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Matsuoka Nui

A title too many...

A Title too Many...  

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  1. 1. I'm not asking for a lot, but which of the following titles do you want me to use?

    • Averax Magna: Power of Parallelsim
    • Biosuba: Tearing of Parallels
    • BIONICLE: The Great Parallel / Tsubasa RC: A Logic's Wish

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This topic contains two points: A voting poll for the title and information about the final story!

Okay, as you know, I just finished Decade, and I'm now preparing to release my finale multi-verse fanfic. I have at least three (or four depending how you view things...) titles that I've made. Please help me by voting which one you think sounds the best! Please note that I will NOT release the story here since the BIONICLE universes will collide with other universes, it will be uploaded instead on deviantart.

In the meantime, here's the information about this "story finale"....


The unexpected emergency calls for all of the various characters from each world to unite. The entire stories of Skralla, Erax, Sakari and more have finally lead up to this; a Parallel Power that lies in the heart of all universes that comes to life. Why do these many worlds behave so similar? This Grand Finale story will show all of you the heart of the inevitable!

Previously: Erax told his adventures to Sakari and Syarix, revealing even the darkest secrets that he kept to himself originally. Just as things were normal, an emergency calls them to head out to Clow Country to meet up with their other selves, Sakura and Syaoran.

During Erax's journey, a dangerous power source was revealed, a Golden Orb. What will this simple (but complex) object play in this complex finale?

Slowly, many universes around time and space are colliding and forming fusions. What are the benefits and risks for this? How will the people respond?

The final secrets are about to be revealed…


*Each of these characters will play a great role throughout the story, along with minor characters that were featured back in PS, AMC, PitP, Decade, (and some from Tsubasa RC and maybe Romeo x Juliet Anime.)

Blue Font=Major Role, Green Font=Moderate Role, Orange Font= Minor Role


~Averax Magna Universe

Mata Nui- The father of Sakari and King of Averax Magna.

Skralla- The powerful female Skrall/Great Being, mother of Sakari and Queen of Averax Magna.

Sakari (Clone Sakura)- The daughter of MN and S who is actually the reincarnated Clone Sakura, mother of the Real Syaoran. She and Syarix are sent away to the Kingdom of Clow for an "emergency" mission.

Syarix (Clone Syaoran)- A former citizen of Halan country, his true form is the Clone Syaoran, father of the Real Syaoran. He and Sakari were recently sent away for an "emergency" mission in the Kingdom of Clow

Erax- A traveling Glatorian who recently rediscovered his home. He wishes to help Sakari and Syarix with their other selves in the midst of battle.

Sarhax- One of Garaxial’s students who later became a slave; she actually survives Kotan’s destruction at the end of the Battle of Averax Magna, but how she did is not yet revealed.

Many other characters such as the Turaga, Glatorian, the Skrall, some Great Beings, and Toa will appear from time to time.

~Verona Magna (From PitP)

Tiyan- A former servant of Kiina (Juliet) who brought the idea of “Akara/Blue Savior” and discovered her lineage

Akanari- Another servant of Kiina who helped her in though situation.

Element Lords: Capulet (Water), Montague (Jungle), Brutus (Rock), Vulcanus (Fire), Escalus (Ice,) and Atarus (Sand)- The chosen warriors that were tampered by the Great Beings to gain elemental powers. More of their history can be read in “Petals in the Pond”.

~Kenax City (From AMC Trilogy)

Aeran (Real Name: Arioto)- One of the Great Leaders of the city, known for his swift and strike techniques. His great enemy killed his parents when he was younger during his purification spell on the Week of Light.


Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle:

“Sakura” (Real name: Tsubasa, codename: T!Sakura)-The princess of Clow Country

“Syaoran” (Real name: Tsubasa, codename: T!Syaoran)-A young warrior who was the son of the clone Syaoran and Sakura.

Kurogane (Real name: Yôô)- A powerful ninja from Nihon Country who was sent away to learn the meaning of true strength. His family was killed when he was only a kid and was then taken to live in Nihon.

Fay (Real name: Yûi)-A twin wizard from Celes Country, he called himself Fay after his twin who died.

