D2C Designers requesting feedback for 2012 models

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1. No

2. No, but if the theme is really good then yes

3. CN Tower/Parliament Building from Parliament Hill in Ottawa

4. Large Scale Jabba's Palace complete with Rancor, Deluxe Mos Eisley Cantina

5. I would love to see LEGO make better quality minifigures that don't crack at the arms and torso. Maybe get rid of the flimsy clip on legs used for droid minifigures.

It would be amazing to see a set based on Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Bring back a Canada Post vehicle. A Canadian Train-Canadian Pacific Railway. The Legends Line, LEGO Batman and especially Fabuland.

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1. Rarely buy large sets, but no, hardly ever buy sets solely for parts.

2. Mostly individual, but in some cases the whole series.

3. While I wouldn't be able to buy it, I'd love a Colliseum or Acropolis.

4. As said above, not really a collector of large sets, so I'm not too sure.

5. A Halo or Doctor Who license is beyond reach, but I'd like some more sci-fi or military themes. Some collectible minifigs or items in sets would also be great, such as rock and lava monsters from Power Miners. A renewal of the Star Wars license would be great, too.

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Thanks in advance to LEGO and the Abassadors for conducting this market research!

1) I buy LEGO Direct products mainly because of the finished model, but if they include a range of uncommon and useful elements then that plays a major role in persuading me to buy them. For example, the modular buildings always include rare pieces, and pieces that are very useful for architecture, whereas the Taj Mahal features eleventy thousand 2x2 turntable bases. I know which one I'd rather buy, even if cost was no factor. These large sets would be a good opportunity to make large quantities of uncommon parts/colours available to fans.

2) I only buy LEGO direct products that appeal to me, but I am collecting all of the modular buildings (of course it goes without saying that they all appeal to me a lot).

3) My ideas for world icons are:

-Sydney Opera House


-London Eye

-Westminster/Big Ben

-The Gherkin

-Tower Bridge (I believe this is what other people are referring to when they say "London Bridge", as, compared to the instantly recognisable Tower Bridge, London Bridge is rather unremarkable)

-the White Tower of the Tower of London

4) I'd like to see more modular buildings, naturally. A modern building would make a nice addition to the street. I'm thinking postmodern design, steel and glass? Also, shops such as a restaurant, florist, bakery (stocked with yummy LEGO cupcakes, croissants and baguettes), library, cinema, LEGO Store, bike shop.


-More minifig sculptures (missed out on that one when it came out ages ago)

-PF monorail (if it's semi-compatible with the old 9V monorail then that'd be sick)

-A light rail vehicle/ low floor tram, released as a set that can run on LEGO tracks and is optionally powerable, like how the Emerald Night was. Something a bit more realistically scaled than the small tram in the upcoming public transport set.

5) As someone else has said, make more colours of elements available to fans in basic bricks, such as the old sand red, sand blue, sand purple, light yellow, dark orange/earth orange colours. Perhaps an upcoming modular house could make use of an uncommon colour like one of these? The fact they sell like hotcakes, and that LEGO can mix its own colours now means that it shouldn't be that economically nonviable, and the inclusion of an uncommon colour en masse would help the set sell even more.

Also, the whole minifig-manufacturing-in-China matter needs to be reviewed. I'm not being unreasonably whingey by saying this; I understand that many different elements need to be produced in China due to constraints in what the machinery in Europe and Mexico can produce. What I don't get is why the minifigure, arguably one of the LEGO System's key assets, is also now being made there. Despite the fact that overall quality has improved, a recent review of a Chinese-made figure pack has shown that the quality is still noticeably sub-par. Given TLG's motto, "Only the best is good enough", it's a surprise and a shame that LEGO hasn't decided to just make all its figs on the one production line. Having one set of high-quality knights from Europe, then a set of subpar knights from China, and selling them both in the same shop doesn't really seem to inspire consumer confidence.

And to be honest, I thought that making them all one one production line would be cheaper? I would guess that at least 99% of the Kingdoms knights produced are made in Europe, so it doesn't really make sense to manufacture the 1% destined for battlepacks somewhere else.

