in the RA, or maybe my love for chrome/ silver lightsaber hilts. Brains, because I finally figured out my "Tallheaded Yugioh" title (or just Kim's sense of humor), and Yugioh, my old dorky e-mail. ]

- Golden Tallheaded Yugioh [ Given by KimT in Jan 09. An add-on to a previous title after I became a teacher in the Reviewer's Academy. ]

- Golden JimBee Teacher [ Based off of Svelte's nickname for me, Jimbee. I don't think Fellows can give titles, so I think it was WhiteFang. ]

- Dummy! (1) [ Erds, Svelte, and Shadows... Need I say more? ]

- Ostracises Ostriches [ I assume it was from this post in the Prince of Persia thread: "Why are there so many ostriches? The pamphlet said there would only be a few ostriches!" ..... and a play on words. I didn't get it at first because 'Ostracizes' was spelled the English way. Because of this, and the fact that Svelte is/ was the Licensed Regulator, I think it was him being clever. Christmas came early! ]

- Ostracizes Ostriches [ Oh yeah, and it looks like someone changed "ostracizes" in my title to the right/ American way! ]

- Reads With His Eyes Closed [ This title doesn't make any sense. No idea where it came from, but I know a certain title-happy hypocrite gave it to me. ]

- On the 'blue boat' [ Just because I liked the "old" Reviewers Academy skin and banner better than the current one. I think it was Svelte during his name-changing spree, but could've been Bonaparte. ]

- Megabloxhead [ Shadows was kind enough to turn my own April Fool's joke against me in the most praising way possible. ]

- Killed by the beast called "Cuddles" [ From Hogwarts Mafia, because I was killed by the Cerberus Cuddles on Night 1. I think it might have been WhiteFang. I am not sure, but it sounds like something he would say. ]

- Bitch be cool [ From responding to ISC's title "Gone mad with the Fonz". From... ISC? My favorite title of mine yet. ]

- Forgetful Housekeeper [ Given for forgetting to update important threads in the Reviewers Academy (I think?). I assume it was WhiteFang who gave it to me since I spotted him viewing my profile a few days before I noticed this. ]

- J'zargo awaaaaaaaaaaay! [From this post in the conclusion of The Curse of Imhotep mafia game. From Rufus, probably. Thanks!]

- RA Anniversary Writer [ for writing the intro post to our fourth anniversary celebration topic. From Fangy. ]

- Silly Rabbit [ Because tricks are for kisd. From a title ninja. ]

- Another grain of rice [ I have an impostor. From ISC. ]

- The real Slim Ricey [ *stands up* Because I am the real one! Given by Ricecracker. ]

- Doesn't Does Not [ Do or do not, their is no try. Except don't do not, either. Given by... Ricey? ]

- Keep on blowin' ! [ That hot chocolate won't cool itself down. Given by Shadows. ]

- worried about the golden shower... [ after one of the enemy moves in Heroica RPG. Although I would always be worried about receiving a golden shower... From Peppermint. ]

- Bubbler [ The true name for the device that delivers water to your mouth, usually found in parks, schools, etc. Wisconsin, Rhode Island, and Australia all have them. Given by... Rick? Or a ninja. But not both. :tongue: ]

Joey Lock

- Sombrero Lover [ Because I asked wheter anyone has made custom Sombreros for Lego Figures. ]

- Red spot on the wall [ I don't know why, but I think it was Captain Green Hair's fault. ]

- Rule Brittania! [ Because I'm patriotic. ]

- My girl loves my Fluffy! [ Because they do! ]


- Kneecap buster [ uh, I didn't know I was that violent got it some days ago I think... don't know why but it is a nice change ]


- Doughnut knowledge [ I doughnut know who gave it to me, but I do know why they did. - Rufus ]

- Celebrity pants wetter [ Based on the hilarious A.V. Club article that featured my post in response to the reveal of The Simpsons House, where I said "My pants are wet." Thanks, Brickthing! ]


Members starting with Letter "K"


- Propping up Historica's freedom [ I really don't know why. What did I do for our freedom? (It might be related to my efforts to list everyone in GoH and their life/what they've been doing, but who knows? - other than ISC, that is.) My first title! ]


- The dog ate my dongle [ My first title as well. Probably given to me by Hinckley or Big Cam, for utilising the oldest excuse in the book in the Baritones 3 discussion thread. ]


- Signature changing expert [ Definitely from Siegfried (my trusty siegnature fixer), given to me for constantly bugging him everytime I mess up in adding links to photos in my signature.]

- Green ladies man! [ I'm the most recent victim of ISC's power-gone-mad title-giving rampage, given to me after I foolishly exposed my silly-named email address. ]

- Regular Ladies Man! [ KimT dropped the 'Green' off my previous title after I lost the green fellowship star due to promotion. (and looks like he got a new title for that too). ]

- Kick Fist Yourself. [ For pointing out KimT mistakenly calling the upscaled Kit Fisto minifig as Plo Koon in his LegoWorld 2011 article. I guess that's what happens for being too SW nerdy nitpicky. ]

- ǝuıɥs ʇ,uop uns ǝɥʇ ǝɹǝɥʍ [ Because I live in a country where the sun don't always shines. Given by ISC as part of his 'title standardization program'. ]

- moar powah! [ Another gift from the Title-giving Master (ISC) this time as part of his 'title normalization program' for reasons I don't know. ]

- Laughing my megablocks out loud! [ because I did, that simple. Most probably from Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuu! ]

- Painting the Town Pink [ for literally painting Gotham City Mafia with lovely pink text. Self-given by the Baby Doll herself. ]

- Big Wiener [ (self-explanatory) Nah, for the LEGO mold that represents me in this topic. Though I don't know from whom? (I checked the "backdoor" and no traces were left) Edit: From Big Cam.]

- Big Weiner's Back [ after returning from a self-imposed exile. From Big Cam. ]

- Sexual innuendos are in. [ "When you see it" (only "like-minded" people will be able to spot "it") From who? A wild educated guess: the Camster! ]


- Rick or Steve [ Can't remember... Morten was the other one. It comes from the stop-motion movie "Rick &amp; Steve - Happiest Gay Couple in the World" and I (we) got it after the 1st Event when we one night had laughed and talked about this super movie. Don't go looking for it. TLG had it banned almost instantly and it's nowhere to be found these days. Anyways since Morten and I went to the Event together and we're also IRL friends, someone thought it would be great fun to give us those titles. Which it was. ]

- Nude Swoosher [ It came because we had a fiery discussion on the UCS Y-Wing and to emphasize how much I like it and to put a little humor into a topic that'd gone off track and was becoming a little flaming, I decided to say: "I'd swoosh this even in the nude" (or something like that). Then the topic turned around and went totally off-topic for a while. ]

- New Sith on the Boards [ When I was promoted to Star Wars Regulator, (later Moderator). ]

- Old Santa of the Boards [ After a while it changed to this one - because of the loooong use of a Santatrooper as a sigfig. ]

- Animal Molesting Santa [ And this is where it completely went off the track. Someone made a comment about me having a polar bear in my sig, to which I replyed that it was a helmet and then someone started ranting about pandas and stuff like that. Finally I commented something like this "Do I look like an animal molesting santa to you?". Bad mistake. There's a topic on this somewhere, I just can't find it right now. ]

- Bearonicle Molesting Santa [ I've been doing a little spring cleaning in the Bionicle Forum with WhiteFang and the rest of the staff and this is what I got. ]

- Redeemed Army Builder [ Check the show your army topic in the History Forum and you'll get it. And I suspect Sir Dillion did the fine title. I'll get him back eventually. ]

- Paranoid Star Wars Regulator, er, Moderator [ I will leave the explanation to the Roots. They probably did the title, so they should know. ]

- Take On Me [ Guess it comes from my love for A-HA and music of the 80's. No idea who did it though - ISC could be a good guess? ]

- Backdoor Sneaky Sith [ What the heck? No idea why or who? ]

Kim Thomsen

- Feed Me! [ Dunno why but I keep thinking "Feed me Seymour!" ]


- improper grammar is kool [ I flubbed up the grammar of a post, and when I went to edit it, I posted "Edited because improper grammar is kool". From Brickdoctor. ]


- Drunk and nervous [ "Drunk" because Emma hit the bottle when she woke up on 3 April and the AmeriBricks banner was still up. Nervous? I'm not nervous. Should I be nervous? From Dragonator. ]

- Drunk, Nervous and Giggling [ Now I'm also giggling because I said that someone's topic title made me want to giggle like a school girl. From Rick? ]


Members starting with Letter "L"


- Awesome Sport! [ Given to me because I said that I didn't mind getting no votes in the Maersk Madness competition, because the winners were the best entries anyway and I had fun participating. ]


- Rinse and Repeat [ for thinking that automatic pet wash is the best way to groom Friends pets and turning this idea into a MOC (my first ever shown online) ]


- Bronze Pirate Lifesaver [ For getting my bronze badge in the RA and making two very highly awaited reviews of the new pirate sets. ]

- Filthy Harlott [ Given to me for acting like a b!tch in the Baritones 2. Inspired by Zepher......it was actually a quite funny title.... ]

- Good Pirate Helper [ For being a good pirate helper in the shipyard. ]

- Kill'n George [ Got it in MOTEE after Zepher called me Kill'n George instead of Grill'n George. I believe that TheBrickster gave me this title. ]


- Ninjago! [ I believe I said somewhere that I dislike Ninjago, so I was given this title. ]


- 90 year old scientist [ I have no idea where this came from. Love it!! ]


- Has crabs [ My first title, "Has Crabs", for having posted an entry in the Collectible Minifigs raffle containing four crabs. ]


- Banned and Rebanned!!! [ Because i was joking around about being perfect. ]

- Expanded Universe fan !!! [ Because i was once stupid enough to suggest my title be 'That guy who hates EU'. ]

- Cardman [ Because i gave KimT a set of my custom backround cards for the SW chromie fig's. ]


- Ever vigilant spam zapper [ From Hinkley. Because I have been reporting many spammers. ]

- annoying [ Not sure who gave it to me. Whoever it was, they gave it ninja-style. ]


- Avalonia's little helper [ From ISC ]

- Im BUSY building, don't bother me till April [ from Si-MOCs im pretty sure, due to mocathlon, GOH ch6 and me complaining about having to do both I think... ]

- Nocturnus Wunderkind [ because im apparently a child prodigy from germany MOCing up nocturnus - Zcerberus, you forgot to add im short! ]

- new zealand wunderhobbit [ because look above, brickdoctor! ]

- Can smell over the stench of a bog [ because i can, no questions, from Zcerry ]

- Wunderhobbit turtle who knows the future [ zcerberus, because im still a hobbit prodigy, im from the future and can tell the future, and when i told zcerberus about this title i spelt title turtle. And turtles are awesome! ]

Lego Spy

- Imperial slug [While signing up for Shadows of Nar Eubrikka, I took a quote from Han Solo, in which he referred to the Imperials as "Imperial Slugs". Coincidentally, I had just signed up for the Empire.]


- It's just a jump to the left! [ Come on which Moderator was it....come on... I have Mega-Bloks DON'T make me use them! Oh, that should get a response...... goodness I hate MB though! ]

Lt. Col. Thok

- I'm gonna tell my mommie.... [ Because of those foul words someone said. ]

- LDD Filthy Harlott [ Because using LDD way too many times, forces you to do despicable things. ]

Lord Arjay

- Doesn't like screaming! [ Due to a comic I posted here about Aalaks screaming expressi&#111;n. I'm almost certain this was Zorro continuing his ToRII title spree. ]

- Sneaky Ninja Assasin. With a Machete. [ WGiven by Dragonator after the end of Bloodbrick's Asylum Mafia, in which I carried out most of the killings for the scum with a Machete. ]

Lord Vladivus

- Geography Apprentice [ from ZCerberus during his title giving spree, for explaining I sort of teach Geography. kabel is apparently my Master. ]

Louie le Brickvalier

- Working in every corner of the ship [ For working anywhere and everywhere I'm needed in the Pirate forums. Nothing better than scrubbing some good ole' decks! I believe Admiral Croissant gave this to me. ]


- Heart of Gold [ After the spaceship from the HitchHikers' Guide to the Galaxy, for participating the HHGTTG contest and making a total of 7 vignettes about the D. Adams' trilogy of five. ]

- Hangs in the air much like bricks don't. [ Another HHGTTG reference. ]

- Seeker of clams [ Because I'm a palaeontologist and seek for fossil flat clams. Probably given by Siegfried. On a side note, this is my first non-HHGTTG related title. ]

- 183.84 [ My exact height in centimeters. ]

- ...and don't you forget it! [ Probably funny retaliation from I Scream Clone, since I changed his recently, and he's in a playful mood these days. ]

- Ross the Paleontologist [ For teaching bits of paleontology to some staff and fellows; clearly, a Friends reference. Not sure who's behind it. ]

- Ross the Golden Paleontologist [ An up-date to my previous title since I graduated at the Reviewers Academy. I presume it comes from Rufus. ]

- Comic megablocks expert! [ I got this new one for correcting our dear Ambassador CopMike in saying Wonder Woman is a DC character and not Marvel. He then pointed out I was being a smartass. I Scream Clone (I suppose), did the rest. ]

- Cars reviewing spree [ I got this new title for my recent multiple LEGO Cars reviews. From WhiteFang, I believe.]

- Cars reviewing spree gnome [A little change to my previous one, since it has been dicovered I work with the little Gnomes that clean the Forums while nobody's looking. ]

- No more cake from me! [I said I would not bring cakes to members' birthdays anymore. For some reason, though, I keep finding cakes to bring to such events.]

