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Epic Scenes Contest Index

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Epic Scenes Small Entries

republicforces.jpg Showdown at Maryx Minor by RepublicForces

mookage.jpg Nabo Duel - Maul Vs Kenobi and Jin by mookage

sok117.jpg The Great Pit of Carkoon by sok117

darthlion.jpg Attack on the Death Star By Darth Lion

admiralron.jpg Thrawn's Demise by Admiral Ron

isc.jpg Order 66: Aayla Secura Falls by I Scream Clone

piratepete.jpg The Cremating of Darth Vader by Pirate Pete

thire5.jpg I am your father.. by thire5

obxcrew.jpg Duel on Chandrila by obxcrew

tereglith.jpg The Executor's Demise by Tereglith

yg49.jpg "I'll never join you!" by YG-49

anakev.jpg "Join me, and together..." by anakev

brickfoot.jpg The Death of Dooku by brickfoot

torham.jpg We're all gonna be a lot thinner by Torham

fattony.jpg The Crystal Caves of Illum by Fat Tony

acpin.jpg Deactivate Tractor Beam by ACPin

thatguywiththebricks.jpg "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you're my only hope." by ThatGuyWithTheBricks

inconspicious.jpg Meeting Yoda by Inconspicuous

gambort.jpg Max Rebo Band by gambort

arsparfel.jpg Snow White and the seven dwarfs on Endor by Ar Sparfel

raphy.jpg The Chaos at Hoth by Raphy

sirgecko.jpg Anakin vs. Obi-Wan by Sir Gecko

j4ke.jpg Order 66 over Cato Neimodia by J4ke

burman.jpg The Fate of Bespin by Burman

aonz.jpg Geonosis Epic Battle by AoNZ

l-di-ego.jpg The Sarlacc found me somewhat indigestible by L-DI-EGO

swissarmydroid.jpg Havoc on Hoth by Swiss Army Droid

adho15.jpg Jango's Escape by ADHO15

greenskull139.jpg Luke faces Vader by greenskull139

danthebrick.jpg NO DISINTEGRATIONS! by Danthebrick

pkp.jpg Millennium Falcon's Escape From Death Star by pkp

maskedbuilder.jpg Battle Of The Heros by Masked Builder

jd714.jpg Utapau Assault by Jammiedodger714

zhg94.jpg Order 66 on Kashyyyk by zhg94

Epic Scenes Medium Entries

fattony.jpg Immolation- the end of Anakin Skywalker by Fat Tony

acpin.jpg Theed Diversion by ACPin

marshal_banana.jpg That wasn’t a laser blast. Something hit us. by marshal banana

thatguywiththebricks.jpg Battle For Kashyyyk by ThatGuyWithTheBricks

legoman.jpg 'I beleive they think I am some sort of god' - Endor Capture by Legoman

501stcommando.jpg Factory raid by 501st Commando

mookage.jpg Yoda confronts the new Emperor by mookage

brickfoot.jpg Battle of Hoth by brickfoot

rinconstar.jpg Rhen Var by Rinconstar

inconspicuous.jpg A Piping Hot Duel by Inconspicuous


okywankenobi.jpg Yoda - A Tribute! by Oky Wan Kenobi

Epic Scenes Large Entries

cloney.jpg Battle Of Christophsis by Cloney

thelegonator.jpg Outcast Couruscant Chase by The Legonator

darthlion.jpg °-Starkiller's Revenge-° by Darth Lion

acpin.jpg Theed Ambush Rescue by ACPin

moseisley.jpg E43D by Mos_Eisley

fattony.jpg Redemption- the return of Anakin Skywalker by Fat Tony

thatguywiththebricks.jpg Emporer Palpatine's Throne-Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker by ThatGuyWithTheBricks

infomaniac.jpg "We Need More Reinforcements!" by Infomaniac

mookage.jpg The Battle of Fallen's Fist by mookage

jammiedodger714.jpg CW Chapter 11 ~ Muunilist Strike by Jammiedodger714

legorevolution.jpg Felucia: Heart of Darkness by legorevolution

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