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1. No

2. Sometimes individual, sometimes whole

3. I'd like Barumini nurake, but I'll be more realistic: Teatro Massimo in Palermo; Sidney Opera House; Basilica di San Marco in Venice

4. Vespa 1:4; Citroen 2CV 1:10 or better 1:9 (in both system -body- e technic -chassis- style, with working typical Citroen suspensions!); Citroen DS21 :wub: ; Fiat 500 1:10; Mini Cooper 1:10; last, but not least, a modular traditional Japanese palace (I'm curious on it)

5 A subtheme for Creator line: Advanced Creator, a Model Team-like line for the new decade; New Technic Universal Sets; a Oldtimer car in Creator line; some studded connection more in Technic sets; a new Technic Supercar (the sixth); less Hand of God mode in the big Technic sets, very few realistic (power to the steering wheel :laugh: ).

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1. No, never bought one

2. mostly I stick to certain themes and buy the sets I like, but I also buy other sets if I think they're good

3. something really complicated and world recognised, no big blanks walls or repetitive builds - Kiyomizu temple, Itsukushima temple, Udaipur palace, Borobodor, Angkor Wat, the UK houses of Parliament, any of the world's great cathedrals or mosques, especially la Sagrada Familia or anything gothic, Kings College Chapel, temples of Karnak, Petra, the Alhambra, the Mezquita, Sydney Opera house, Pothala Palace, recreations of Roman, Egyptian, Greek villas, temples, fora and monuments, the 7 ancient wonders of the World especially the Colossus and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Most European countries have very cool iconic historical buildings which would make great sets.

4. I am most impressed with UCS when there are a lot of unique minifigs like the 10123 or 10188, and I am disappointed when it is standard figures with lots of stickers like 10195. I would like to see more Star Wars playsets especially Mos Eisley, Theed Palace, Jedi Temple. Indiana Jones playsets. Lunar Lander. Iconic cars - Lamborghini Miura, Ferrari 250GTO while Lego has the licenses, movie tie-in one offs such as the flying DeLorean from Back to the Future, the steampunk train from Back to the Future 3, Ectoplasm1 from Ghostbusters, Inspector Morse's Jaguar S type, Emma Peel's Lotus Elan. Classic cars from the 1960s - Jaguar E Type, Citroen 2CV and DS. I am torn on the return of classic sets such as 928, I would love to see them but we all have an interest in old sets maintaining their value.

5. Current profit margins are abnormally high, reinvest them in product quality with an eye to long term user value. Many of us are in the hobby for the long term and we want to be able to use 30-year old sets, and our kids will want to use today's sets in 30 years - raise Chinese plastic quality especially on minifigs, move back to printed parts rather than stickers. Bring back Western, launch historic Greek, Roman, Egyptian themes (Greek myths would be superb, with wonderful mythical beast potential, Atlantis is an easy way in to a long-term myth theme). Star Wars is good because it has so many characters, try to diversify the minifig mix in other license themes (too many Indys and Harrys, not enough Belloqs or Nevilles). More use of natural colours, more animal and plant life, and more interior detail on buildings. New licenses with longer term potential, think of the minifig potential as well as the vehicle count for the collectors' market. Other license ideas -Final Fantasy as a steampunk theme, Star Trek, Tron, Miyazaki cartoons (lots of flying vehicles), Doctor Who. Expand PAB to include historic and highly-demanded parts like monorail tracks, introduce old grey colours to PAB. Keep an interest in the girl market and the AFOL market when designing product spec. More battlepacks, or sell more minifigs seperately. Equalise global pricing at US levels. And, thankyou to TLC for asking us, thankyou for the expanded magnet ranges, thankyou for re-launching Space with alien characters, and thankyou for the excellent 2010 product range, especially the very good range of minifigs this year.

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1 yes

2 individual

3 something ancient, like one of the seven wonders of the world.(preferably minifig scale)

4 a Roman or Greek set would be great, a Roman or Greek theme would be fantastic.

5 I really love the adventurers themes 1998-2004, much more than indiana jones, becouse almost all the indy sets were chases, the adventurers sets were very cool temples.

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1. I haven't bought any World Icons, but if I do, I would say NO because I usually bye LEGO sets for design rather than pieces

2. Individual

3. Well, one idea listed was a Roman Colosseum. That would be cool.

4. Oh wow. Lets see.

Monorail System (City)-Like the classic monorail system, but with new track placement, monorail design, minifigs, and buildings.

Carnival/Street Fair (City)-With carnival games and rides and concessions.