- Cake sharing session from Fangy! [ Another new title! Seems cakes attract much attention here. Anyway, this one is due to the fact I told WhiteFang to share his B-day cake with the evergrowing army of his CMFs. ]

- RA Anniversary holiday reviewer [ For making a review of the 6374 Holiday Home for the 4th anniversary of the Reviewers Academy. Also from White Fang, I suspect. ]

- Will Cat Accordingly. [ I have no recollection of where this comes from, and I can only suppose I made a typo somewhere. From CorneliusMurdock, it seems. ]


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Members starting with Letter "M"


- The DaddY MacK [ For being a smooth talking, Mafia Godfurry throughout Hinckley's "Mafia School: Fabuland Housewives"] -Given to me by Hinckley. ]


- jelly stabbing jedi [ xwingyoda. It was during the time of a contest that I had won for killing those alien minifigs. ]

- Unscientific Haole [ I probably got the unscientific part because some people unfairly accused me of having non scientific polls. Now Haole, is a term from where I live, meaning foreigner. I used to joke around with Hinckley using it, but that turned into rather a bad idea later. ]

- Jelly Stabbing Jedi [ Back, as I was supposed to have this for a month. xwingyoda. ]

- Winged jelly stabbing jedi [ Because there was a ballerina tag. Stauder and I thought it was a fairy because it looked like it had wings. Blame the whole fairy guild and secret fairy threads for it. LuxorV. ]

- Now, he is a Silver Winged jelly stabbing jedi [ For getting my Silver Reviews Academy Tag. WhiteFang. ]

- is less of a n00b than Sinner [ That goes for all you other n00bs out there too. Thanks to everyone's favorite Walrus. ]

- Less of a n00b than Sinner [ Grammar/simplification revision I guess? Sinner. ]

- Suffering from the Maersk Blues [ I told you it was madness! I need more Maersk Blue. TheBrickster. ]

- Tag! Your it [ For making new Superhero tags. I Scream Clone. ]

- Tag! You're it [ Revision - Hinckley. ]

Masked Builder

- Fresh Academy Teacher who has stepped on something white [ Because I graduated from the reviewers academy, and probably had somthing to do with my picture trouble I had on my last review. Probably from Fangy. ]

- Clone Mission Commander [ I do believe this one is from KielDaMan for all of my 457th mission MOCs. ]

- Suddenly Gone Pink [ This one is from Kiel, because of my pink text that I have been posting in because of my Spacegirl. ]

- Look Ma! No Pink! [ Again from Kiel. I think I got this one because I got the last LEGO Star Wars set on my list yesterday. Because I gave up posting in pink two or three weeks ago. ]

- Look Ma! No Pink, but green instead. [ An addition to my last tile, I changed to green because of the cool new Lord of the Rings sets. From Big Cam. ]

- RA Anniversary triple reviewer [ From Fangy for writing three reviews for the Anniversary. ]

- 25 reviews deep! [ I've written 25 reviews with the Reviewers Academy. Making progress! From Big Cam. ]

- Vic-Viper Valedictorian [ From Hinkley, but I think Sci asked him to give it to me. For building one Vic-Viper every day last month! ]


- Pirate lover [ Probably because I was active (and actively helping) in the Pirates forum at the time. ]

- Magenta magician [ Because I did some wizardry involving bricks and shades of pink. Probably thanks to Svelte. ]

- magical pirate [ no explanation given ]

- supermegaawesome [ Don't know who did it or why, but I'd just like to say that when I saw it yesterday it made my day. It even sounds like something I might say. ]

MetroiD (prevously known as TheOtters)

- Chopper Otters [ Owing to the multitude of minifig-scale motorbike MOCs I posted over a short period... My bike frenzy is most definitely going to return later on this summer. Given by Hinckley. ]

- Asya &amp;amp;amp; Bobby Otters [ After requesting that our nickname be shortened and thus dropping our first names from our username, they were added to the title which then read "Asya &amp;amp;amp; Bobby Otters" - in case there was still anyone out there who didn't know us by our names. ]

- Asya &amp;amp;amp; Bobby Otter Pups [ Currently, owing to our/my participation (as you know, I've set up this account to show creations which we build together, however I'm the only one who writes in the forum) in TheBrickster's Murder on the Emerald Express as Scruffy, I guess our title is a throwback to the early years of my character, hence we're now called "Asya &amp;amp;amp; Bobby Otter Pups". A bit of cross-breeding there, but hopefully there's no implication that we're an abomination of nature. ]

- Impatient Mutt [ I was most probably given this one by that whacker Hinckley - for a) being impatient as I am (at least I admit it!); and b) being a good-yet-freakishly-large-strong-and-talkative dog on the Murder Express. Poor Scruffy got shot for most of the above reasons... ]

- Mischievous, Small &amp;amp;amp; Impatient Mutt [ The "Impatient Mutt" part remains, I guess as an homage to Hinck's wisdom in giving me that title, while "Mischievous &amp;amp;amp; Small" were presumably added by KimT in a gesture of appreciation after I called him a mischievous animal-torturing Santa and went on to profess that Scruffy was a freakishly large, strong and talkative dog... Yes, I know, I had it coming. ]

- Dedicated Blogger Otter with a love for Classic-Town.net [ Didn't comment much, but the title is quite obvious. The explanatory video can be found here. ]

- Recently Fellowed [ What can I say, apart from -- Thanks for the honour guys! Oh, and now that my nickname has been changed, should I start referring to myself on such occasions using Eilif's rather apt description - "MetroiD, previously known as a plurality of otters"? ]

- Apple-less Academy Absentee [ Given by Dita after he noticed that I had no access to the Reviewers' Academy and realized I wasn't too keen on continuing with reviews anyway (I had used the term "dropout", but I'm happy he's spared me!). Besides, I'm not one to be petted and I certainly don't want any apple tags, thank you. ]

- Not giving anyone the Bird [ Because I most definitely wasn't. And neither was Snuffy, who people said had been seen on my profile as part of the Muppet glitch. ]

- Likes big birds and he cannot lie [ Obviously, I'm a loving likable fellow, even if I'm not as specially loved as Teddy. And other people (especially Hinck) appreciate the fact. ]

- [258] [ Because square brackets equal properness. And in 258 AD Gaul, Britain and Spain break off from the Roman Empire to form the Gallic Empire. Obelix is awesome. Can you see the connection now? ]

- Sparrow's guts... yuck! [ I got it! I finally got it! I'm bad with veggies, and the sheer amount of time it took me to figure out this one just proves that. Presumably, the guts _must_ have something to do with the asparagus cake I kindly offered Svelte for his birthday. Now then, to see which one of you guys thinks so kindly of me... ]

- He is back into blogging business! [ Well, it looks as though I really am... and I'm putting my back into it!? It also looks as though Fangy is pretty happy about it. ]

- NYEWM! [ So loving this title! I presume it was given to me by Josh... In case you're wondering, this is what "NNNNYEWM!" actually sounds / looks like. Jeff Dunham is awesome, but Peanut is simply the greatest! ]

- Lost in the forest of life [ Bestowed upon me by Rufus, I presume... Planning to become "finally found" after having taken a lengthy hiatus from LEGO and EB. Perhaps I should open EB's first Lost and Found office? ]


- Press on... [ I was given it as encouragement not to quit the reviewer's Academy. (WhiteFang). ]

- Overactive Imagination [ Because, in this thread, I noted that Svelte had his name changed a few times, and Shadows claimed I had imagined the whole thing. Pretty sure this is his doing. ]

- Searching problems [ Because I posted in this thread that I always have trouble finding threads with the search function on this board. ]

- fast [ Basically, in this thread, Prateek thought Siegfried made a mistake in writing "to" rather than "too." Prateek was incorrect. Later in the same thread, I said: "I don`t want my title to change to fast." Prateek, for the second time, pointed out that "to" should be "too." He was correct, and I fixed my error through editing, but an admin still saw fit to take my words literally and change my title to "fast."]

- Look at me, I am a teacher, not a student [ Because I make a fuss when Erdy and Starstreak didn't realize I was a teacher in the Reviewer's Academy, and no longer a student. I am certain this is WhiteFang's doing. ]

- Pokey [ Because I volunteered to poke an "x-marks the spot" floor tile in Red Moon. Fairly certain it was either Hinckley or TheBrickster. ]

Mr. Mandalorian

- A frood who really knows where his towel is

- Ras is my master

- Ras is my toilet flusher servant

- I am a toilet flusher servant.

- 12.001 [ Apparently not the same as my atomic mass. ]

Mister Phes

- Work ya dogs [ I was slave driving the Shipyard recruits. ]

- Such a pain in the big behind [ Obviously it speaks for itself. ]

- Orders everybody around and never does any work [ Yeah I wish! ]

- Should get his own talkshow [ At one point in Eurobricks history I liked to contribute to discussions in all forums. ]

- Weekend Warrior [ Supposedly I was supposed to only visit Eurobricks on weekends but it was very short lived. ]

- Mighty founder of Classic-Pirates.com [ Zorro gave me this after the "pain in the big behind" title was deemed inappropriate. ]

- Feed Me [ I asked for an RSS Feed of Pirate Forum posts for the frontpage of Classic-Pirates.com. ]

- Crazy Me [ Due to the fact I'm an insane genius. ]


- Technic Reviewer with a lingering silver aroma [ I was given this after earning my silver in the Reviewer's Academy. ]


- Slimy Photographing Squid [ guess this was work of that admiral of Bluecoats ... the reason is unknown to me, but it sure makes me feel unpleasant. I'm not slimy! ]

- Takes the lead [ I think it's from Red Hat for beating the Bluecoat Admiral in the first free RvB comic :) ]

- Become a redcoat! Gain "inteligence"! [ Because of this reply. I don't know who it's from, those pescy Pirates Administrators don't show on my profile page ... inteligence should not be in quotes, else it's fine! ]

- That's with three P's! [ For telling Admiral Croissant that he misspelled my nickname - twice. Most probably by Admiral himself. Glad I got rid of the previous one - spelling errors should not grant you titles, at least for us foreigners ]

- Lord Vader thinks I'm special [ for creating this as my background story in SoNE ... Brickdoctor is the only suspicious profile visitor? ]


Members starting with Letter "N"


- I am not a Dork! [ CopMike called me this after I told him he was Sinner. ]

- Dorky Tusken Accountant [ After becoming a Count, I made a MOC about my Avvie, the Business Tusken. ]

- Dorky Obnoxious Tusken Accountant [ I yelled "I am not Mr.obnoxious. ]


- Gene Wilder [ The train crash during the Maersk Madness was just an accident... really.]


- Expert Cartographer! [ Probably given by SI-mocs or one of the other Historica Guildleaders because of the maps I created for the Kaliphlin Guild, as well as perhaps the guide on mapmaking. Not sure how I'd figure out who gave me the title... ]

- I smell a rat! [ My second title (I think). I'm not sure why or who. Only thing I can think of is that I noticed the last name of character in the Historica 3rd Challenge back-story (Revolword) was 'Drowlover' spelled backwards, thus casting doubt on said historian's motives and veracity. As for who, it's probably one of the four Historica guild-leaders, or someone at their behest. ]

- Ye olde welcome wagon [ for my (somewhat overenthusiastic) welcoming to new Kaliphlin Guild member Medic!!!, probably by Si-MOCs, but maybe Tazmaniac. Thanks for the new title; was getting a bit tired of the old one. ]

- Constellation Encyclopedia [ because I knew about sets 10021 (and 398) USS Constellation, from growing up outside of Baltimore where the real ship is now. I probably did sound like a know-it-all. Big Cam looks like the obvious culprit on my visitors list. ]


- Maersk Envy [ by TheBrickster on the maersk contest. For not having the train, I still don´t have it.]

- Wants two initials [ By ZCerberus, known as ZC, for me wanting to be part of the two initials club called guys. ]


Members starting with Letter "O"

Oky Wan Kenobi / Oky

- Mr. DIA, GAT Maker and Royal Steamship Designer [ Apparently, I annoyed KimT here.

The "MR DIA" stands for "Mr. Discuss-It-All". It refers to me being very specific about stuff, especially contest rules. The "GAT Maker and Royal Steamship designer" refers to my prize-winning GAT moc and my Royal Gunship moc, the only two MOCs that I posted in the Star Wars forum. It probably also refers to the fact that the only MOCs I ever posted on these forums are contest entries. ]

- "To Infinity and Beyond" [ Finally got rid of that Mr.DIA thing and earned myself a sweet "To Infinity and Beyond" title. I got it when KimT noticed that I had switched my avatar to a picture of my sigfig in a space ranger get-up and at the same time posted my Okymobil. ]

- Eternal Slumber [ Well, it looks like not only Cuddles the monster has been making its rounds, but also a title-giving monster called a "mod", one that has been following the Hogwarts Mafia game. So now I have lost my beautiful "To Infinity and Beyond" title to "Eternal Slumber" because my character was the first to be killed off. Oh well, that's the price you have to pay for entering Mafia games, I suppose. ]

- Watch your Ps &amp;amp;amp; Qs [ I think The Brickster gave it to me to tell me to be careful about the wording of my posts after our recent misunderstanding about my badly worded comment on one of his MOCs. But Quarryman has the right interpretation and it meant "pay attention to the details". ]

- Too funny to be taken seriously [ Given to me by KimT for being on a roll recently in Clone O'Patra's Single Pane SW Funnies thread. Seriously. ]

- Nick of Time [ Given to me by WhiteFang because I submitted my Minifigures Series 4 contest entries mere minutes before the deadline. ]

- Golden Oky [ Not sure from who, but it's for completing my Reviewers Academy training. ]

- Ice Ice Oky [ What a cool title! I got this for assuming the role of Mr. Freeze in Gotham City Mafia. Not sure from who, but my first guess would be mafia game regular Hinckley. EDIT: But on second thought, it was most likely KielDaMan ]

- Defrosted Bumbling Survivor [ from KielDaMan for removing the icicles from my sig after I survived Gotham City Mafia, even though I know little about mafia games and almost screwed things up on several occasions, eventually pissing def off.. ]

- Mister Quidditcher [ For ditching the HP CB without finishing my Quidditch pitch. I'm guessing it's from Macoco. I deserve it. ]

- RA Anniversary Baker and a Quidditcher [ My longest title so far! For baking up a delicious review for the RA's 4th anniversary. From WhiteFang. ]


Members starting with Letter "P"


- Self Contained Underwater Breathing Bumbling Apparatus [ By Hinkley, I believe. For using a double "B" when spelling "Scubacarrot". ]

- Makes other members' internet speeds seem ridiculously fast [ For saying that my internet runs at 20kbps on a good day. Given by Brickdoctor. ]


- Does NOT wield a pickaxe. [ From the very lovely and loveable Hinckley. For obvious reasons. I don't wield a pickaxe. My MO is much more refined. ]

- Knows what a member looks like [ After the above astute observation by Quarryman, I had to reply that it was indeed very good to now know what some members looked like. ]

- How a [ Hinckley couldn't remember what he planned to say, he's drunk, and he can't work his phone. ]

- When a penis speaks [ No-one can truly remember why, but I had apparently said something hilarious pertaining to Hinckley's monorail and its resemblance to an anatomical feature particular to men. ]

- Hold please [ The previous title was deemed inappropriate by some prudes, and thus has been replaced with a temporary stand-in pending the discovery of a more suitable substitute. ]

- Fabuland Reviewer &amp;amp;amp; Defender [ After I have failed miserably to produce anything worthy of even a small titter, let alone a title-inducing riotous guffaw, poor Hinckley has had to resort to giving me a sensible title, which records my love of Fabuland and that I truly would protect my ever-expanding Fabu-collection (and indeed anyone else's) with my last gasp. ]

- Rékocs attention to Hungarian men cry [ A very nice Hungarian person blogged my latest Fabuland Review (causing a ginormous leap in my flickr views all of a sudden), and when Google Chrome translated the Hungarian page, something akin to my title was revealed. I have absolutely no desire to make anyone cry, let alone Hungarian men. To recognise this Hinckley has continued his long tradition of giving my titles by bestowing this on me. Thanks Hinck! ]

- Would rather scoop her own eyes out with a rusty spoon [ From Ru. It was my response to a real-life question he'd asked. It made him laugh. ]

- Has a date with the Maersk [ From the Mad Brickster. as part of the recent Maersk Madness, in response to me exclaiming I should dig out our Maersk train for the competition. ]

- OCD dreamer [ Again from Ru. My Olivia's House review was referenced on an external site, where it was complimented. Amongst the comments someone posted "The review for Olivia's house is an OCD dream." which appealed greatly to my own strong OCD tendencies. ]

- Fun Enforcer [ Having fun is compulsory. Or else. This can only be from Hinckley. ]

- Rock Monster Drool Magnet [ from being in the wrong place at the right time, and thus ending up drenched while my companions remained unscathed. And dry. Good times. Given by Hinckley. ]

- Shoots Random American Tourists [ or RATS as they've now started calling themselves. Only with a camera, though. No RATS were harmed in the making of the Big Ben Review. Courtesy of Rick. ]

- Coffee Seeking Panda, Destroyer of Dreams [ it is a well known fact to those who know it well that I am indeed a panda, and my ability to seek out the elixir of wakefulness is second to none, especially on a cold and wet morning in Billund. But nothing tastes better than the destruction of other people's dreams. Nothing, perhaps, apart from damn fine coffee. Given by Pep, whose dreams I destroyed. Sorry Pep. ]

- Ready for the Summer! [ I was waxed, buffed, bronzed and bikini ready - how could Rick know?!? Unless he was talking about Summer of Friends, of course... ]

- Killer puppies from the planet Zurg [ As a result of a mini-Town pow-wow at Brickworld where Hinck, Ricey and I brainstormed the Summer of Friends building contest. I made a comment about how I'd love to see mash-ups, such as Friends/ Sci-Fi and gave this as an example. From the oh-so-adorable Hinckley ]

- RA Anniversary Pandy and Paradisa Reviewer! [ 'Twas the RA Anniversary, and as a teacher I provided two new reviews for the flooding-of-the-forums-with-RA-reviews, one of which was my third Paradisa review. From lovely Whitefang, who, like my other friends, calls me Pandy. ]

- RA Anniversary Pandy and Lampost Chewer [a modification of my previous title, but now adding in a nod to my exploits as a lamp post chewing, adowable Fabuland goat in Hinckley's The Forest 2 Mafia game. From Hinckley.]

