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Pictorial Review on 7250 Clone Scout Walker

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Product: 7250 Clone Scout Walker (AT-RT)

Theme: Star Wars EPIII: Revenge of the Sith

No of pieces: 108

Release Date: April 2005

RRP: SGD25.90/USD9.90

Availability: Lego Shop@Home, Target, Toys 'R' Us (US & Europe), Bricksworld (Novena Branch, SG).


The Clone Scout Walker is on the march!

Clone troopers are ready for action on any world in the clone scout walker. These powerful machines keep the Trade Federation and its allies on the run.

  • Head, legs, and blasters move.
  • Includes Clone Trooper.

Also known as the AT-RT (All Terrian Recon Transport), the clone scout walker is sure to be one crowd pleaser. Especially so to army builders, due to it's price range. Even I bought three of these sets, instead of one. Anyway, on to the review...


This set comes with two baggies and instructional booklet. And the surprise? No stickers, meaning printed bricks. :-D


The completed set with leftovers. Overall, this is one easy build. One starts off with the lower torso, followed by the legs, then the upper torso. Finally, ending of with the upper front portion, and the guns. Took me about 20min to complete.


The minifig for this set is identical physically as compared to other clone minifigs, but with one major difference. The printed back of this minifig is of a different design. Of course, the other minor difference would be the red symbol on the helmet and the armour.







From any angle of view, this set does have a remarkable likeness to its movie counterpart.

All major sections are represented, the torso, the weaponary, the legs, the engine, and even the steering gear.

One major downside is that unlike the clone turbo tank, where the tank is smaller in scale as compared to the minifigs, this scout walker is slightly larger in scale as compared to its minifig. But overall, the scale factor doesn't matter much, when TLG is able to produce such a cool-looking walker that has a better likeness than its Lego AT-ST counterpart.

As displayed on the back of the packaging, the upper front portion of the torso as well as the laser cannon are both able to swivel left or right independantly.


As shown from left to right, the walker in the first pose is the at rest position. The middle pose is the one shown on the packaging, where it seems to be taking small, cautious steps. The final pose, is one where it's shown to be opening up its strides or running at top speed.

It's pretty hard to get stable "in-action" poses, and the above three are by far the most stable. Meaning it doesn't require external support for its pose.

From the fore view, this is how the poses will look,


Since this a ground vehicle, there's no "swoosh-able" factor to take into account of. Then again, it's always fun to blow up battle droids, and that's what I would do. >:-)


To conclude, this set has become a favourite of mine despite it not being space-worthy. And I happened, to only like space craft. Like I mentioned at the start of the review, this is one set that even caters to army builders. Which army builder wouldn't want a squad of scout walkers that looks ever battle ready? X-D

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that's a great review of a great set! i have one but i may be buying a few more later on. however, it doesn't walk very well with these hinges, does it?

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Nice review, but to conclude I think it's good if you put something like

Durablilty: -/10

Construction: -/10

Playability: -/10

Overall: -/10

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I got this set a while ago.

My main complaints are... that there is no 'waist' joint; but this might just be a design oversight from Lucas himself...

and that the 'hip' joints are fake; the very top of each leg is solid and can't actually rotate, which severely limits the action poses it can do; as Valentin illustrates in his photos.-legs can't swing forward much at all

Anyhow, I got this set for the parts; not the model.

10 SNOT brackets! 4 of the big square ones and 6 of the long ones

and 6 mini satellite dishes

and then theres the Clone, with the red 'Marathon' symbol printed on him, as a Marathon and Halo fan I couldn't pass that up...

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Thanks for the review. :-)

I just got this set, and really like it, the only thing I don't really like is the way the legs move, If there was some sort of swivel piece on it, like in the AT-ST, I think it would make it better.

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And now for a thread from the archives...

I've had three of these sets still in the box for several years now, and only a couple hours ago did I finally get around to opening one of them up and putting it together - I have a huge backlog of over a hundred unopened sets from over the last fifteen years or so. Though I love Star Wars in general, the prequel movies aren't exactly my favorite part of it, and a lot of sets from them have been on the back burner, as it were. Today I just felt like putting together something new, and decided to finally break the seals on one of these. I was delighted to find that decorated element on the front was actually a printed brick rather than a stickered one - who knew?! Well, okay, I guess lots of you have known for over a decade now, but I didn't!

Though 2005 doesn't feel all that long ago, the set definitely felt like a blast from the past in things like having package / instructions photos of alternate models, as well as coming with the minifigure head already placed on the torso. The set doesn't really feel dated to me, though, except perhaps for equipping our clone with a megaphone blaster. Design- and build-wise, I think it holds up fairly well to current sets, though more leg posability would be nice. But it's no worse in that regard than the AT-ST that came two years later at twice the price, so no biggie. I'm very glad I wound up getting three of these. I don't even recall exactly how or why for sure, but I think I found two of them clearanced, and was given the third for a birthday present. But it's a fine little set, and fully deserved greater attention than Ive given it before now, even if I'll always be much more interested in the OT era than anything outside it.

(Nice review, valentin!)

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I heartily agree with you, Blondie-Wan. This set was really the highlight of that original Episode 3 wave for 8-year-old me (and moern me). It's actually a pretty fair AT-RT- I personally think it's better than the most recent AT-RT, 75002 ( 75002 is grossly oversized and disproportionate. This set is as well, but less so. And yes, that printed element is to die for!

Sometimes I pine for those simpler days of Lego (and Star Wars). Before the advent of over-printed minifigs and the loss of alternates. Before TCW ruined clones for me. Yeah, those are the same three things everyone here in the Star Wars forum rag on. Jeez, now I'm in a sappy nostalgic mood. But it's an oh so wonderful mood... I'm gonna go build something exclusively with 2x2 and 2x4 bricks...

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