Personally, I'm happy with a lot of the core themes that are going on currently. When your done with Prince of Persia, I'd like to see the return of Johnny Thunder and the Adventurers. Someone else also listed the return of LEGO LEGENDS. :thumbup: I applaud you. Yes, I would love if you guys re-released old LEGO sets. I'd also like to see the return of Wild West on LEGO shelves.

And all though this is unlikely, I'd though I'd throw out that I wish to see the return of LEGO Island. It might a subtheme of City or its own separate theme. It would include buildings, vehicles from the original game and more action sequences from the second game, while leaving the third game untouched since it has already been touched enough, and not very well I might add.

And, as told ahead of me, pick up the quality on minifigs. Its truly a shame for company who's motto is "Only the best is good enough" doesn't give its best on minifigs.

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1. No they were all too expensive. And I spend about $3,000 USD per year.

2. Whole: I usually try to get most of the models in a theme. Once again the large the $$$ amount the less likely I am to buy it.

Individual: I usually will only buy a single model from a line/theme if the set has unique pieces that I want. For example I bought one SpongeBob set for its pieces. Probably do the same with the Toy Story line. Army set and maybe 1 or 2 others.

3. Assuming this will be UCS. I’d go with these:

NYC Trade Towers but I’d do in 2011 as a 10th anniversary of 911 set. I’m sure these would sell in the USA.

Coliseum for very obvious reasons.

Sphinx and Pyramid in Egypt.

Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Chichen Itza in Mexico.

4. Assuming you wan an UCS model. I think doing UCS version of the international space station or planet earth (like a globe) would be nice.

5. I’m really glad to see Lego adding some new animals to their collection. I asked for this several years ago. (I assume I wasn’t the only one.) And seeing doing it is great. Finally I’d like to see Lego do an Ancient Civilizations Theme complete with Romans, Egyptians, Mongolians, Incas, and other ancient super powers.

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(1) No

(2) Individual

(3) Mayan/Incan/Aztec Temple, Greek Temple (e.g. Akropolis), Roman Colosseum, The Red Square in Russia, Wat Phra Kaeo in Bangkok in full GOLD, The White House

(4) I would really, really like to see a full chrome (Star Wars) Naboo Royal Starship (as seen in LEGO Star Wars: The Game) and the (Star Wars) Jedi Temple would also be tremendously cool!

(5) 1. There should be some (or more) bases or landscapes available in Star Wars sets (especially The Clone Wars) or at least something where troops can get cover behind, not always just some sort of vehicle.

2. I would really like to see a truly historical castle themes (without ANY mages whatsoever) with templars and saracens.

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3.Maybe the Akropolis from athen in the ancient world with figures from this time.

4.I would like to see more Indiana Jones sets,because the old collection was cool but there were many options to make more sets and the figures were great. :cry_happy:

5.Ok my answers.^^

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1. No

2. Individual

3. I think that Big Ben would be a really cool idea!

4. a) I think that like the Harry Potter sets being released again, the Batman line should be rereleased, it would be popular!

b) I would love there to be Doctor Who themed sets!


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1. Haven't bought any (not available easily for a Bolivian...) I would buy the Taj Mahal for the set itself if I could. I think there probably less expensive ways to get parts packs than these architecture sets.

2. Specific due for individual appeal. I would love a Taj Mahal but I am not very interested in the others.

3. Hmnn. Roman Coliseum. Machu Picchu, Great Sphinx of Giza. Ston henge. Christ the Redeemer. This fellow:

4. I'd like ultimate futuristic sets (space) that were not licensed (No starwards, etc).

5. Hmnn.

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1. I don't buy large sets like that but if I would, I'd keep it together

2. Individual

3. Statue of a Sphinx

4. A huge base/mothership for the black hole gang in space police (if it's still out by then)

5. I would love a Future sub-theme with City. Sort of like the futuristic design of cars and motorcycles in Space Police, but with civilian vehicles, firefighting vehicles, etc.

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1) no


3)Big BEn

4)Trains and ones specific to real countries, in 8-wide and loads of detail

5)More new peices and new colours for old ones. Doctor Who theme

Thanks, CB

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  1. Do you buy sets like the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal because you view them as amazing ‘parts packs’? Yes/No
  2. Do you only buy specific models in the line because of individual appeal or do you collect the whole series because you appreciate the theme? Individual/Whole
  3. What would you like to see as the next World Icon?
  4. What particular ultimate set beyond World Icons would you like to see?
  5. The rest of your input not answered above!