- Chocolateyly [a fantabulous new adverb I have created. It is etymologically sound - if you do something in a chocolatey way, you do it chocolateyly. See if you can use it in a sentence today! From Rick, who's chocolatey occasionally.]

- Victim of the Title Thief [ I wasn't, but Hinckley thought I had been. ]

- The Bunny Was Here [ Hinck's delusion warped into there being a title stealing bunny. There isn't. As far as I know, anyway. ]

- Encourager of Sanity Degradation [ I may have commented that I'd enjoy watching (with amusement) a scenario where Hinckley would lose his mind. ]


- Virgni [ Serves me right for trying to bribe the games moderator with virgnis. ]


- Continuing adventure planned [ I made the point in the Guilds of Historica subforum that I will be there for a long time well after the initial story ends. Apparently I Scream Clone got the point, and a grand "Thank You" to him for giving me my first title. ]


- Invanding Alpha Lady [ I was the first entrant into the Star Wars Invasion contest with an Alpha Team themed creation, and I am a Lady. ]

- On the internet nobody knows you are a goat [I alluded to a famous cartoon and a pet goat logging on as a user instead of a human. I signed off the post with a *bleat* suggesting that I too am a goat. Svelte handily re-titled me and someone else tagged me with a MSN emotion goat after I had posted alongside some other goat pictures when I noticed my new title. ]

- Queen of the Clone Brands [ Shadows gave me this title. Kind of self explained, what with my reviews of clone brands and such. ]

- Queen of the Clone Brands and Soundtracks [ No idea who added that little extra, but it is certainly due to my posting of soundtrack music here and there. ]

- 54.938 [ The number of days until something unspeakable happens. ]

- Turkey of Clone Brands and Soundtracks [ Well, I guess that is what happens when you have an avatar of a large shark eating the turkey. Alas, I have been dethroned! Brickthing is to blame for this one. ]

- I HAZ PONY [ There was an eBay lot I wanted which ended when I was out. I placed my max bid there but it was outbid. I had earlier asked Quarryman to keep an eye on it in case of losing and quite fantastically he sniped it for me. ]

- Queen of Secret Poetry [ It was for a little poem I wrote, but it is a secret (if it wasn't posted). ]

- My little pony [ For my latest acquisition. From I Scream Clone. ]

- My little shark [ No idea who titled me this, but posting pictures of sharks with the caption "Raaa" causes these things to occur. ]

- Imminent Derailment [ I spoke of getting a thread back on track, not sure who gave me this one, though ISC is often the culprit. ]

- ʇuǝɯןıɐɹǝp ʇuǝuıɯɯı [ ICS, wacky aussie needed to turn my title upside down to read it! (probably) ]

- Her Royal En-Pinken-ness [ I have often been known as "Queen of" and when adding new ladies to the Ladies group I said I was en-pinkening them (en-pinken is a word now) I have Certain Suspicions as to who did it, but I may be wrong. ]

- An inconsistency in some chronological arrangement [ Maybe we can all be enlightened as to the reasoning behind this? ]

- Can I combine a goat with an ostrich? [ You may notice my tags, the ostrich for a Prince of Persia contest and a tiny emote goat. The recent appearance of LEGO goats has prompted me to request a new Goat tag. It needs to combine with the ostrich so that it saves space in my Tags. Hinck or ISC did this at some point. ]

- NOT a Bubble-headed Pony Caretaker [ I had a certain... Reaction, to some pictures. I suspect Hinckley titled me. ]

- Outnumbered but never outgunned! [ From my recent Sci Fi MOC and ISC. ]

- Go go Power Rangers, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.. [ From Fangy I am guessing after a comment in one of the Ninjago threads.]

- Forensic Expert [ For knowing stuff... About blood. I'm going to go with Hinck but it could have been anyone as I don't really keep track of my profile visits. Other suspects are Rick and Big Cam. ]

- Manlier than ISC

- Officially Manlier [ Changed quickly from one to the other at dinner in The Ram. Given by Rufus. I had a proper jug of Ram Butthead and ISC had a purple cocktail of some kind in a glass with ice. This makes me Officially Manlier than him. ]


- Awww MANNNN! [ Gotta get to the gig man! From ICS, or CopMike for being a jazz stereotype man. ]

- Oh ho, he ha [ I'm going to blame Hinck for this but I have no idea where it came from. ]

- A Few Backspaces will do [ to turn Peppermint_Martian back into Peppermint_M I only needed a few backspaces, I am not sure who did this one, anyone going to own up? ]

Perry the Platypus

- Obsessed with Friends underwear [ I was potty-mouthing LEGO Friends. See my signature. ]


- Whacking witch hunter [ My guess is it was given by Hinckley after this exchange I'm quite chuffed it suits my grumpy online persona I think. ]


- Town Archaeologist [ I don't know who gave it to me, but I'm pretty sure it's Rick. I've been organizing and indexing the town forum recently. Starting from the oldest; I'm up to Apr 05 2007. ]


- RCB commander [ given by either Superkalle or Calabar for orchestrating the 4th RCB. ]

- Not affraid to dry out loud [ Given by CorneliusMurdock because of a typo in The Pearl http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=80010 ]

- !!!!!!!!!!!!! [ Bestowed by Pandora for having told everything I knew to Hinck-the-scummo in EB Mafia II ... made an adjective out of me! ]

- bieber me !!!1!!! [ from Hinck for a very weird autocorrect my stoopid phone made while I was commenting on said stoopid phone; Karma I guess! [


- Ravenous [ I think I got this for my vignette from I Scream Clone. Just pure speculation. ]

Polish Guy

- Ain't nobody takin' my Modulex [ I just noticed that my title has changed. I have: "Ain't nobody takin' my Modulex" ...Sweet ]

Praiter Yed

- refuses to flickr [ I suspect it was given to me by Kim T because at the time he blogged a few of my MOCs/Pics which was probably a bit of hassle for him as the images were only on Brickshelf. I was amused by it at the time because I did refuse to flickr - I hate putting any personal details on the internet and was under the (wrong) impression that I would have to put private info in to join.]

- Finally flickr'd [ KeilDaMan has now updated it. ]

- I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that [ Given by Si-MOCs no doubt due to my recent '2001: A Space Odyssey' obsession. It's nice to have a change from Finally flickr'd! ]


- Unknown Entity +9999 [ Given for trying (unsuccessfully) to add a reputation system with one of the rank titles being 'Unknown Entity'. At least, I now have a lot of rep points now. Given by Siegfried. ]


- Party Pooper [ Trying to spoil Muppet Fun in October 2010. I assume this is given by Stash. ]

- Figured it out [ Because I figured out Superkalle's new title. ]

- Nothing here! Move along people... [ I honestly have no idea. Maybe this? ]

- Back in business [ Probably given by Superkalle for me using LDD again, after a long absence. ]

- Wiener Envy [ Given by KielDaMan because I envy his wiener. Obviously... ]


- Regular Lady [ I guess this is due to the fact that I'm the "Lady behind the Regular Ladies Man of EB". But I seriously have no idea who gave this to me, Kiel thinks it might be KimT or ISC. ]

Professor Flitwick

- Going out on a limb... [ Relates to the fact I said 'I'm going out on a limb here' when answering a question about one of prateek's titles. Pretty sure it was given by LuxorV. ]

- Beginning to identify the right end of the stick... [ I tried to answer Ricecracker's question about a vote tally in a Mafia Game, but I was unsure about what part specifically he was talking about, so I used the phrase 'I hope I've got the right end of the stick'. Turns out I was correct, and thus, I got my title. Given by Hinkley, I do believe. ]

- cant spel fukwitt [ The grammar errors comes from me making several elementary mistakes in several consecutive posts. The Fuckwitt part comes from here, in a rather heated debate between def and myself in Hinckley's 'The Forest' mafia game. Given to me by the host himself. ]

- Holds fish to ear [ My character in Bloodbricks II believed he was an Inuit, who had a love of dead fish. I chose to take this a step further, by giving the fish a name (Koilette), a back story (a Professor of Psychology at a Univeristy, married to the Inuit for several years), and always made it seem like my character was both Koilette and the Inuit, talking together as a couple. To demonstrate this, I would start off every sentence with, 'Holds dead fish to ear', to make the Inuit look like he was consulting his wife. In the conclusion she proved quite popular, and is the reason I carry around the fish tag. I've no idea who gave me this title, but I find it odd how I got this title now, as there has been a whole other Mafia game taken place between then and now. ]

- Having a LOSTgasm [ Hinckley gave me this title after my... enthusiasm, upon seeing/reading all of the references to the television show 'Lost', in Pandora &amp;amp;amp; Rufus' mafia game, The Curse of IMHOTEP. ]

- F@$*wit Ferret [ The alternative name I came up with for my character in 'The Forest Part II'. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Probably from Hinckley? ]

Prune Face

- JPS [ J (my first initial) Positioning System, I was the navigation for a number of mall and dinner trips at Brickworld 2013. ]


- I am Adriano. Please be nice. [ This is from Darkdragon and Shadow's Aperture Academy Mafia School Experiment, where I play Adriano Pabritzzi, the exchange student. This was one of his first statements. ]


- Croaking/singing Redcoat Frog [ In Tournament of Retribution III, Bluecoats dreaded songs and elegant poetry. As I continued to "sing", I inadvertently transformed into a Siren. However, Bluecoat Captain Blackmoor transformed me into a frog. ]


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Members starting with Letter "Q"


- Master Pi [ Suppose it came from having Pi in my signature. ]

- You have chosen.. poorly [ After killing Hinckley in the Witch Hunt mafia game. (he's still a witch by the way ). ]

- Ei saa peittää! [ After mentioning to Sandy in a thread that I didn't know any Finnish, except for those three words, which means "do not cover" and is written on radiators here in the Nordic countries. ]

- jerk [ Yet another of Hinckley's Mystical Castle Day 2 titles, I'm supposedly a jerk because I want the rules to be followed. ]

- jerk with tittles [ It seemed I have become a jerk with tittles after mis-spelt "titles" in this thread. No idea who gave it to me, but I am suspecting Ras right now. ]

- Chief of Infected Weiners [ For hosting the Infection mafia game which uses sausages to portray the infective aliens. No idea why it's spelled wrong though, or whom gave me the title. ]

- Typo fixer [ After fixing the typo LuxorV made in the title of this thread. ]

- Pantless curling enthusiast [ After going on and on and on about curling in the current Winter Oympics (and especially about the Norwegian team and their amazing pants) to others in the Fellowship (not quite sure where the "pantless" part came from though, probably Svelte's wet dreams) ]

- Doot do do doo do [ Right, so after a short break with "Doot do do doo do" while the evil MahnaMahna-virus had taken over my account. I seem to have gotten a new one that's a mix of my previous one "Pantless curling ethusiast" (that's been explained earlier), and "Doot do do doo do" which of course became "Do do do put my pants on". ]

- Do Do Do put my pants on! [ Prime suspect for changing it would have to be Hinckley I think, but if any other mod/admin wants to step up and take the blame feel free. (Can't see any reason not to let Hinckley take the blame for everything though. but that's just me. (but now I know it came from I Scream Clone)) ]

- 238.03 [ My IQ. ]

- Light me up! [ Due to my newfound fascination with ways to add lights to MOCs (from I Scream Clone). ]

- is teh awesomes!!! [ For buying a pony on eBay for Peppermint_M ]

- Zine duck ninja [ For grabbing a bunch of Ninjago promo sets via the Norwegian Donald Duck magazine. (ISC again I guess?) ]

- ...but there's lots of members here [ For pointing out to Pandora at the EB Event that there was a lot of members present. ]

- so there you go go [ No idea who gave it to me or what it's about. Anyone? ]

- Broke Hinckley's dick [ Because I did just that. (and then I had to fix it) ]

- Forbidden from doing any more megablocks slapping. [ I assume this is because the random numbers decided that Pandora couldn't play in Belville Mafia, so I'm now forbidden from slapping her megablocks. Guess this came from Hinckley, or perhaps ISC? ]

- Circle-jerk of nonsense [ after referring to Day 1 of Hinckley's mafia game Baritones 3 as "circlejerking of nonsense". Pretty sure this one came from Mr. Hinck himself. ]

- Bottle shop owner [ From ISC, probably related to my posting of beer bottles(?) (ISC may want to clarify this I think. ]

- Looking forward to treadmills [ because I'm looking forward to Brickworld 2012, where we'll probably have to sleep on treadmills.. again. From CopMike I believe.]

- If I say Maersk enough it will happen! [ for trying to convince CopMike to do a Maersk themed build for Brickworld this year too. No idea who gave me this.. anyone want to admit their guilt? ]

- NEVER tell me the odds. [ For pointing out that Parkland High School in Allentown, PA has lots of great reviews on Google (look it up on Google Maps to see why) and quoting one of them which is "The possibility of successfully graduating is approximately three thousand, seven hundred and twenty to one." From Rufus it seems. ]

- Blond on the inside [ because I am (and it matches Izzy) - From Rick. ]

- Needs to give Sandy some head [ after I mentioned at the Event in Billund that I need to send Sandy the head for my Heroica character. Given by Rufus. ]

- It's crap [ because most things are. (there is a story behind it, but you'll have to come to Brickworld to hear it). Another of the titles given by Rufus at the dinner after Brickworld 2012 was over. ]

- I look like crap [ for commenting that about a picture of me from Brickworld 2011. From ISC. ]

- Old gray 1x4 tile anal-retentive control freak [ for asking Hinckley if he had old grey 1x4 tiles, which led to him calling me an anal-retentive control freak. He says he didn't give me the title though, so I'm not sure who did? ]

- Pretty Princess in his Carriage [ from Peppermint_M after I was rather enthusiastic when she helped me get hold of Cinderella's Carriage at the EB Event in Billund. ]


Members starting with Letter "R"


- One step closer to a brand new dimension... [ I assume it has something to do with just finishing my eight review in the Reviewers Academy, now being only one step away from being a full pledged teacher (and an extra hidden forum - joy!) ]

- He has finally made it! [ I'm a Reviewers Academy teacher now. Yeah, baby! ]

- Rapsy needs to refresh his mind with a fresh new title! [ Because I mentioned to WhiteFang that I needed a new title. ]


- Take off your trousers [ Given to me by Hinckley when we where spending a night at a fine hotel downtown Chicago sharing the same bed. ]

- The Real Deal Viking [ Given by TT cause he thought it suited me. ]

- Get the f**k out of my office [ Got it after Güzburg event 2 years ago after saying it a few times (from Friends, Ross father). ]

- I'll get the "Planet-blower-up'er-gun" [ Given by CopMike after this years Event (from Blue Harvest). ]

- You say: "roele roele roele" [ My new title was given by KimT, because that is how we in Sweden think that the Danes are sounded when they speak. It is not eighter true though. ]

- Please continue the Pirates line for us nerds! [ would guess Zorro or CGH. The pirates still wants their line to continue so they started a Petition to keep it running. I don´t care so much for this line, but I want my friends in their to be happy so I signed up. Sadly I learned I was to late, but it is the thought that counts. Wish I could have contributed though.. ]

