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Hey Folks,

I'm going to be using this mostly for my benefit as a place to keep an index of all the topics related to the devlopment of Brickington. For those who don't know, Brickington is the name of my module on the Northern Illinois LEGO Train Club layout. It's a seaside village nearly entirely based on the Market Street standard of 16x16 stud modular sections, and currently measures 120"x40".

The topics below are listed in chronological order, from oldest to most recent, with the "fantasy" section being an exception.



Before it was Brickigton:

My first Module. Where it all began.

Gift Island. A tourist trap souvenier shop (Warning, Large Photos)

Seaside village

The Brickington Era:

Brickington expands. Brickington get's it's name and municipal improvements (police station and larger curbs), and most buildings get a floor taller.

Brickington Seaplane Airport plus lighthouse and breakwater park.

Brickington Ferry and Mountaintop Development

Boat Builder's Shop. Brickington get's some light industry in the form of a shipwright.

Light Logging Truck. Christmas tree Carrier.

Vintage Pickup and small car.

Brickington Station. A Train stop for Brickington

Industrial Building Ground floors and a pirate funeral.

Florist. A boutifull bevy of buds to beautify Brickington.

Glass Truck. Keeping Brickington well-windowed.

Lenderson Lighthouse. A new lighthouse influenced by Chicago Industrial Architecture

Lee's Cantonese Restaurant. Redux.

Brickington Courthouse. Major Renovations to the Police Station

Chemical plant. Last minute space filler that turned our quite nice.

Fantasy Brickington:

Alternate reality where Brickington is built vertically in an exoitc utopia.

Brickington Burning or The Day of Green Death.

Gazebo and Jazz band

More (mostly older) pics of Brickington here.

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