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MOC: Flatbed wagon

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4 axle flatbed wagon



Length (from buffer to buffer without magnets): 264 mm (33 st)

Widtch: 64 mm (8 st)

Height: 40 mm (5 st)

It's the first wagon to my long term project "My First train". At first it was gray but in the meantime I build a diesel locomotive and I had to "repaint" the wagon so it's not in the same color.

The car is compatible with containers designed by TLG (sets like 7939 cargo train etc. It can be loaded with two types of containers. Long one 24 st and two short 12 studs. They are fixed in position after mounting on a car and don't fall off while the train's on the move.

Comparing to previous version, this (final) version was shortened by 2 studs and heightened by plate. I wanted to strengthen and stiffen it, moreover I added another brake for both trolleys.

I'm publishing the locomotive soon but I need 2 more parts that has already been shipped from bricklink store. Then I will add some more photos of the wagon with the locomotive.

I hope you like it. Please send critique and comments via email or here on EB :)

I updated the WIP topic of course.


1_container.jpg_thumb.jpg climbing.jpg_thumb.jpg front_containet.jpg_thumb.jpg

00.jpg_thumb.jpg flatbed_car.jpg_thumb.jpg side.jpg_thumb.jpg

axles.jpg_thumb.jpg top.jpg_thumb.jpg

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looks like brickshelf being down killed your photos. Are you on flickr by chance?

EDIT: looks like brickshelf is back up.

Overall, I really like what you have going here.

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Excellent flat bed 'Intact' really nice job indeed - the yellow just sets it off perfect. :grin:

You might make me redesign my AN flat bed now - great work and I'm a conformist! ! :sweet:

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