- Likes to sniff cut cheese slopes [ No idea who gave me my title, or what it means. However, TheBrickster is looking suspicious. ]

- In love [ My previous title In Love is from Zorro as well. He can cheat to find the clues to why, but there have been plenty over the last months. ]

- Crush &amp;amp;amp; Destroy mode ON! [ Given by Zorro. ]

- A nice guy again! [ I am thinking it was Siegfried, but I can be way off here. ]

- Cordial Flincher [ Is because of two different actions. Cordial: Because I spilled a glass of cordial into my laptop. It died! Flincher: Is because one of Izzys avatars were I am in and I thought it looks like I flinch in the picture. Who did it? No idea, but I did not notice at first. Can be pretty much anyone. But thanks goes to who did it. Was tired of my old one. ]

- Indiana Ras [ Just check Izzy´s reply below. ]

- Prince of the Beach [ First had Prince of the Beach given to myself after winning a competition in Beach Volley Ball. ]

- Prince of PM's [ Prince of PM´s was given to me by... someone after sending out PM´s to everyone that will come to the Event in Windsor. ]


- Loves Sluggards [ I was teasing Commodore Hornbricker about being lazy. (Hes a very hard and dedicated worker), anyway, Zorro gave me a title that says Loves Sluggards more or less because I said Hornbricker was a perfect sluggard. ]

- Begging for forgiveness for calling his Admiral a drunk! [ Simple, I called Zorro a drunk. ]

- Has a short knife... [ Don't know whow gave it to me (Zorro?) Commodore has featured me in a couple of comics trying to knife people, each attempt resulting in utter failure. ]

- STILL has a short knife... [ Given to me by Zorro as the result of Commodores comics. ]

- 'My knife is magnificent, and fierce and huge-ish!' [ Zorro's trying to milk this cow to the very end. ]

- To rat, or not to rat, THAT is the question! [ I have no clue why this was given to me but I do know that Zorro paid a visit to my profile yesterday. ]

- Should have thought of that. [ Given to me by LuxorV for not thinking about a post that I made. ]

- Is now wearing all his treasure around his neck. [ I think Blackmoor gave this to me for changing my avatar to a picture of Mr. T. ]

- Cigar [ Blackmoor maybe? I guess its because I changed my avatar to a picture of a cigar. ]

- Banned Cigar [ Given to me by Siegfried as compensation for missing out on the Classic-Pirates April fools joke. My new title is a spin-off of my old one. ]

- Graduated Cigar [ Given to me by Captain Blacmoor perhaps? My old title contained the word cigar, I also stated on my profile page that I graduated High School. Maybe thats were it came from. ]

- Our First Pirate Detective [ This title came from the Shipyard. I told Phes some information about a couple of our members, he called me a pirate detective. Erdy was the one who officialy gave it to me. ]

- Thank you for your contributions! [ Given to me after I retired from the Shipyard. ]


- Sausage Factory [ I got this because I built a MOC of a sausage factory. ]

- Tidy Bowl Cleaner [ Given by TheBrickster because I would always check in the back/tank of toilets, when given the opportunity in The Mystery on the Emerald Express. ]

- Big Rig [ Unknown explaination. ]

- Smart Alec with a linguistic twist [ All can be explained here. ]

- Doesn't know what a tag is [ I quipped about not knowing what a tag was in this topic, and LuxorV pounced on me. ]

- Classic Town Apprentice [ I yam what I yam. ]

- Canadian middle man [ From ISC for helping him and Gylman with a purchase. ]

- Hinckley Bouncer [ Bouncing Hinckleys is another hobby of mine. ]

- EB's New Resident Smartass [ I just can't help my smartassery. ]

- Salad if poorly [ the obvious solution to the anagram: arpil floos dya. From Rufus. ]

- Where's my banner? [ I entrusted banner design to someone a bit more qualified than I, and waited ever-so-patiently for it. ]

- Slow [ Gave to myself after Si-MOCs pointed out that I was two minutes late posting the press release for the Haunted House. ]

- Killer Puppies from the Planet Zurg [ From Hinckley, conjured up at BrickWorld 2012. If I recall correctly, this was meant for Pandora after she said something along these lines. But Hinck took notes, so I digress. ]

- Jello Shot Troublemaker [ Another Brickworld 2012 title. Also from Hinckley. ]

- Blames Autoscrewyouover [ because, well, I got autoscrewedover. And it wouldn't let me edit it. From Hinck, I believe. ]

- I will not use other people's iPads [ I learned the hard way that even when you log out (and check that you're logged out) of Eurobricks from a certain someone's iPad, you'll be logged in again if the page is reloaded. I guess you could say it's from myself. ]

- I'm a f&#king hurricane [ Well, umm, I am. From Si-MOCs, given by either Hinck or ISC. ]

- No longer applicable [ Because I don't apply any more. Given by Rick or Hinckley, I think. Rinckley? ]

- Plays Tetris with LEGO boxes [ It's what I do for a living. Si-MOCs. ]

- Needs to get his pics up! [ Because I do. But I'm busy. And they're on three different cameras. From Pandora. There, you made it more obvious! ]

- Would eat fried rat tails for LEGO [ Si-MOCs thinks my boss thinks I would... ]


- Our New Blogger at Classic-Town.net [ I just noticed my first title 'Our New Blogger at Classic-Town.net'. Your own (WhiteFang) and Bobby's (TheOtters') titles have changed as well. I bet you can write your own explanation with those... ]

- Likes to PoP dragons [ For repeatedly kicking the Game Moderator's behind. Given by Dragonator. ]

- Likes to PoP rubber duckies [ Came along with the Sesame Street virus and is a variation of my previous title 'Like to PoP dragons'. Prime suspect: WhiteFang. ]

- Likes to PoP rubber dwankies [ Yet another variation, courtesy of the Dwankonator himself. ]

- 47.867 [ The circumference of planet Earth measured across the highest point of the Himalaya mountain range. ]

- Roll Up! Roll Up! [ I Scream Clone on a weird title-changing spree. Maybe because I like to invite people for drinks. ]

- RICK RULEZ! [ Stash thinks I rule because I said only he could pull off a proper sigfig mafia game. ]

- Never gonna give you up! [ No idea how he did it, but apparently ISC figured out that I'm really Rick Astley. ]

- not impressed by a mere megabluck [ For not being impressed by Hinckley's cursing after we lost Dr. Bloodbrick's Asylum. ]

- Googles Izzy's knockers [ I am not going to even try explaining this. Given by Dragonator. ]

- Tag Advisor [ Given by Dragonator for pimping his tags. ]

- Potty mouthed puppy [ For empirically testing EB's swear filter. I can assure you it still works... right... it's perfectly fine. ]

- I wuv babies [ Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw. It's true. ]

- Fried-Egg Tap Inventor [ For solving the mystery of the pink curved 1x2 brick with 1x1 round plate in Pandora's review of 6403 Paradise Playground. By Rufus. ]

- Don't abuse my raccoon! [ Just don't. He bites. Given by Hinckley. ]

- Hincky Shrinky [ Because I shrank Hinck even more. Parts of him at least. Well, not parts. Pictures of his parts. Studs with parts. No wait, parts with studs. Right, I shrank pictures of Hinck's studded parts. ]

- Quick [ Because I am. Sometimes. ]

- Back from the dead [ I got lost in the big member database corruption of December 2012. Good thing someone still had a jar of resurrection balm left. ]

- Bespoke Fabuland Set Maker [ Even though TLG stopped making Fabuland sets over a quarter of a century ago, I still do. Well, I try. Ok, I tried once. Pandora seemed to appreciate it though. ]

- Neither Hear nor They're [ Hinck jumped at the opportunity to give me this title when I made a small spelling mistake. The title wasn't they're long. ]

- Mayor of Scumsville [ The Town elected scummy me as their mayor. I got lynched the next day. From Pandora. ]

- Not So Reclusive Raccoon [ I got out of my hollow tree last week and was spotted by a panda. I think there may have been a rabbit too. Given by Pandora. ]

- Writes Wrongs [ Hinckley didn't appreciate me justifying what he thought was a typo, so I was write after all. ]

- Likes his spam in the morning [ Don't you? From Pandora. ]

- Must be wearing a robe of some kind. [ I have no idea why Corny gave me this title. I guess it has something to do with the title "King of Page 100" I gave him. For the record: I'm not wearing a robe of any kind. ]

- Naked. [ For giving too much information. ]

- Well versed in old Norse Fanglish dialect [ For being an expert at deciphering the old Norse Fanglish dialect. From Hinckley during Ragnarök Redux. ]

- Utterly Irrestible! [ I'm restless. I can't help it. It may have been Pandora thinking I'm irresistible or just me making a typo somewhere. ]

- The barometer of our times [ From Rufus. For being able to tell when it's raining. In some cases without even looking at my phone. ]


- ....in Limbo [ was given I think by Si-MOCs or SoT after I built Hell and then didn't post for a bit ]

- Robuko Innovation Kaliphlin [ I guess from ZCerberus after I built a particularly colourful castle ]


- >-- Stupid Cupid --> <3 [ Got this from Bloodbrick II as I used the cupid's arrow on Hinck and made him love Shadows for a day. ]


- BW2013 MEGA Creation "Winner" [ I made the final 5 for Mega Creation at Brickworld 2013. And by looking at this picture I’m guessing that I either won and there was a conspiracy, or I placed second and it was typo, or someone thought it would be really fun to mess Adrian Drake and post my name and MOC title with an image of his SHIP. In any case he got the trophy and looks like I got the title. :hmpf_bad::angry::tongue: ]


- Phallic Avatar [ My first Title! To whoever did this: I don't like it. But I do see where you're going.]


- UCS Reviewer Magnifico [ Given to me on getting the RA gold badge back in March. I'd had it a long time! I suspect WhiteFang. ]

- I never harmed an onion [ This appeared about the same time as the Muppet glitch. No idea what it means. ]

- Feeling fine [ Because, apart from a touch of croup, man-flu, achy-breaky pelvis and mange, I am! ]

- Fabulastic Rufus Rabbit [ After I paraded my new namesake figure in this thread. Fangy??? ]

- Stupid Rouge [ For being a Rogue in JimB's mafia, where 'Rogue' and 'Rouge' were oft confused. For this, in a reversal of the usual state of affairs, I suspect Hinckley. ]

- ¿ɹǝʇsɐɯʎǝʞ ǝɥʇ noʎ ǝɹ∀ [ Given to me by Zuul, the minion of Gozer. Or possibly I Scream Clone. ]

- Specially Red [ Like Simply Red, only more Special. And much less rich. Fangy! (Actually no, it was KDM on a powah rampage). ]

- Specially Red + Skellie workhorse [ After I worked myself to the bone for ISC. ]

- Professor Grammar Ninja X [ Coz i iz tha masteur of tha grammer. And a Ninja, apparently. ]

- Pub Bouncer/Negotiator [ Don't you just love it when pubs have bouncy castles? You don't?? Let me persuade you. ]

- Tag pimp to Shadows whore [ ISC gave me this. I think it's some kind of puzzle. Maybe an anagram? Apes who might stop a word? Who staged this warm poop?? I don't know. ]

- Always Watching Wazowski [from ISC, because I'm watching you, Wazowksi.]

- Defender of the Realm [from ISC (who else?) for making some tags for the History forum. ]

- ... stole Christmas! [from Hinckley (I think) because I did! I stole Christmas! It was all meeeeeee! But I promise to put it back where I found it. ]

- Has a pink sword! [ I have! They sell them at the LEGOLAND park. It's for girls, apparently. ]

- CMF Live Saviour [ From Fangy, for counting the votes in the CMF Series 6 Contest. ]

- Far From Certaint [ I was uncertaint about how scummy Dakar A was in Excalibur 2.0 Mafia, but it was certaintly Hinckley who tainted me with the title. ]

- RA Anniversary Coordinator makes graphics with Elephants [ Elephants are just the best for graphics. ]

- Yipe! [ I gave myself this one, to celebrate Cameron Crocodile's yipey death in Hinckley's Forest 2 Mafia. ]

- Time for TEA! [ by Pandora, because it's always time for TEA in Englad! ]

- Gland to live in Englad [ I was tryig to defed the 'n' i the ame of the coutry i which I live. From Hickley. ]

- So ronery [ There was a discussion about North Korea. It made me feel inexplicably ronery. ]

- Schnell! Schnell! Kartoffelkopf! [ because I need to drive faster. And I have a potato for a head. According to Pandora. ]

Rumble Strike

- Yub yub! [I suggested I might sign up as an Ewok pilot for the EB SW RPG Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka, referencing a prank pulled on Wedge Antilles of Rogue Squadron in the books. From the lloks of it the title must've been from Brickdoctor.]


Members starting with Letter "S"


- Lucky Pick [ After winning rare pieces from the Avatar lottery. ]

- Moody Mandy [ Got it after lashing out my bad mood on some poor guy. ]

- Holds Her Face In A Jar By The Door [ Lyrics from the song "Eleanor Rigby" by Beatles, after my Emerald Express character Eleanor Grigsby. ]

- Mystery Critic [ After being overly critical of the Murder on the Emerald Express mystery game. ]

- The Future Hogwarts Headmistress [ Given for apparently doing a good job with hosting the Hogwarts Mafia. ]


- Thankful for the padding [ was given by Big Cam because I had to build my layout for Brickworld on the table and the padding was helping my knees while I was working on detail work for 5 hours. ]

- DHCP1121 [ was given by Hinckley while at dinner after Brickworld because that was my old name on EB before I was forced to change by Stash2Sixx ]


- Ahhhghhh! [ Hmm, curious, I have no idea. Anybody have any ideas? ]

- Ex-Beaker Pirate [ Pirate Beaker is on the way out! But he got stopped at the door by Captain Scorpiox and the Shipyard Crew. Given by Admiral Croissant. ]

- All Systems Go! [ Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Thunderbirds are go! In other words, I got around to doing something. From Big Cam. ]

Scouty (was ImperialScouts)

- The____ [ Came from this quote, "Upon studying the Renaissance of Europe, I've seen some people with "The Magnificent". I thought,"hehee, hey, what if EB used these titles 'The____". I believe it was xwingyoda whom gave me this title. ]

- Originally Halloween Pirate [ For my Halloween Pirate Competition. ]

- Easter Pirate [ Then I complained that Halloween was way off, and I got this. ]

- Valentines Pirate [ More variants. ]

- Thanksgiving Pirate [ More and more variants. ]

- Christmas Pirate [ Somemore variants. ]

- Worthless Cranium [ The next one came from when Hinckley, in the Mystery Manor game, bashed my character's head with a bedside table, I think, which yielded no results, except me being quite banged up. ]

- I love Manuals! [ Most certainly spawned from my making of the Hardee's Manual thread. ]

- I love Manuals! I love Manuals! [ "I love Manuals" has been duplicated. Why?? Who?? I haven't the faintest idea. Perhaps it's my love of manuals? ]

- Ga Ga for Smurfette [ Speaking of TheBrickster, I'm now fairly certain he gave me my current one, which accompanied a now-long-gone signature. ]

- DEEP ENDS to fill the overflow is the trick [ This explains the trick! One of my favorites. ]

- 44.956 [ It is being that. ]

- Proud Yankee [ Among LEGO, I do Civil War re-enacting. The Union forever! No clue who gave it, though. ]

- Polarized Yankee [ A slight change from my previous one (Proud Yankee). Comes from my tutorial on circular polarizers in the Brick Flicks and Comic Academy The connotations are quite funny, arent they? ]