Dealine is Thursday June 10th so hurry, hurry :grin:!

1. Yes, with some exceptions. I bought 11 Statue of Liberty sets (keeping 1 built up) because the bricks were the best colour for layout scenery. Same with 13 Yoda statues, for the plates in his head, and the Green Dragon (I bought 3 and kept one built up).

I didn't buy the Eiffel Tower because it was too expensive for basic bricks and I didn't need a lot of dark bley 2x2s.

I didn't buy the Taj Mahal because it needs a large table area (whose house has one free?) and the parts mix wasn't good for me - it had a lot of a couple of pieces that I wouldn't use for MOCs afterwards. Sets have to have MOC value in their parts mix, whatever the set, unless the set is *so* good that you would leave it built permanently, but in that case you're buying a particular set, not a number of parts, so the commercial equation is different.

The Statue of Liberty had a good parts mix - a range of bricks in reasonable proportions to what one would use for MOC statues. I ended up designing layout modules around the mix of bricks, and later bought black bricks in accordance with that mix.

I didn't buy the very largest Star Wars sets (Ultimate Millennium Falcon) because I didn't have the table space and couldn't use the parts later.

Exceptions to the rule are the Ferris Wheel, Carousel and Cafe Corner street sets, which look good on their own and which I have not dismantled yet. They have good technical functionality for display but are not quite so good as parts packs, which is why I bought one of each.

You therefore have 3 criteria:

A. How good the set is as a parts pack

B. How good the set is as a static display

C. How good the set is in technical functions for active display (grabbing attention of passers-by)

If you have just B or C, I will buy one set, more likely for C than B. If you have just A I will buy several sets if I can use the bricks, but if I build one up I would take it apart in a week and not display it. If you have C then I'm more likely to display it for longer, and even take it to shows. If you have A and B or C then I'll display one and buy many more for the parts. In some cases, like Cafe Corner, many sets can be displayed together, such as the 18-storey 2x2 Cafe block. The multiple set display appeal has not been milked as it used to be (e.g. instructions for 1970s-80s Technic sets and ideas books showed what could be built with 2 or 3 sets added together). As a child, those extra sets were virtually sold to me as soon as I looked at the pictures.

2. It varies, depending on the theme. Usually specific models for their appeal (whih can be as the set, like the Ferris Wheel and Carousel, or as a parts pack like the Statue of Liberty, Yoda and Dragon), except the street sets, of which I have 1 of each, but I might discontinue this as the price gets too high (e.g. Grand Emporium has too few parts for the price).

3. The Big Ben tower would be good, but you would have to do it properly, with lots of detail and motorized clock faces with a PF medium motor. It would fit well in the home because its footprint is small. Even better if you could put a chime sound brick in it! I would probably buy it as a 5000 piece set because it is so iconic and would make a good display model. Whether I would want to buy any more as parts packs would depend on whether I needed the tan bricks for anything! Certainly if it included some Dark Tan bricks at the right price it would be a big hit in the community!

4. Ultimate Pneumatics set in the Technic range. The return of pneumatics in 8049 tractor has been a success, so it is time to show what pneumatics can do. A robot like this, or variable position control like this, or maybe even a pneumatic train! Get some real engineering into a LEGO set! Set contents to include at least 10 large and 2 small pneumatic cylinders, 10 pneumatic valves and the compression power of 6 pump cylinders. Maybe a PF-powered swash plate pump could be used? This would not only teach a new generation of Technic enthusiasts about pneumatics but would be a great parts pack for AFOLs!

5a. Bigger steam engine wheels please! I need them at 43.2mm and 49.6mm diameters (both fit in with the multiples of plate heights relative to existing train wheels). Flanges and belt grooves optional - It is easier to motorize smaller wheels in the tender with a train motor and just turn these wheels by friction or with a separate motor. The biggest existing 1M-wide wheels with a crank pin hole are 40-tooth cogs, which look a bit ugly, so I tried cutting down some model team wheel hubs. A new loco set using the new wheels would be great. Emerald Night was a step in the right direction but it should now be surpassed!

5b. A decent SNOT set would be good too. Teach the kids how to do lettering like this. The set would need 1x1 and 1x2 tiles and plates and some SNOT bricks. Probably 2x2 corner and 2x2 plates and tiles too. Price should be cheap per piece for that range of parts. The instructions should show how to make all the letters of the alphabet, and numbers too, and include enough parts for at least 20 letters to be made at once. Need to pick a colour scheme of the best 2 colours. This might make a good theme like My Own Train, where a child could pick a colour scheme online for one set of parts, where the other set of parts was standard.

