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For Sale/Trade (3) Toy Story 3 30070 Little Green Men Alien Ship

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I have 3 Toy Story 30070 Little Green Man alien ships for trade/sale.

I am selling them for 10$ US, Buyer pays shipping (Cash/Paypal)

Or looking for the following sets New (we each pay own shipping)

30062 Target Practice

30061 Attack Wagon

7595 Army men on Patrol

20016 Imperial Shuttle

30050 Rep. Attack Shuttle

Can ship worldwide. I am in Canada

Message me if you have any questions!


(I am on bricklink, 28 positive deals, under the name baron)

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Baron, bumping threads for attention is unacceptably selfish and is not something that is done on this site. If someone is interested in what you have to sell then they will say so. Please refer to the following section from the guidelines for this sub-forum.

[*]Don't flood the forum with threads or unnecessary posts. You may have your own trading topic and should update the first post as needed, but bumping the thread with back to back posts for attention will not be permitted.

[*]Don't bump topics. This can't be said enough. Remember, when a topic is bumped up, the rest get bumped down. That's really selfish and we don't tolerate it.

If I see you doing this again there will be consequences, so don't do it please. Consider yourself warned.

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