- Roy., nj"!nb. Bb. Z cabelo [ The sweet poetry my phone made when I put its sensitive touchscreen keyboard on my laptop screen and it typed out this beautiful phrase. Given by anon., but I figure a guess that it was Ricey. ]

- Doesn't have gas [ It's true, I don't ._. ]

- Serving Soylent Sorbet [It's because of this

. Don't know who gave it...or why it's soylent....but I did enjoy torturing people with dessert over the Internet :grin: ]

- [not worthy of classic film title] [Because Hinckley and Cornelius are old. :tongue: ]


- Engaging Dickussions [ Because I love to engage in a good Dickussion once every while, doesn't everyone? From Hinckley. ]

- ScumbaRadish, Nom nom nom [ From Hinckley, but I'm not sure why, exactly, maybe because I am delicious and good to eat? Although I believe I speak for carrots everywhere when I say it is an outrage I am called after a clearly inferior kind of root vegetable. ]

- Won, to, free, fore... [ I am pretty sure this is for my inability to speak the English language. I tried to think of a witty joke to relate this to, but I can't. It's also a possibility it's a golfing reference, but I would not understand it. I'm poor, I don't golf. From Hinckley, I think. ]

- 5(UB4(4rr07 RUL3Z [ I mentioned my deep seeded hatred for people that use numbers instead of letters, and this was the logical follow-up. I really should be starting to see these things coming. From Corneliusmurdock. ]

- Root Vegetables for Everyone! [ I was very pleased by the outcome of the last Mafia Game, and what better way to celebrate than with Root Vegetables, I figured? From Pandora, I think. ]

- Nancy is his middle name [ Who would have guessed? From someone that left no trace. (Fugazi) ]

- I'm not so impressed [I mentioned to Pandora I wasn't amazingly impressed with something, I can't remember what :look: . This followed. ]

- Keeping the tears back [ Not many people know this, but I am actually a really emotional guy. Sometimes, I almost can't hold it, you know? I just got to break down. And cry. A lot. Cities have flooded when this has happened. So there's only one thing I can do. Hold the tears back. Hold the line. From Brickdoctor or Pandora. ]

- I, for one, welcome our eventual American overlords [ I'm just saying, America, when you decide to invade, I will betray everyone around me in exchange for riches and freedom. From Brickdoctor. ]

- "I, for one, welcome our eventual American overlords." [ Now in quotation marks, because of mafia. From Hinckley. ]

- Completely Lame [ From Rick and Pandora, for me being extremely bad at making an exit. ]

Sebeus I

- knows his stuff about ships [ Admiral Croissant gave it when I had quite some MOC ships posted at the Pirate forum. ]

- New Pirate News Scout! [ this explains itself I think (awarded by Admiral Croissant I believe). ]

- sinking ship [ A joke from Captain Greenhair during the third tournament of Retribution ]

- wears a skirt under his face [ I'm not sure about this one actually, it probably didn't last long but if I had it it was Captain Greenhair's fault ]

- Winner of the Third Tournament of Retribution! [ my current title, speaks for itself, awarded by Admiral Croissant I think. ]

Shadows (was ImperialShadows)

- Free Billboard Space [ You never forget your first, which was based on the Big Billboard o' Doom that I kept in my sig in the early days, tracking contests and events and such. ]

Witch Hunt Mafia, aside from being insane on it's own, led to an outburst of insanity between Hinck and myself one night, mostly because he's a witch. It went something like this:

Witch E. McWitch Face then Trying to Kill Witch E. McWitch Face Charles

Demon Seed then Done Playing, Charles?

Plays With Himself then MMM, Azufre: It Smells Like Witch BBQ

There were a couple more, but I don't remember them now, it all happened very quickly.

- Subtle as a Train Wreck [ Seems pretty obvious, if you look at my posts. ]

- CRAZY! CRAZY! [ Self imposed and thoroughly accurate label used during the Jester Competition. ]

- TOKIG SNUTEN! [ Should have been TOKIG SNUT, to celebrate CopMike's birthday. ]

- CRAZY! CRAZY! [ Back to that again for the duration of the contest. ]

- Packing Heat [ Self imposed after creating and awarding the Mafia and Mystery Gun Tags. ]

- Lady Killer [ Given by TheBrickster during Murder on the Emerald Express for obvious reasons. ]

- Fixated on the Johnson Rod [ Given by TheBrickster during Murder on the Emerald Express for hard to explain reasons. ]

- Shadows of the Empire [An entirely appropriate chapter title from Galactic Paranoia]

- "Subtle as a Freight Train" [ For some reason, people don't think I'm subtle. They also think I'm train-like. In this case, WhiteFang was absolutely right. ]

- "Poopyhead" [ Whatever did I do to deserve this? I made a joke and someone tagged me. ]

- Ethereal Poopyhead [ Seems TheBrickster took it a step further after I suggested that an idea of his was too ethereal (and it was!). ]

- Plays a Doctor on TV [ Murder on the Emerald Express: A never ending source of titles. ]

- Sells Toasters on TV [ Noir Mafia, came from my character, an FBI Agent with a unique cover story. ]

- Smooth talking Toasters Salesman, comes with warranty [ Noir Mafia, WhiteFang responded to his latest title. ]

- Toast of the Town [ Noir Mafia, Cult of Toast, it all blurs together ]

- You are a totally toasted scum - Wanted by Fangy... [ I can't even guess where this came from. Mwahaha. ]

- Sore Winner [ Mystical Castle 2: Hinckley can't help but lash out when he's about to die. ]

- Dashingly Dumb [ Mystical Castle 2: Hinckley strikes again. ]

Inserted by WhiteFang: Fill in those gaps. I am sure you have some titles in between.

- Stop! Hammer Time! [ Certain kinds of bad behaviour should be met with swift punishment and 80's references. ]

- Tag Addict [ All too true, from an unknown source. ]

- Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men (and Women too!) [ It's true. ]

- Wants to Sell You a Flying Carpet [ Prince of Persia Month title #1 based on ISC's category 3 contest entry. ]

- Delivering Death in the Sands of Time [ Prince of Persia Month title #2 taken from the game I'm hosting for it. ]

- Fancy Ham [ Spawned from a conversation too hard to explain in 200 words or less. ]

- Von! Two! Tree! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha! [ I have no idea what this means. If I counted all the times I got strange titles ... Oooh, good idea! ]

- Had a corner ripped, but he's not alone! [ A cautionary tale of international shipping, a white Boba Fett, and tears. ]

- 101010 [ It's October 10th, 2010, or 10/10/10. 101010 is binary for 42, thus the day needs proper recognition. ]

- 107.87 [ Please stop staring at my mole. ]

- Blasphemous to Cake [ Mmmm, Fish shaped ethyl benzene. ]

- Black Sinister Puss Brain [ Misleading title from Asylum Mafia. I wasn't sinister or completely insane, but died anyway. Hinck's work, on both counts. ]

- Foxy [ For my Forest Mafia character, the well hatted and misunderstood hero, Felix Fox. ]

- Fire Fox 2.0: The Return and Reburn [ Felix had a little burning secret to share and came back from the dead to do it. ]

- Stumped [ To commemorate my role as the Spontaneous Combustion Tree Stump in Furry Mafia. ]

- Boom! [ As the name implied, it wasn't a long role. ]

There were 5 or 6 in here that I don't remember. Feel free to remind me if you know of one.

- They're real and they're spectacular! [ I have no idea. Seriously. The original version featured bad grammar. I mentioned that to Hinck and it magically changed without explanation. It could be a Bloodbrick II reference.]

- Paid $2, got back change [ I know exactly what this means. If you can figure it out, congratulations, I'm impressed! ]

- Favorite Jerk [ A high compliment from Hinck ]

- The Root of all Evil [ I switched my rank from Scary mAdmin to Root and added a title to match. ]

- Da Bomb Diggity [ Mafia. It's always mafia, isn't it? ]

- Baa Bomb Diggity [ And now I'm a sheep, but still da bomb, thanks to Hinck. ]

- Has a date with Betty [ It refers to the "LEGO or LEGOS" topic where I suggested just calling it Betty. I suspect it was Mister Phes' doing. ]

- Science isn't about why, it's about why not! [ In honour of Aperture Academy Mafia School. Self given. ]

- Easily Impressapointed [ I was impressed. I was disappointed. I was easily impressapointed. I'm thinking Hinck. ]

- Christmas Elf [ Probably from CopMike, the best Christmas Elf of all. ]

- Awesome, brilliant, not redundant. [ I can't imagine that requires any explanation at all. ]


- Rise of the Skellies [ (courtesy of Yoda, I'm pretty sure of it), due to my obsession with the Skeletons army from the Castle theme back in 2007. ]

- Out of the dark [ (courtesy of LuxorV), which symbolizes my return to Eurobricks after a long while. ]


- Cousin It !! [ Posting this picture of myself. ]


- talented! [ I got that really fast, I think the first or second day at Eurobricks... and it was an honor. ]

- Nobody messes with a crab [ I can't remember when I got this one, but I think it was involved in the TOR II. ]

- Capt. Blue Hair is the best [ Ahh cruel but we had it all. ]

- Capt. Blue Hair messed with a Crab...poor him. [ Much better and so true, so true! ]

- Shipyardigan [ After I became a blogger for Classic-Pirates. ]

- Toasted Pirate [ So funny and I even changed my Avatar to fit it. ]


- Smartass SW reviewer [ Smartass towards KimT and SW reviewer. ]

- I live in Engalnd [ Very true to the name. ]

Sir Dano

- Lurking Perv [ For being myself. ]


- Mr. Magnanimous [ Likely given to me by KielDaMan for my magnanimous behaviour in my MOC thread that reignited the "Should Bounty Hunter Ships go in Star Wars Forum?" debate. ]

- 50 points Lion-dor! [ Given by ISC in the Historic Stimulus Package Thread - I "awarded" 50 points to Blue&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;White's non existent guild for his idea to award points to yet to determined guilds. ]

- It's huge and horny, can't miss it! [ I Scream Clone strikes again... I jokedabout Thrash having a lot of Brick Warriors. ISC politely PM'd me letting me know he was the owner. Which I might have sarcastically* responded that I must have missed the huge Brick Warriors banner in his signature.

*I may have also added a snarky picture of a sarcasm detector to my response. ]

- It's green and horny, can't miss it! [given by... I'm not sure... a play on my previous title: "It's huge and horny, can't miss it!" likely to celebrate my ascension to greenhood.]

- I'll boot you! [ by I Scream Clone again... We were discussing how to do a prize teaser shot, and instead of building 48 black minifigs, he wanted to just photoshop it... I may have called him lame... and maybe cheater ... and possibly said that photoshopping is a bootable offense in his country. ]

- Junk in my trunk [ I'm guessing ISC again, I mentioned possibly building a Chinese style Junk ship. ]

- Maersk in His Trunk [ Maersk madness has hit! theBrickster sneakily changed my title from "Junk in myTrunk" ]

- Puck magnet [ By ISC or someone else sneaky... Either due to my magnetic personality, or my propensity of getting hit in the head with a puck. And having the video to prove it.]

- Puck magnet Regulator [ New title to go with new Job. I now have the ability to regulate anything from Victorian steam contraptions, to fighters and space, to time travelling individual across parallel universes... though still not ability to avoid pucks to the head... [siegfried]]

- NNNNEEEEEERRRRRRDDDDDDSSSSS! 40K all the way! [I should not make fun of other Guild Leader's usage of Warhammer (Fantasy) for MOC inspirations. Then point out that 40K is better than fantasy. From I Scream Titles Clones.]

- NNNEEEEERRRDDSSSS! 40K all the way! [ Some party pooper ( Bonaparte ) truncated my title so that it fits and 'conforms' into the standard user column instead of exploding out... like before. ]

- Touch of death! NAAAAAARRR [ by ... they know who. I was caught in a cross fire of a particular conversation with CorneliusMurdock ]

- The Alliterator [ I'm going with Rufus! for my alliterate welcome to new Town Mods: Regards to Rick and Ricey on their rightful rise from Regulator! To a much merited move to Moderator! ]

- Needs a new calendar [ from Ricecracker because I plan elaborate LEGO roadtrips without consulting a Calendar first. ]

- Puckin punny [ by someone FAR more clever than I am... I must have said something really puckin funny... doubles as allusion to my hockey alter ego. ]

- Comes with side AND rear scene lights! [ From Ricecracker - this was one of many pros we made up for buying a firetruck to use as a LUG Brickworld Lego hauling pimp mobile. ]

- condered sqaud commander [ by he who has too much power... I was either given the title for setting up all the GoH Challenge III scoring spreadsheets, or someone thinks I'm hot, and wants my LEGO babies. ]

- Stuffing Fangy's package [ Given by our own dinosaur nomenclaturologist - this one is pretty self explanatory. White Fang loves massive packages, and I'm more than happy to oblige. ]

- Traitor [ By Ricecracker. Apparently you can't even JOKE about using megablocks without being branded ... ]

- Planning a massive erection [ By Hinckley - During early planning for next year's BrickWorld EB Build - It looks like we will need to erect some serious supports to make the layout work. ]

- Pew Pew Pwe [ Ricecracker. I make a lot of shooting noises. In real life and in posts. And I also can't spell. ]

- Had a happy 10th Birthday! With fireworks! [ Birthday wishes from Ricecracker, I had my 10th birthday (according to my cake) and got a massive fireworks display too! ]

- More Super Awesome [ From Ricecracker - Everyone knows I'm already super awesome- but I'm /more/ super awesome for providing special services to one of the Town Moderators. ]

Waldo Liu - Has everyone seen the BrickWorld timelapse setup video? Let's just say I'm planning on wearing a red and white stripped shirt next year and standing randomly for minutes at a time. From the ever so clever ZCerberus - title given by Ricey...

- I blame Sirens of Titan [ cause it is actually his fault. ISC per usual. ]

- TRICKS ARE FOR KIDS [ by Big Ninja Cam. ]

- I can't titleify you yet, but someday......mwahahaha [ politely reminded by ISC that I can't give titles. ... but maybe someday. And there will be a title-reckoning. ]

- Not authorized to read between the lines [ I am not authorized to read between the lines. Given by line drawer Rick. ]

- Tag haggler [ From ISC for my GoH Tag nitpicking. ]

- Taggler [ Apparently Tag Haggler was too long. So I'm now just Taggler. By someone sneaky. And probably lazy to say out the whole thing... so I'm guessing Ricecracker. ]

- Has questions about rods and holes [ During the crash we were talking about a Sci-Fi WIP thread where people could ask questions, this was a hypothetical question by ZCerberus. Given by CM? ]

- Accidental Thief! [ I have accidentally stolen LEGO at a convention when it got mixed up with my stuff. Lesson is, bring less stuff. - From the Big C. ]

- PEW PEW PWE! [ I make noises when I posted my Bat-VicViper. Given by CorneliusMurdock ]

- Simm Liu [ bestowed by Ricecracker, cause he's can't read. He read my name wrong at a building contest. ]

- greeble gernade [ my newest invention! Fill an xmas globe with greeble, and throw it! Given by Stash. ]

- drools [ apparently Action rools, and Sci-Fi drools - I'm guessing ISC Ricey? ]

- One hell of a speech writer [ My MOC won the prestigious SW Xmas Raffle - I of course had a thank you speech all ready to go... - by Erdbeereis ]

- One hell of a speech writer - and also an Ambassador [ Someone who thought they were extremely clever noticed that I'm the LEGO Ambassador for ToroLUG! - and inadvertently removed some of my privileges/sekret forum accesses (or I was demoted) ]

- Deliciously Billy [ In the what's what do you call your sigfig thread, I called my avatar (a Ferreo Rocher, or equivalent) delicious.