5c. Bring back the 1x1 black tile letters pack, and include numbers 0-9! Maybe a black letters on white tiles version too.

5d. More ideas books. Ideas using particular sets, especially from the Technic and Train ranges, lead to more sales. Yes, we AFOLs show many good ideas for complex models with lots of pieces, but a child of 9-12 needs ideas of how to get started in larger MOCs by adding particular sets together, to make a model of 500-2000 pieces. The earlier books 8888, 8889, 8890, 8891 and 7777 were great. By all means get AFOLs to contribute, with the stipulation that particular sets from a single year in a single theme should be used. I'm not sure than many kids have used the Track Designer program, so some track plans in a railway ideas book would be good.


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1. No, the sets look too good to be parts pack

2. Whole series for my core themes (Modular buildings, Batman, Indiana Jones, Toy Story), Individual appeal for other lines

3. Roman Colosseum, Big Ben, Saint Basil's Cathedral, The Temple of Heaven (Beijing), Bank of China Building (Hong Kong)

4. Carnival/ Zoo/ Circus/ amusement park type of set;

5. Keep the modular buildings line going and keep up the level of details (I understand TLG is paying more attention to the building interior but I don't mind spending a few more pennies as long as you keep the exterior as good as the Cafe Corner itself)

Bring us more rare colors pieces and make them more accessible (e.g. dark blue and sand red) in huge quantities

I know this does not relate to product development, but I would appreciate if TLG can reduce the box sizes, they are mostly half full (half empty). I have multiples of each of the modular buildings, not to mention the other gigantic sets, and they are taking too much storage space!

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1) No, I haven't spent much money on LEGO in the past few years.

2) Individual, if at all

3) Hard to say... maybe Neuschwanstein Castle.

4) I like big huge castles, preferably minifig scale (>_>).

5) This has been mentioned a few times before, and I'd like to say that I agree - I'd really like to see a LEGO Roman series. The typical medieval castle/knights thing has been done SO many times - I was actually rather disappointed to see yet another generic castle theme coming out this year. The Castle series that ended last year was great - I really liked the originality and fantasy (me being a fan of such things).

On the note of fantasy, I would really love to see a LEGO Lord of the Rings series too (or at least official minifigs). That would be awesome :D

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2.I want to collect the whole star wars theme.

3.Maybe the sphinx.

4.Hmm :

the place where Darth Maul battles Qui-Gon and Obi wan.

Ot battlepacks

Hoth base

Cloud city


Jedi temple

5.More star wars

Return of the ninjas


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1. No


3.Sphinx or Parthenon or Koln Cathedral

4.A BIG castle maybe? :classic:

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1. No

2. Whole

3. Sydney Opera House

4. More Batman, Spiderman, X-Men, Ironman, Terminator Blade Runner...

5. The XB982 Astroship



And the Diving Saucer (SP-350) "Denise" - Jacques Yves Cousteau's first Sub.



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1. Both

2. Whole

3. A Roman Colosseum for sure.

4. The continuation of the SW line (Palpitine arrest, Order 66, Cloud city, Redone Cantina with more aliens.), and a huge castle.

5. The return of classic space would be great, the modular houses continuing (bank, and a post office) and more civilian type sets (city, and castle)

Thanks for doing this TLC! :classic::thumbup:

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Hey guys!

1. No. They are too expensive! :hmpf_bad:

2. I like to buy the whole lines! :thumbup:

3. LNER Mallard! :blush:


Space police Battle pack (space police 3) 5 space police:blush: ]

Ewok battle pack (star wars) 4 ewoks :sweet:

Medieval town (kingdoms) 12 Minifigs!

Dr D.zaster's slime mech (Agents) New agent and Dr D.Zaster :classic:

RXP.T1 Space fighter (space police) Kranxx, squidman and Officer!

School (city) 4 Kids, teacher, classroom, playground baseplate and bus.

Lego shop (city) 1 lego employee, 4 kids, shop, 10 mini lego sets, mini taj mahal and delevery man :blush:!!!!