Mokona Modoki- a “rabbit-like” creature that has the power to cross worlds (only possessed by Soel); there are actually two of them. The one in TRC is known as Soel while the one in xxxHolic is known as Larg.

Other Characters (Varies from each of the universes mentioned in the story)

Shogo (of Hanshin)- Aeran’s parallel self; carries a powerful Kudan of Water in the form of a Manta Ray

Watanuki (from xxxHolic)- T!Syaoran’s other self; was never meant to be in existence but came due to a time paradox through the male Tsubasa’s wish.

Chu'nyan (of Koryo Country)- a young girl who becomes a candidate of possessing the power of hijitsu.

Princess Tomoyo (of Nihon Country)- a sorceress from Nihon Country who exiled Kurogane from his "out of control" killing spree back in TRC by telling him to learn the meaning of true strength.

King Fujitaka (Kingdom of Clow, Timeline A and B)- The true king of the Kingdom of Clow. His life changed into Timeline B as he became the father of the Clone Syaoran. However his true origin is in Timeline A, as the ruler, and father of the T!Sakura.

Queen Nadeshiko (Kingdom of Clow, Timeline A)- The mother of T!Sakura and the Queen of the Kingdom of Clow. Like Skralla, she is also a Dream Seer and carried a gigantic staff with her as a weapon and a badge of office. She and T!Syaoran were the only ones to notice Sakura’s death mark back in TRC and used her powers to freeze the time before the mark consumed her daughter’s life, telling Syaoran to turn back and save her. She didn’t exist in Timeline B, but came back when the TRC gang restored Timeline A.

Tôya (Kingdom of Clow, Timeline A and B)- T!Sakura’s older brother who became King of Clow in Timeline B when Fujitaka’s life changed as a result of T!Syaoran’s wish. In Timeline A, he’s still a prince who sometimes gets into arguments with Sakura and dislikes Syaoran by calling him “brat”.

Yukito (Kingdom of Clow, Timeline A and B)- A friend of Toya who became the High Priest and helped assisted the Ruins, making sure that nothing will pollute the purification room. He also had some abilities to see the future in dreams. In Timeline B, his job was slightly different as he was in charge of reading prophecies.


Key Locations:

Spherus Magna

*Averax Magna

*Bota Magna

*Northern Frost

*Bara Magna

*Maze Valley

*Aqua Magna

Matoran Universe (GSR)

*Metru Nui

*Southern Continent

Kingdom of Clow

*The Ancient Ruins of Clow

*Abandoned Garden

Verona Magna (Alternate SM universe)

*Hadashi Palace

Kenax City/Hanshin Republic

The Dream World


The Parallels: These five ties are some examples of the Parallel’s Power and how each world is similar. There are many other parallels that connect but these five are the most important ones.

Averax Magna = Kingdom of Clow (formerly had ties with Kotan World)

Kenax City = Hanshin Republic

Metru Nui = ????? (to be revealed)

Karda Nui = ????? (to be revealed)

Verona Magna= Neo Verona (This country will only be mentioned. To learn more about Neo Verona, watch Romeo x Juliet the anime by GONZO)

Reminder: This story is going to be exclusive for deviantart starting around June 10th! I will provide links on here so stay tuned!

Questions/comments/opinions are appreciated!

If time permits, I will post links from my "journal entries" in deviantart that contain the previews to this finale!



*Preview Poster

*Glatorian Erax


Prologue: Link

Phase 1: Disaster's Open

Phase 2: Final Preparations

Phase 3: Sacred Power

Phase 4:A New Tribulation

Phase 5: Gathering of Destiny

Phase 6: A Message Delivered

Phase 7: The Return of the Shadow Entities

Phase 8: Alliances and Militarism

Phase 9: The Fusion of Parallels

Phase 10: The Lost Memory

Phase 11: The War Begins

Phase 12: The Final Warning

Phase 13: The Goddess of Life

Phase 14: (COMING SOON!)

Final Phase/Epilogue: (COMING SOON!)

Edited by Toa Syaoran

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