And the red GS guy is named Billy .... given by the sigfig whose name is Big Cam ]

- Crazy with power [ I think this may be a reflection of my performance after getting promoted to Moderator Status - Given by the oh powerful Ricey ]

- Galactic Pooobar [ Given by ISC, I assume he meant PoobaH ... due to my promotion... or he thinks I'm some sort of interstellar excrement. ]

- Guinness abusing leaky cup [ from Big C - cause I clearly have a drinking problem ]

- ...stupid genius... [ Given by lord Hinckley for building a working maglev train/bridge with LEGO magnets. ]

- spits food onto the ruby slippers [ apparently I spat food on the ruby slippers? I don't even remember eating :look: ]


- PT Jedi are the BEST! [No idea who gave it me, but I got it due to comments I made during the Star Wars thread's monthly Prequel-bashing circle jerk. I called the Jedi a bunch of incompetent morons. ]


- Technic Campaigner [ This title was given to me after I complained about a lack of technic in the forums, a link to the thread is still in my signature. It helped, because now there is a whole subforum for technic and the sets that are about to released really do the theme justice! ]

Sir Dillon

- Endor Suprovisor [ My role in the Tie Army Game. ]

- Endor Administrator [ I got promoted. ]

- Milk-livered Malt Worm [ Another member was complaining about his title, and without thinking said something along the lines of "That's not so bad, it could something like Milk-livered Malt Worm.". ]

- Photoshop Equipped [ A title that was actually meant for ImperialScouts, but somehow ended up with me. ]

- Keeper of the Rules [ I'm not sure if this was given to me because I was being a mini mod or a goody two-shoes. I thought it was a cool title, anyway. ]

- Brutally Honest [ I believe this was given to me after I heavily criticized someone's creation. I liked it, and it made me feel tougher than I actually am. ]

- Proud to Be Your Mayor! [ Given to me because of my role in Brickster's Emerald Express Mystery Game. ]

- Proud to Be Your Security Guard! [ An alternate of my last title, given to me because of my role as a security guard in the Infected game. ]

Sisco (was cralegoboy)

- Helpful Link Finder [ My first title was given by WhiteFang for helping him to find all those links for the "Other Themes Forum" overhaul. ]

- Golden Amusement Park [ I finally posted my final student review! This refers to my teacher-dom and the set I reviewed. Thanks Fangy. ]


- Pirate King!!! [ Temporary title after I won the Pirate Halloween Contest, whilst Phes was waiting for me to decide on a title of my choice (the prize) ]

- BBQ King [ My title of choice, incorporating the King aspect of my rank - Pirate King - and my tie-breaker winning MOC ]

- King of Clever...&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp; BBQ [ Adaptation by Hinckley for using the same wheel configuration in a MOC as him. ]

- Baby Boom [ I put 4 turban-halfpin-head babies in 5 consecutive MOCs. ]

- Made a Giant Poo [ This. ]


- Grammer and Speling Professorr [ Probably given to me for the way I said I didn't like people spelling sense as sence, given to me by Hinckley I presume, frankly I'm impressed he didn't spell and wrong too! ]


- Mitgardia's moccing machine [ for building lots of MOCs for Mitgardia in Guilds of Historica... pretty sure it is from Ecclesiastes as he recently visited my profile and is very active in GoH :classic: ]


- Learns something new every day (almost) [ Probably because I put that as a reply at least once (it may be more, I haven't the greatest memory.) It scared me the first time I saw it, as it had me thinking, "I don't remember that being there before!" ]


- Human LEGO Carnage [ After a description of what happens at fan events (Brickworld '08) when LEGO is put on sale for 50% off, and there are 6 Millenium Falcons on the floor, and 50 people have to squeeze through a 6 foot opening to be the first to grab one. ]

- Be Patient Grasshoppers [ In response to a post relating to speculation about the MMV, right after it was first shown at BrickCon '08. ]

- WOOOOWEEEEE! [ I was talking to Hinckley one night, and the way I said Wouwie (because I have no clue how it is pronounced) like WOOOOOWEEEEEEEE!!!! ]

- Dremel &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp; Soul [ In Brickworld '09, nothing more needs to be said! ]

- Paris Hilton of Eurobricks [ I told Hinckley that it's time I start building more so it doesn't seem like I'm the 'Paris Hilton of Eurobricks. I did not expect to see that one under my name! Thanks a lot Hinckle-Stinckle! ]

- Honorary Lady [ Said by Stacy-TOTLUG, given to me by Shadows. This one just wouldn't go away! ]

- 'Stash' Gordon - He'll save every one of us! [ Said by Svelte, given to me by Shadows? Not quite sure why? ]

- 5 Gallons [ Precursor to Brickworld. ]

- One brick short of a full bike [ Was given a Megablocks motorcycle set, and it was missing a brick. Started a thread to find that brick. ]

- Will vogue for you! [ I was tired and not typing well, when I misspelled the word "vouch" and instead typed "vouge." Of course, the person I was trying to vouch for decided this was funny and changed my title...again! ]

- Yellow Lightsaber Fan [ ISC was jealous of my awesome avatar! ]

- Aussie Weather Envy [ I am so tired of the snow and cold. ]

- I am not a Girl [ No friggin clue. ]


- Vader's Bafoon [ Given to me by Vader, long ago in the Tie Army. ]

- Annoying Reviewer [ Given to me by Yoda due to the Am I annoying, a question I ask. ]

- i spel gud [Ah yes, the Hicklet gave me "i spel gud" for a post full of typo's. ]

- Like a Toaster [ This quote explain it. Sinner's work I believe. ]

- Still too young to be here [ Birthday title this year. I was 16, and of course the minimum age to register here is 18. Courtesy of CaptainGreenHair I believe. ]

- Like a toaster, still too young to be here [ Mash up of the Toaster and birthday title. Courtesy of ImperialShadows. ]

- I Knew it! Conspiracy! [ I was talking to LuxorV via PM, when after finding out a deep and dark secret I replied to him, this. ]

- I knew it! Toaster conspiracy! [ ImperialShadows (I assume this was his work) really likes my toaster reference. ]

- Charges you a penny a toast [ I said I would charge whoever used my quotes a penny each time. Millacol88 owes me a penny. ]

- Stale toast [ I made my puppets dance for me. ]

- Bumpless Helmet Master [ I own (Apparently, my researchers found noone who even heard of such a thing) the only two EP3 clone helmets without bumps on the back. ]

- Beware, he's back! [ Back after several months of inactivity. ]


- Titles chit-chatter [ Because of all the off-topicness I posted in this thread. ]

- Annoying Rambler [ Well, I think you can guess about the annoying part. I think it was Shadows... We seem to be biting at each other's thoats lately, because I'm a newbie at Mafia games. ]

- Annoying Rambler and more like a "Scum" hitman... [ A mix of my last title, and when it was revealed that I was the Scum's hitman in Noir Mafia. Given by WhiteFang. ]

- Fascinated with Johnson Willoughby's wet pants [ I... don't know... I got it after I thought TheBrickster's CDHRC title was earned from his responses to Hinckley's Red Moon Chapter 3 procrastination. I was wrong. And I'm also part of the urine trend! ]


- Awesome Set Reviewer [ May 08, just after posting my first review of 7627 Temple of Akator. First frontpage. Wheee!, Hinckley? ]

- 100% Awesome Set Reviewer [ For expressing false modesty in the Reviewer's Academy (WhiteFang) ]

- Negative Nancy Ikea Fanboy [ For bitching about generic-looking Belville ice cube trays from Siegfried's Review (Siegfried). ]

- Option 'C' [ For believing what everyone said in the 'Lego Model Makers can order any parts they like in any colour' debate (Siegfried again). ]

- Indy Master Reviewer [ For masterful Indy reviews! (WhiteFang). ]

- Blacklisted Icecream Straw [ For devilishly impersonating Erds to get him chambered while he's in Deutschland ]

- I think I'm Regis Philbin -Just too good! [ Murder on the Emerald Express' dramatic chef Schmelt Borganson reaches new levels of egocentricity (TheBrickster). ]

- Euro-witty Eggos [ Murder on the Emerald Express strikes again. It is a sublime homage to my waffle skills in Murder on the Emerald Express, courtesy of TheBrickster. ]

- Legopussy [ Because of my top-secret Agents MOC in the style of a James Bond supervillain lair. ]

- Auction Cockblock [ For calling into question the wisdom of Hinckley creating a rant thread about rodents infesting his MOCs and how he had to handwash poison off everything, and then the next day offloading a whole lot of high-priced MISB sets from said lair on ebay. ]

- Auction Cockblock with a little Da-da-da...diddily da da da.... [ Because in building &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp; reviewing the Carousel, the catchy tune from the sound brick invaded my brain and ate my soul! Awarded by Mr Fang. ]

- Jack in the Box comes in multiple surprises [ For my ongoing avvie series (WhiteFang). ]

- Belville Fairy [ Because Belville is better than Paradisa. It really is! Despite what that loser 'Paradisa Princess' might have you believe (Shadows). ]

- Belville Boner Fairy [ For Bonaparte's birthday. ]

- Greasy Friar [ MC2 - Cranky Shadows somehow felt I contributed to his demise, although Striker came up with the name. ]

- Noob [ MC2 - Forgiving Shadows realised I'm just a lowly Mafia noob. ]

- Friar Friar, Pants on Fire [ MC2 - Vengeful Shadows foretells a spectactular doom. ]

- Queen of Sloppy Seconds [ Defies explanation. ]

- Prince Dareios (داریوش) [ At some point I lost track of mine, but I do like my PoP-special. Given to me by KimT, I think. ]

- I turned 50 today and I want to be spanked [ reported by Lord Arjay: "While I'm here I may as well give you a couple of Svelte's titles that aren't recorded. These were both from my lurking/vassal time. Sorry if they are a little bit off the mark but those were the basic wordings." ]

- Wrap yourself in svelvet [ reported by Lord Arjay ]


Members starting with Letter "T"

Tamamono (previously known as Captain Tamamono)

- The portal between guts and logic [ Given to me by Hinck because I thought that 'Viewing the Portal' meant the portal between EB and Writeboard. ]

- Never-Say-Die Guts [from Kiel for my determined attitude on Day 7 of Pandufus' IMHOTEP Mafia when I was being lynched. My guts will never die! ]

- Juge Dumbtell [ Because the only thing worse than a dumbtell is a juge dumbtell. ]

- Needs more time to get it up [ What can I say - I'm not a young man anymore! ]


- TT Commander [ I received this title very shortly after making Star Wars themed TTfigs and posting them on the EB Star Wars forums.]


- Pirate news scout

- Now the official Pirate News Scout [ Gee I wonder what those are about? ]

- Taking a green one [ due to an unusual stool sample sent to ISC....I guess. ]

- Dust Bunny pLelt Poacher [ Mmmmmm soft furry plelts, make damn fine thneeds. Given by ISC....or Hinckley *shakes first at the sky* Truth be told I prefer them scrambled. ]

- Mighty Minotaur Mailer Man [ By ISC ...I'm guessing I mailed him some Minotaurs? ]

- I want Zombies [ or something to that effect, again by ISC because I do..gimme! ]

- Can I have the rotting corpse, with a side salad [ by a sneaky mammal who said "I sort of asked for it" ]

- Gives head as a birthday present [ the gift that comes once a year..... it could of been just about anyone.....I really did have that one coming. ]

- Has his pickle part in good people [ Well I wouldn't have my pickle in bad people ? Rick ..again! ]

- Getting his fibre levels right [ because you just can't regulate if you're not regular! By the guy with too much power for his group. ]

-Keen As Mustard [ Because there's no use being a little keen, is there?

Given by ..... god knows it could have been any one of those rascals, though my money's on Rick. ]

- I blame SI-MOCS [ I did but I was wrong, now I blame someone else. From ISC I guess. ]

- Snaffle snaffle nom nom [ Cause I'm greedy! ISC ]

- ....or are they... [ I guess I said that once.... ISC ]

- Now let's all get dunk and play ping pong [ what a splendid idea! Ricecracker... We do, We do! ]


- History Professor

- Prince Carnaval


- My toothbrush plays the SW theme. [ This is undoubtedly because of my post in Batbrick's Random things about me and about you thread, in which I reveal that my toothbrush does indeed play the Star Wars theme. It punctuates it every fifteen seconds with random sound effects and quotes from the movie as well, such as "Do...fsxv do not. Thefxvsfx is no try" and the non-sensically juxtaposed 'TIE fighter scream' and "Chewbaca sounding like someone's consitpated grandpa" sound bites. ]


- Benji! Did you hear? I'm a Bwobwic Human [ Who gave me this title? Whoever did, Real Funny. ]


- ThePollster [ Although this may have been a name change, I was creating quite a few "favorite item" polls relating to Wild West and Adventure topics. ]

- Carebear [ Someone's idea of a kinder, gentler Brickster. ]

- Coyboy [ Accidentally misspelling the word "Cowboy" would have Hinckley and ImperialShadows "razzing me" about being a "coyboy". ]

- New Sheriff In Town [ When I was dubbed with the honor of Trains &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp; Town Moderator. ]

- New Bear In Town [ Hinckley was freaked by a picture of a strange bear. ]

- Host of Murder on the Emerald Express [ My 2nd train Mystery. ]

- Damp in the Pants [ Hinckley makes me wet my pants in Red Moon. ]

- Consolidated Dick Head Response Center [ EB's complaint department. ]

The Cobra

- Silvery snake teacher [ My first title, after I earned a silver tag in the Reviewers Academy. ]

- Not so Silvery Snake.. More of a "Golden Snake Teacher" [ I hope I don't have to explain my current title. ]

the Inventor

- Knows where the ships are! [ Well, my first title: Knows where the ships are! ]

The Legonator

- Can NOT Ctrl + Alt + Delete the Past [ From one of my attempts to sound computer nerdy in Yakuzi Mafia. I'm not quite sure who gave this to me, but I'm leaning on Hinck or Fangy. ]

The Penguin

- Penguin-lover or Clown-hater? [ Given for my MOCs and vignettes where clowns and jesters are being scared, held in prison or beaten up. Most notably the one where Batman runs after the scared jester with "I-hate-clowns!" speech bubble. ]

- Behold the Rise of Erathia [ My current one that I just love! Given to me for my Heroes of Might and Magic III minifigures and upcoming MOCs. ]

- Putting LEGO Batman in fresh perspective [ Given to me by WhiteFang for posting three of my Batman set reviews, which have been made in my usual comic-like manner. ]

- EB LEGO Batman Contest Official [ for co-hosting LEGO BATMAN contest with WhiteFang ]

- EB Philanthropist [ for donating prizes for the above mentioned contest ]

- Green Well-Respected EB Flilantropist and Now a RA Teacher [ this long titles summarazes in a way my achievements during the previous year. ]

- Vodka, Caviar, and Bears on Unicycles! [ well, that's what makes a well-respected Russian! :laugh: ]

The Warden

- Of their choice [ I won the 2012 Bucket Challenge in the Sci-Fi forum netting me my first tag and a title "of their choice." Har har. ]

The Who

- No more boogers [ I was formerly booger540, but had my name changed recently. Thanks to good 'ol Siegfried for helping with my request. Seeing 'booger' in my name made me feel like I looked immature. Again, maybe I'm paranoid, who knows. ]


- Kiwi addiction! [ Apparently, I like kiwi's. ]


- Lego Painter [ For making a series of MOCs based on Napoleonic paintings when I first signed up. I should really get around to making some more of those. ]

- Think Outside the Pie-Hole! [ For telling frustrated players of Witch Hunt Mafia to "think outside the box". ]

- The Crucible [ Because I'm still a witch. ]

- 101.07 [ The number on my letterbox. ]

- TP for number 2 [ Because my name is TinyPies and I didn't think second place was that bad. From Hinckley. ]

- Oh look! A pebble! [ From Rufus, for being distracted by pebbles throughout The Curse of IMHOTEP.]