Padme's Ship (star wars) Padme (Geonosis), anakin (padawan), C3P0 (silver) and R2D2. :sweet:

Clutch's spaceship (Clutch powers) Space ship that clutch builds on the adventures of clutch powers! Includes Clutch, Peg, Bernie and Brick.

Bridge (Clutch powers) The bridge Hogar told Clutch to build on the adventures of clutch powers. Includes Clutch, Hogar, Skelly and Bones.

Lava Queen (Clutch Powers) The rock monster clutch faces in the adventures of clutch powers. Includes Clutch (with hair and helmet), Lava queen and the baby rock monster!

Battle Cart (Clutch Powers) The battle cart from the adventures of clutch powers. Includes Clutch, Brick, Bernie, Peg and Prince Varen!


Make a clutch powers line!

Bring back agents!

Keep space police going!

Thats it!

LOL! :grin:

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1) No, i dont buy them, i prefer sets with minifgures.

2) No, i dont buy these models, i used to buy Model Team but thats as far as ive gone with models.

3) London Eye would be cool!

4) Mos Eisley Spaceport without a doubt!!!

5) Ewok sets like battle packs, more Pirate sets, also i liked what someone else mentioned - a legends line, where you re-release classic sets from selected ranges with awesome new packaging designed for collectors!

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Question 1: I would say "no", if I'm not allowed to say both "yes" and "no". I view those kind of sets as both amazing masterpieces to build, and magnificent 'parts packs'.

Question 2: The only series that made me wish to collect all the sets was Orient Expedition. The storyline about Johnny Thunder and his allies trying to recover a lost treasure meant for Marco Polo compelled me to reenact the adventure through the sets, then build new adventures with them. Nowadays, I'll only buy a set that appeals to me in both looks and parts, so my answer is "whole".

Question 3: Machu Picchu; It would be both incredibly detailed and make a good parts pack, because 1x1s in different shades of gray would be scattered everywhere. Another possibility is Buckingham Palace.

Question 4: I'd like to see either a big Minifig-scale LEGO Store (how ironic, a LEGO store made out of LEGO) or a huge Minifig-scale replica of a common LEGO Community Event like Brickfair. Yeah, just imagine that! The MOCs would be Micro-scale, tiny 'spare LEGO bricks' would be printed on 2x4 flat plates, and there would be Minifigs based on high-ranking members of the LEGO Community everywhere!

Question 5: I think LEGO should make more playthemes that interest kids in educational subjects, such as the Orient Expedition theme with the educational subject of History. Infact, the Orient Expedition sub-site on even had pages about Geography and History! Something children like + something Educational = something good for children in two ways! I think there is always a place for an 'adventure' theme based on History, no matter if there are classic characters or movie characters.

Another thing I wish for is an entire playtheme with new sets based on old classic themes; such as Adventurers (Johnny Thunder for the win), Aquazone and some of the Space subthemes. The models would blend old looks with newer building techniques, and the Minifigs would be slightly revamped (not too much change please). I would really, REALLY appreciate a revisit to Adventurers. Indiana Jones IS cool, but he is nothing compared to Johnny Thunder in my eyes.

I also see Ice Planet as being a possibility for a new non-Star Wars space theme when Space Police 3 ends. The world would be the ice moon of Europa, one of Jupiter's moons. There would be submersibles meant for exploring a previously undiscovered ocean beneath the ice, and drilling machines meant for exposing it. The bases would be modular, so builders could mix and match rooms to create a custom station quicker, whether it would be a laboratory or a place for explorers to rest. As for extraterrestrials, there should either be both a "good" species and an "evil" species, or an extraterrestrial species with both sides of moral ideology. What I didn't like about SP3 was that ALL of the villains were non-Human.

I also think the Robin Hood-like subtheme from the Castle theme needs to be revisited, along with more Fantasy races introduced (Elves etc.)

Another thing that would be nice is an 'Adventure' theme that is completely unique. Not underwater, or underground. Maybe an adventure in a cyber-world, or something crazy like that.

I also really like the concept of World Racers, and maybe some more Minifigures in racing vehicle with loads of gadgets in the future. Kinda like the Drome Racers online flash-based game, except in a futuristic race-world that is new.

When Star Wars eventually ends, I hope that maybe James Cameron's Avatar would take its place as a movie theme. A sequel of Avatar is in the making, after all, and another movie will follow after that. However, this idea is suggestive, because not everyone likes James Cameron's Avatar.

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