- Keeps the walrus underfed [ Just one of the many things that

. From Hinckley. ]

- Not afraid of a witch hunt! [ Because I'm not afraid of a witch hunt. I couldn't see any mods on my visitors list, so I'm going to assume it was a witch who did it. ]


- My preeecioussssssss. [ Because I posted in the RA about my preeeciousssssss shiny bronze tag being enough of a congrats after Big Cam apologized for not congratulating me on passing my bronze level reviews. Possibly by Big Bad Cam. (Just going by my profile views) ]

- Tuckfard the Uncommon [ From my post in the Heartlake Mafia explaining a role, which gave an example with a roleplayer named Tuckfard the Uncommon. Given by Hinckley. ]

- Snuggly Wugglykins [ I declared Shadows' true love for a fellow member here, and gave an example name for her possible character in a future Mafia Game. So, I bring my new title. I could wear this one for a while! (I will admit, I was getting tired of "Tuckfard". Sorry Hinck, it's Shadows' turn now!) ]

- duh me cant reed for me selff [ I misunderstood one of Hinckley's posts in The Pearl, so now I am an illiterate skimmer, apparently. -From Hinck ]

- Asks whores for hugs [ Well, I made a post in The Pearl comparing an accusation for an attempted defense to asking a whore for a hug. From Hinck.... Again..... I'll find a link soon. ]

- Minus 67 [ I had the "67" taken out of the end of my name. I think Rick edited the name, but Rufus gave me the title. ]

- Eager Active Scummo [ Well, it was a typical day in Mafia Land. Me, being the ScumpetKing I am, decided to claim the role known as "Role Cop", when the town knew that the role had already died. So, they knew I was scum and killed me. Therefore, I am now known as "Eager Active Scummo". ]

- O type hirrobly [ In the Mafia Mafia deadboard, Tamamono pointed out that I often type "o"'s instead of "I"'s, unintentionally. From Hinckley. ]


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Members starting with Letter "U"


- Resident Mommy [ Given to me by Yoda because I often nagged at him to make him update the indexes. ]

- SW Minifig Hobo!! [ Given to me by Yoda after he gave me a Darth Vader minifig. I told him that I felt like a hobo. ]

- Miss Piggy Sex Fantasy [ Given to me by Yoda during the Muppet Show avatar craze, when I was using this avatar. ]

- I had a dream!! [ Given to me by Yoda right after I was Fellowed. He and TT played a prank on me and made me believe they were going to ban me. ]

- Tomorrowland Resident [ A very suitable title for me, I always procrastinate when I can! ]

- Caffeïne junkie [ Given to me by CGH. I was at school, chatting to him after ingesting about 3-4 cups of True Norwegian Black Coffee when I told him I had 'caffeine-tics' and was shaking vigorously. ]

- Rodsprit junkie [ Given to me by Captain Green Hair after some pictures of me drinking something remniscient of denatured alcohol ("R?it" in Norwegian) were spotted on Facebook! ]

- Shitsprit junkie [ Given to me by the same perpetrator after I complained about the lack of the "?t; in my previous title. ]

- trekkiewanker [ I got it after talking too much about Star Trek on IRC. I can't remember who gave it to me. ]


Members starting with Letter "V"


- Contest Crazy !! [ Given to me by yoda for creating way too many contests ]

- Reviewing Machine [ Given by Bonaparte, flew through the Reviewers Academy]

- Academy Teacher [ Was given when I became an Academy teacher  ]

- odd SPAM lover [ It was 3 am, I was running on no sleep, and it's a long story. ]

- Report Card Reorganizer [ Redoing a resource in the RA ]

- And all the money and fame shall be added unto Veebs [ Not sure who gave this one but it's origin is quite clear, something I had mentioned while celebrating my finished reviews. (From Brickdoctor) ]

- Teaching requires great patience [ Again Academy related, I think this one was due to a review that I had spent a lot of time grading. ]

- A "ring" to rule them all [ I got engaged! ]

Vincent Kessels

Mr. Tomato Bread - Who needs cheese on a pizza? Given for the pizza night on Brickworld.


Members starting with Letter "W"


- Classic-Pirates.com's new blogger! [ Most likely from Big Cam, because I am currently blogging for Classic-Pirates! ]

- Drowning in 1x1 plates! [ Because I am! Also because my last title was getting outdated. Most likely from one of my superiors at the Classic-Pirates blog. From Admiral Croissant. ]

- Drowning in 1x1 plates and a blogging machine. [ Given by Big Cam, most likely due to my recent blogging antics. ]

- Drowning in 1x1 plates and a prune face [ My image on the crew page of Classic-Pirates had some distortion issues, turning me into a prune face. I am not certain of who gave me this title, but I'm guessing it was Big Cam. ]

- Back, but still drowning! [ Because I'm back, but I'm still downing in bricks. :look:]

Walter Kovacs

- UCS TIE Master Craftsman [ Though I'm certain KimT bestowed that one on me. ]

- Rorschach [ It is an obvious reference to my screen name. I have no clue who changed it, but I am not complaining. ]

big behind is a favorite of mine [Thanks Shadows. For those wondering, I was complaining about the censor filter censoring a rather innocuous word. Honestly, I preferred my last title better.]

Waterbrick Down

- Don't touch the mime [My first title. Given to me by Hinckley in his Baritones 3 due to my first statement made on day 1 of the game. (Hinckley adds it wasn't actually him) ]

- RIP Scooby Doo [ Hinckley's code name for me in Pandora and Rufus's The Curse of IMHOTEP. Given to me by Hinckley after my death in the game. ]

- Crossbow Upholsterer [ Not quite sure who it came from, but it's probably in reference to my character in Heroica RPG who's constantly unholstering his crossbows gunslinger style. ]

- Typer-of-faces [ Bestowed by Hinckley for failing to bother to remember the BBcodes for emoticons in Zepher's Mafia Mafia game while on my phone. ]


- Dead Thread Reviver [ Reviving dead threads such as this, and Hinckley just came along and gave me this in June 08. ]

- Chandelier Inspector [ Climbing up the ceiling in Mystery Manor to inspect the Chandelier. Should be ImperialShadows. ]

- The Monkey King [ Gotten it from this topic. It must be KimT! ]

- Darkfang [ EB Staff, Star Wars contest. It must have came from from KimT. ]

- I m on fire [ Take alook at May 09 EB Frontpage. ]

- Not so on fire anymore [ Gotten a bad ankle sprain during training. It's our dear Event Admin, Ras74 gave it to me. ]

- Brakes for Lube [ Murder on the Emerald Express Chapter 6A. ImperialShadows gave this to me, as our group is searching for the train parts in the train shed, and I was messing around. Eventually, I was caught between my legs. I had to ask that Greaseman to give me a pull but he take it as a lube. Check out that chapter for more hillarious details. ]

- Brakes for Toast [ Combination of both Murder on the Emerald Express and Noir Mafia. In Noir Mafia, Father Walters was actually supporting Shawn (Shadows) in the Toaster movement act, and was conveted to be part of the movement to start promoting toasters via word of mouth, as my sideline. No doubt about it, this is the work of ImperialShadows. ]

- Brakes for Meat Shield on Toast [ Check out Noir Mafia, Day 3, over here, where the high climatic arguement is in place, between the rest of the players, and I speculate that Shawn (Shadows) is using Jerry (JimButcher) as the meat shield to prove his innocence to believe his FBI story. Given by ImperialShadows. ]

- EB's Fiery Dumbledore [ I am not sure where this title came from, but I believed this title is related to Reviewers Academy 1st year Anniversary celebration. ]

- Toasted Father [ At the end of Noir Mafia, I was killed by the scums and the leading scumbag is that tongue twisting toaster salesman claiming to be a FBI agent, known as ImperialShiester/Shadows for maniuplating the townies. Of course, we deserved it. If I have stood my grounds firmly, I won't end up getting myself "toasted". ]

- Indiscriminate executer [ Executed others through equal treatment. Given by Siegfried. ]

- Jack-in-the-Box in the Shadows of a Chandelier [ It's an idiotic combination of my current sigfig, Jack-in-the-Box's New Year celebration with the "Shadows" mania and a little chandlelier touch. Courtesy of Mr. Shadows, if you can figured out which Shadows though. ]

- Think he is Handy [ The Smurfster aka TheBrickster don't think I am a handy smurf. ]

- Okay then, he's Handy [ I have proven my worth and value to our dangerous Smurfster. Now, he thinks I am handy! ]

- Lone Blogger [ Not sure whom give me this title, but am I really a lone ranger in the blog business? This is a mystery which yet to be solved. ]

- You Are Not Alone! [ A mysterious title that summarised my current thoughts right now! I am indeed no longer alone anymore!! ]

- Nutty laptop [ Got a crazy nutty laptop that display colours in a weird manner, such as viewing it as reddish brown, instead of tan. Should be Siegfried or Hinckley whom give me this title. ]

- Girl Power! [ I was given this title, simply because of this frontpage. I am quite confident, Shadows is the one whom give me this. ]

- Would kill to be able to watch the Chandelier video [ The Chandelier craze has returned once more, to haunt me, and it's none other TheBrickster whom give me this title. ]

- Epic Collectibles Reviewer [ Not sure whom has gave me this, but I am looking at either Shadows or Svelte. This was given because of this exciting review. ]

- Pantless and angry! [ Not sure whom gave this title to me, but I think its likely to be Siegfried. I was annoyed with TLG extremely poor customer service. ]

- Power Town [ Another mysterious title, but I am looking at Svelte. It's likely come from this contest over at the Town forum. ]

- First in Line! [ Another mysterious unexplained title. I really not sure how I got this title and I really don't have a clue whom give it to me too. ]

- Collectable Minifigs' summariser [ Got a new title. Not sure who gives this to me but I am sure its related to the recent Minifigs Series 2 campaign right from August to October 2010 by launching review, mystery treasure hunt, building contest, etc. And, now I know it was LuxorV who gave it to me. Thanks! ]

- [223] [ I don't have an idea of what Francium actually comprises but I supposed 223 is part of my molecular structure. ]

- Collectable Minifigs' summariser LA [ I am almost 100% certain that this modify title was given by Hinckley and I wondered if the "LA" was meant to be la or something else??? ]

- puts his butt in [ I give you a clue! It is my Singlish and it is given by Hinckley. ]

- Sign my butt Rick Astley [ Oh great, now I am part of the whole "Rick Astley" fiesta and I am betting my chips on I Scream Clone that he is the leading mastermind for this mayhem. A combination of my previous butt title from Hinckley, I Scream Clone must have felt that I am going to be one of the "fans" supporter of Rick Astley! ]

- Spank Me! It's my birthday. [ Ohhh! This is my birthday title! Not sure where it comes from but I am certain that it comes from one of the wacky staff in the birthday greetings topic. ]

- Still sore from all the b-day spankings. [ Yes, I did feel sore especially after all of the metagaming happening in The Forest Mafia, Day 1. I wonder who gave me this new title. ]

- Pull trunk to tell a story [ I pull my beautiful elephant trunk to weave a story at the end of the Forest Mafia, Day 1. I am quite certain it is given by our host, Hinckley. ]

- Excalibur, be my strength! [ I got to love this new title of mine. At this moment, I am still not sure who gave this to me. I am suspecting either ISC or Kiel who gave me this latest new title. I am sure it was inspired by my latest sigfig choice of weapon. ]

- Upgrade version 5.0 installed [ Not sure who gave this new title to me but I am very sure it's related to my latest Series 5 review which I am very excited about. And, now I know it was given by ISC. ]

- works on his megablocks in private [ Oh, a new title! I am guessing it comes from Hinckley due to my ongoing participation inside Baritones 3, Day Six discussion thread. You got to follow this mafia game to understand "why". ]

- On the contradictory [ I got this from Rufus as I was supposed to use " on the contrary" instead of "on the contradictory". Silly me. ]

- Toxic spill cleaner [ Do I even look like a toxic clean up team? Perhaps, on probation, I supposed. I am pretty confident that this title is from Kiel. ]

- Retitillating toxic spill cleaner [ WhiteFang's fanglish has struck again. It must be from Kiel and def picked it up when we are all playing in the Gotham City mafia. How silly can poor Clayface be! ]

- Retitillating toxic spill cleaner who had went to touch and feel [ Seriously, I don't know who had messed around with my title but it definitely must be something related to LEGO CMFs Series 7, where I had to find my CMFs Series 7 through the touch and feel method. Now, I had this expanded new title. ]

- Finally Joined the Parade [ Always a pleasant surprise to find a new title and this is no exception. Just that I am not very sure who is the one that had given me. This must be something related of something 'good' which I had shared with the EB Staffers recently. ]

- To brick or not to brick [ Ah ha, this title is definitely given by dear ISC. He saw my CMFs Series 8 review and saw this particular image which reminded me of Shakespeare. ]

- I will stick my gun and hose [ Re-appear as Edgar Elephant in the Forest II mafia game and I was a vigilante and this day show a picture of me. ]

- Now with a Smoother End [ Kinda censored in terms of how I had gotten this title and Fanglish had struck again. Courtesy given by Shadows and I just found out it was not him, and it is none other than Rick. ]

- Happy snapper! [ I seriously got no idea on how I gotten this new title. I wonder who it might be? ]

- Happily snapped! [ My latest new title that showed how happy am I and more importantly being 'snapped'. Must be from Rufus or Pandy. ]

- Can't see visible shit! [ The title say it all! Geez, I just can't believe how I could have mixed up two similar topic nature altogether. I am placing my bets that this new title must have been from Shadows. ]

- Beep beep! [ Beep beep! The signature of Roadrunner which is seen on 1st Apr 2014. I am sure I have a rough idea of who given it to me, and it must be Rick! ]

- Absolute Legend [ I got zero idea on who could have given me this title. This title is great and a lovely refreshing change since the last change of title for me was almost four years ago. I believed this title had to do with my ongoing LEGO CMFs reviewing tradition, being the CMFs Series 18 review as my latest reviewing installment for the past eight years. ]


Members starting with Letter "Y"


- Mystery Crasher [ Given to me by TheBrickster because I tried to get in MOTEE with my scarecrow figure. ]

- Reckless Young Cop [ Because I got killed in Noir Mafia (pretty much killed myself) and when I was able to post again I typed this: "I TOLD YOU I WAS TOWN!" Given by WhiteFang. ]

- Missed one [ I told Svelte that he forgot to remove my Apple tag. In return I got this. Think it might have been WhiteFang though. ]


- Friends LDD MOCer Extraordinaire [ was given by Pandora "for the outstanding Friends MOC contributions to the Town forum". ]


- NOT a disciple [ I got mine too!!!! I truly believe it's Hinckley related and my attempt to learn some mafia game thinking from him... The funny point is that he was totally on character while playing on the Asylum. (We're all insane after all). ]


Members starting with Letter "Z"


~ See: Grevious ~


- Drunken Green Trebuchet Champion of Avalonia [ After I joined GoH, built a trebuchet and got that fancy green star. ]

- Have you Heard? Go Herd! [ Received for misspelling herd after the NDSU Bison won the NCAA Division I FCS nation title in "hand egg" also known as football in the US. ]

- Sig pics or it didn't happen [ Received when it was pointed out I have too many sig pics- and still haven't fixed that... ]

- Rick SIG Rolled [ After ISC (I think) added Rick Astley to my signatue- punishment for having too many pictures in my signature. Also, he was jealous. ]

- Off Topic Aficionado [ from ADMIRAL BC for derailing pretty much every thread I touch. You're welcome. ]

- Double Negative [ for double posting a negative response in a PM thanks to my iPhone and the cell reception in Target due to my wife's dead car battery. Given by- Ricecracker. ]

- ZSpammerinsky [ for spamming this thread... sort of. ]

- Peanut M+M's plus popcorn = awesome [ Because it does and because my wife and I advocated ISC try it out at Brickworld. You're welcome. Given by ISC. ]

- Twice as sick as you suckahs! [ For my iPhone double posting "I'm down with the sickness.". Given by ISC. ]

- Miss Preteen USA [ For suggesting Captain America's second daughter's Avenger name could be Miss Preteen USA. From Ricey. ]

- I blame Tazmaniac [ Because it IS his fault. ISC for shizzle. ]

- I am the Fred Astaire of karate [ Because JCvD is so why can't I be too? ISC for shizzle. ]

- Locking up his bat and ball [ for threatening to take my ball and go home when a few mods were misbehaving (can I even say that?)- given by the infinitely patient ISC. ]

- I do say tomato [ because who says "Toe-mah-toe" anyhow? Let's call the whole thing off. ISC or Cam... checking profile... Cam or Phes... let's go with Cam for shizzle. ]

- Blue coats are for sissy's! [ I never actually said this, but it is so totally true! Go redcoats! Given by... Red hat if he is capable or else another pirate lord of some sort! ]

- Joking Wussy [ for joking all Kalphlings are wussies... Which apparently was a vaguely sexual insult. Given by ISC. ]

- No Whore [ for saying I didn't mind not having a certain tag because I am not a tag whore. ISC strikes again. ]

- Frog whore [ I got a frog, now I am a whore. ISC was most recent visitor. ]

- Won't let a good MOC go unnoticed [ for asking nicely for someone to frontpage some MOCs. BIG Cam all the way. ]

- <3 Si and ISC [ which either means Si and ISC love me, or I love Si and ISC. Both are true, so whatever. Given by the ISCster. ]

- On Diaper Duty [ Due to the birth of son number 1! ]

- Shameless Nocturnus Advertiser [ I have basically no idea why I would have gotten this one... ]

- Thing 2 on Orthanc Crack [ Ecclesiastes for saying this MOC was like Orthanc on Crack. ]


- Had a Little Lamb [ Referencing my Character of Mary in Mystery Castle. I think it was from Shadows! ]

- Did His Little Lamb [ Changed by CGH after annoying him somewhere or other. Strangely still fitting to Mary... ]

- Dude for a Day [ Again, Hinckley, I am sure. After my long line of Females in Mafia Games I finally played a male. I lasted two in game days. ]

- Wanda Whiner [ After I made fun of my obvious last name or "Snitchman" while I was in Emerald Express. Thanks to The Brickster. ]

- Hank Kimball from Green Acres [ From TheBrickster. Because of my character in Emerald Express in like Hank Kimball, it would seem. I've never seen Green Acres... ]

- Babbling Idiot [ Bestowed on me by Hinck becuase I let a little more than I should have be known to the public in Mystical Castle. ]

- Kissed by a Dementor [ Due to my death in Hogwarts Mafia. ]

- Lamb for life or stupid werewolf? [ From Hinckster. After I said I couldn't change my avatar for Baritones 3, and I would have to remain a lamb for life, which was my current avatar. We were also discussing my pathetic performance in Werewolf Mafia. I swear to god Hincks just waits for titles to be made. Gave it to me in like .3 seconds. ]

- Buries Old Skeletons [ Went on a mini-rant after Prison Riot Mafia. Used this phrase, and then later on pointed out that I may be combining a few phrases... oh well. Again, I'm going to assume Hincks. ]

- It's (not) so Good To Be King [ From my (not) so good performance at the end of Steampunk Mafia. I figured out the scum... sort of, but it was far too late, and I was very very dead. Most likely thanks to Hinckley! ]

- Two Scoops [ Probably (hopefully) from my job at an ice cream shop. Don't know who it could be from... ]

- BAWK! [ From my most stunning EB Mafia role. I BAWK'd my way into near victory. A near victory. Also most likely from the Hinckster himself. ]

- Gotta bounce! [ A comment I made OoC in Heroica when I did indeed need to bounce (I had class!!). It's a saying! From Corny, I suspect. ]

- A Good Egg [I'd have to guess from my current avatar of the very intelligent Dr. Everstien, a Were-Raven over in Heroica. Could be from a number of people, but Pandy is the only one actually in that quest, so I'd be willing to wager her.]

- Knows his sh...ociology [ What can I say? Corny knows what they teach at college these days! ]


- Devilish Crap!!!!! [ I got it after calling a Star Wars Megabloks set Devilish Crap!!! ]


- Thinks He's a Stud [ I can't find the thread, but the topic was basically "what type of Lego element are you?" I responded saying that I'm a stud. I'm not sure who gave me this title as a result. I think this was in early 2012, but I can't remember exactly. Oh, and I changed my avatar image in response. I refer to 1x1 round plates as "studs", not sure if that's widespread or not.]


- EB Adventurers Reviewer [ Likely given to me by WhiteFang - thanks to my reviewing spree of Adventurers sets. ]


- Avid Classic Town Grand Prix Lover [ Given to me by WhiteFang due to my expressed enthusiasm and love for classic town grand prix/racing layouts and sets in his great 6503 Sprint Racer review and also for calling me an avid classic town lover in the same topic because he made me express my nostalgic feelings for classic town with his review (for once more). ]

- Bigger than golden arches! [ Given to me by the Dark Wizard of Australia I Scream Clone. Genius! This is what happens when you get too cocky. Corrupted police officer+huge ape+junk food+cliché Greek restaurants = new title. ]

- Maersk Blue Balls [ Given by Hinckley after expressing my sheer enthusiasm regarding my latest Maersk Train purchase while waiting for something else too. Genius and I love it! ]


- Welcome Wagon-train [ It happens after we have paid for the Emerald Express by using the eBay funds. Brickster, Hinckley or Bonaparte? No idea who gave it to me. ]

- 'Not very smart and rather clumsy' [ Given by myself when I screwed something up inside the Shipyard... That was the day I named myself 'Sergeant Garcia'. ]

- Zorroscope [ Zorroscope was one of them, because I read people's 'Zorroscope's'. Svelte perhaps? ]

- Great imagination! [ From here, I know it was Ras who did this because I also lost all of my powers. ]

- Captain Lord Admiral Zorro of the Zurg [ From KimT... So happy he can give out titles again to fellow Staff members! What I did to deserve that title? Nothing, I just put a big ball before an open goal and waited for someone to kick it in since I was titleless at the moment. ]


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Oh good, I am going to write them all down before I forget them!


Awesome Set Reviewer - May 08, just after posting my first review of 7627 Temple of Akator. First frontpage. Wheee! (Hinckley?)

100% Awesome Set Reviewer - for expressing false modesty in the Reviewer's Academy (WhiteFang)

Negative Nancy Ikea Fanboy - for bitching about generic-looking Belville ice cube trays from Siegfried's Review (Siegfried)

Option 'C' - for believing what everyone said in the 'Lego Model Makers can order any parts they like in any colour' debate (Siegfried again)

Indy Master Reviewer - for masterful Indy reviews! (WhiteFang)

Blacklisted Icecream Straw - for devilishly impersonating Erds to get him chambered while he's in Deutschland :devil:

I think I'm Regis Philbin -Just too good! - Murder on the Emerald Express' dramatic chef Schmelt Borganson reaches new levels of egocentricity (TheBrickster)

Will there be a quiz on this later? :look::grin:

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Looking for a Johnson Rod

Its because the Emerald Express broke down so we're looking for new parts...one of them is a "Johnson Rod" and IS made a joke out of it.... :laugh::wacko::tongue:

Good thread btw. :sweet:

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Oh great idea!

Lets see

Banned and Rebanned!!! (Because i was joking around about being perfect)

Expanded Universe fan !!! (Because i was once stupid enough to suggest my title be 'That guy who hates EU')

Cardman (Because i gave KimT a set of my custom backround cards for the SW chromie fig's)

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Awesome stuff:


Block Block Eulogiser - For giving a sad sad speech about the death of the Block Block theme once it was discovered to be gone...

I Kant Spel Mi Owne Naym - For signing off with Batbirck Away! :devil::laugh:

Batbrick Away! :devil:

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Wow, you're a good guy WhiteFang, you just put a heap of weight on your shoulders - there are a lot of titles!

So here are mine (that I remember):

Workhouse Movieman - Because Mister Phes saw some of my brickfilms.

Life is unfair and other lessons - I don't know why I got this one anymore than I know why I complained about it. =P

Phes Junior - Because Zorro decided I was just as dedicated to one theme as Mister Phes.

Conductor Zuloo - Because people in Murder on the Emerald Express keep calling me 'Captain Zuloo' rather than 'Conductor Max'. 'Conductor Zuloo' is a good compromise.

Train Porter Zuloo - what's the difference between that and Conductor???

Lost his V card - Captain Green Hair is a stalker

Lost his Izzy picture card - Zorro is immature

Hated my title and got this one instead! - I think Izzy had words with Ras... :tongue:

Something, something, something MEAN! - Again, Izzy and Ras talk too much.

I like the colour of poo - It was spelt colour so it can't have been one of the American staff members.

I like the colour of Smurfs - Ras is a wierdo and this smurf thing has gone way too far.

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Let me see if I can remember what I was given before getting the ability to change it myself:

  1. You don't understand - it's a joke!
  2. Is it inappropriate for me to boo you?
  3. The Noble Joke Hunter
  4. The Noble Preacher
  5. The Confused Preacher
  6. The Confused Whacker
  7. Booing the Walrus Bucket
  8. Has Walrus Envy
  9. Has Waldorf Envy
  10. Has Troy Envy
  11. Has Whacking Issues !!
  12. The voice of Riley
  13. The dog whisperer
  14. Jipay’s little bitch
  15. Look at meeeee! Inc.
  16. Master of the Fabulands

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I think I've had three but I can only remember two of them, oh well...

  1. Smartass SW reviewer - Smartass towards KimT :laugh: and SW reviewer
  2. I live in England - Very true to the name

Edited by Skipper 24

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Anyone who can contribute any of my previous ones would be either greatly appreciated or particularly reviled, depending on how good a title it was. :grin:

I honestly should have kept a list.

1. Free Billboard Space - You never forget your first, which was based on the Big Billboard o' Doom that I kept in my sig in the early days, tracking contests and events and such.

Things get blurry after that. I'm lucky to remember what I had for lunch. Did I have lunch? I don't remember.

I know I had a series of them during Witch Hunt when a certain witchy Admin who shall remain nameless went crazy and started dishing them out left and right. As I recall, I may have had 4 or 5 in one hour. :laugh:

CRAZY! CRAZY! - Self imposed and thoroughly accurate label used during the Jester Competition.

TOKIG SNUTEN! - Should have been TOKIG SNUT, to celebrate CopMike's birthday

CRAZY! CRAZY! - Back to that again for the duration of the contest.

My latest 2 ...

Packing Heat - Self imposed after creating and awarding the Mafia and Mystery Gun Tags

Lady Killer - Given by TheBrickster during Murder on the Emerald Express for obvious reasons :wink:

I'll update this as my memory returns, or people PM me with old ones I had. PM ME, NOT POST THEM HERE. Don't clutter this up.

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What an excellent idea! :sweet: I don't have to good a memory, but I can certainly remember a few.

-The Draggy-est [Originally given during Mystery Castle by ImperialShadows. From somewhere the nickname Draggy was introduced, and it stuck quite solidly with the cast of Mystery Castle, which I personally found quite funny. Then something happened with some cross-dressing minifigs, and it all went downhill...]

Not sure if anything changed after that, but my current one started during the Witch Hunt Mafia Game, and has since expanded for various reasons.

-Innocent, Rational, Smart [Given by Hinckley for seeing perceptively at the time and for not being considered a witch.]

-Innocent, Rational, Smart, Overly Verbose [At some point I wrote an extremely long post trying to get my point across about something, after which I think it was Shadows said the exact same thing as I had but in about two sentences. Chaos ensured.]

-Innocent, Rational, Smart, Overly Verbose, CRAZY! [ Added to by ImperialShadows for eccentric posting in the CRAZY Jester competition.]

-Innocent, Rational, Smart, Overly Verbose, Heartless, CRAZY! [i forget where the heartless came from, I think it was for being particularly nasty at some point or rather. Possibly for the ending to Mystery Manor? I'd have to find whoever gave it to me to be sure.]

Trust Hinckley to have a list five times bigger than anyone else's. :laugh:

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-The Draggy-est [Originally given during Mystery Castle if I recall correctly, although it may possibly have been earlier. From somewhere the nickname Draggy was introduced, and it stuck quite solidly with the cast of Mystery Castle, which I personally found quite funny. Then I think something happened with some cross-dressing minifigs, and it all went downhill...]

I think that was the first title I ever gave. The crossdressing had already occured by then. :tongue:

The second one I gave was "Had a little lamb", which also sprang from the dreaded Mystery Castle. Poor Mary, couldn't live without me. :cry_sad:

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I think that was the first title I ever gave. The crossdressing had already occured by then. :tongue:

The second one I gave was "Had a little lamb", which also sprang from the dreaded Mystery Castle. Poor Mary, couldn't live without me. :cry_sad:

You seem to have been responsible for quite a few of mine. :laugh: I'll add that in.

Ah yes, poor Mary. She was so desperately in love she couldn't survive without her dear Ritz. (A variation of the Lover Role :wink: )

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Our first title (given by Hinckley ;) ) was "Chopper Otters" owing to the multitude of minifig-scale motorbike MOCs I posted over a short period... My bike frenzy is most definitely going to return later on this summer!

After requesting that our nickname be shortened and thus dropping our first names from our username, they were added to the title which then read "Asya & Bobby Otters" - in case there was still anyone out there who didn't know us by our names :tongue:

Currently, owing to our/my participation (as you know, I've set up this account to show creations which we build together, however I'm the only one who writes in the forum) in TheBrickster's Murder on the Emerald Express as Scruffy, I guess our title is a throwback to the early years of my character, hence we're now called "Asya & Bobby Otter Pups". A bit of cross-breeding there, but hopefully there's no implication that we're an abomination of nature :grin:

Edited by TheOtters

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I'm a Lady [Given to me because I didn't want to be in the EB Ladies Group]

Desperate Housewife [A typical :yoda: given title, nasty but nice, he said "It just suits you]

EB Lady Reviewer [Given for being the first EB Lady to review in the Reviewers Academy]

EB Lady Reviewerass [A slight addition to previous title, taken from my "Hairy Potter and Dumblyass" comic]

For past and future generations of EBians I say "Thank You WhiteFang for making this... You are Awesome!!!" :grin:

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Saint Alice [because I introduced myself and said that I'm in love with Shadows]

Tough Broad [baritones II - I shot up the town]

Tough Guy [Galactica Paranoia - I'm playing a boy!]

Just Playing Hard to Get [Murder on Emerald Express - rejecting Mr. Greaseman's chauvinistic advances]

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here are mine-

I am not a Dork! [CopMike called me this after I told him he was Sinner]

Dorky Tusken Accountant [ After becoming a Count, I made a MOC about my Avvie, the Business Tusken]

Dorky Obnoxious Tusken Accountant [i yelled "I am not Mr.obnoxious]

Gotta love titles.

Edited by Natman8000

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Mystery Distraction - Almost single handedly messed up The Brickster's Emerald Express 6D Stroyline by going to fast. :blush:

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