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This is the entry topic for the LDD Contest for LEGO Other Theme MOCs. Post your creations here only.

To read about the contest and rules for entries click here

To discuss the various entries, use this discussion topic in the LDD forum.

IMPORTANT To all contestants:

1) If you are entering the LDD Only class you MUST also link to the LXF-file, or you will be disqualified.

2) Make sure you use the [/img]-tags (or click on "Insert Image"-button above) so images show up in the post, not like links, but like pictures.

4) Observe - Max 3 pictures that are max 800 pixels in size each.

If you do not follow the rules, you will be disqualified, so please read the rules BEFORE you post!

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This is my entry for the Historic theme. Its some american soldiers trying to climb the cliff to take out the bunker. the bunker has full interior.

Full view:

The inside of the bunker

LXF File:

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LDD Contest: LDD Class Only

Lego Bonsai

This was not really intended for a particular theme but could be used with ninja, castle, pirates and maybe even star wars.

Moc’s are new to me and this is my very first attempt at doing one and decided to use the LDD because I have no Lego bricks to work with apart from sets I have bought but I don’t really want to mix the pieces up or needlessly buy parts I may or may not use so using the LDD was a good option.

I have found the system very clunky on my computer and was not the easiest to use but I do have an oldish computer and would possibly work better with a new one. I would love to see Lego adapt this program for the ipad it would be more hands on and quicker and a lot more fun.

With this creation I was thinking about landscapes and recreating them in Lego and I thought of Bonsai’s so that is what this was based on.

I have used the design by me free build in LDD with what colours were available to me that I could buy from Lego through design by me.

I don’t know if this creation would hold together out side the LDD and if I ever do build it there would most possibly be some changes, but I think that's the great thing about the LDD is that you can build some thing and not have to worry about it falling apart on you until you buy it to build and then that’s another story.

Enjoy looking as much as I have been creating!


Link to LFX File

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Here goes - I made a small scene consisting of a British Army Land Rover carrying a snatch squad, a Land Rover FFR (Fitted For Radio) and a 109 Ambulance at a small riot. It is based off of the Irish Troubles. Land Rovers were used extensively throughout Op Banner from the 1970's to the 1990's. It's made using LDD Universe.


Picture 2

Picture 3

And the Brickshelf Gallery, including .LXF file

I'm not sure about the quality of these pictures, but whatever. Also, I have a confession. The sand green torsos used by the squaddies don't actually exist. I'm using them as a stand in for a different torso (either the Endor Rebels or a Harry Potter jumper). I'm not sure if this is pukka, so if it's not, just tell me and I'll change it.

[EDIT] I finally managed to calculate the piece count and found that my original was many hundreds of pieces short of the limit, so I decided to spice it up a bit and added another vehicle a memorial and a small industrial building.

Edited by Saracen

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Hi All,

I have designed an MOC with LDD. It represents the Hungarian Parliament Building, in the smallest possible scale I could imagine. I thought I will put it into Architecture theme, but since there is no such a thing, I think it is "Other".

It is made of 1785 pcs (including the park and the river Danube). I was always a big fan of the Architecture line of LEGO, so I wondered why not try to make a hungarian building accepted by the audience. I tried, here is the result:

This is the link to the .lxf file:

And here are some pictures as well:




Hope you enjoy and like my creation. It is fully buildable.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Please reply and tell me your opinion.

Build on!


Edited by Sarkanyapu

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Here's mine. Made this week on LDD

If you want to participate in the contest, you need to add a link to the LXF-file too.

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My entry for the LDD + Real bricks.




Real Bricks


A Wee Ninja!

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HI,I finaly figured out how to move my post, so here I go again:

This is my Pelican Dropship from Halo:Combat Evolved.

Here are the pictures:


And here is the link to the LXF file:

Note:I had some problems resizing the pictures so the pictures couldn't be bigger,so you better view the LXF file.

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Here's my entry for the LDD only contest... RELEASE YOUR MINIFIGS! Don't horde your minigfigs in boxes or plastic zip bags, set them free! Amaze your friends (or anyone who seems interested) with this Wall-Mounted Minifig Display Frame... Available in any colour you choose! Each case holds 16 minifigs (ideal to show-off your 'series' collections) and can be customised to match any theme you prefer. Or, simply select the 'classic white' version (pictured).




lxf file

Remember, always ask a responsible AFOL to drill your walls.

EDIT: Fixed a couple of stray bricks in lxf file. Doh!

Edited by Praiter Yed

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My third and final entry is called "Padded Cell", and it's for the Other Lego Themes category. I was literally up all night building this one, and spent most of the day today doing the finishing touches (especially the cell doors).

All of the pieces in this entry come from the Design by Me palette, so thankfully I didn't have to worry about colours. This is certainly the entry I'm most proud of.

LXF file - Padded Cell

Number of pieces: 1271

Unique pieces: 116

Weight: 1.731 kg




I misinterpreted "class" in the rules, so thanks to someone's PM this is my only entry.

Edited by SilentMode

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Here's my entry, LDD only.

This is my first post and first MOC, so let's see how it goes.

Themed around vampire bats, I initially created this castle to serve as opposition to the new King's Castle (though I don't actually own it). When it became too expensive, I decided to enter it here. I don't really know why I used the Halloween colors, but it seems to look good to me.

The skeleton wizard/sorcerer seen on the tower is the only sentient being in the model. His soldiers are mindless constructs.

Edited by Mad King Geof

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This is my first post and first MOC, so let's see how it goes.

The folder's not public yet. If you click on the picture on the brickshelf page it'll give you just the image as a link, which you can post/link to while the folder becomes public. It sounds cool, though... peace

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Class: LDD only

As the release of the sequel of one of the most famous RTS games draws close, I would like to present my BattleCruiser form StarCraft II.


front view


side view


back view

And you can download the lxf file in my brickshelf folder


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Hi. My name is lego911 and I am new here, so I might have some trouble getting this to work properly.

I was told that I should join Eurobricks and submit something for this Challenge.

I would like to introduce my first upload to the Eurobricks forum in the form of 'Bugatti Bloodlines' - Bugatti Veyron and Type 35B Racer. This is in the category of both bricks and LDD.

The Bugatti Veyron features:

Mid-mounted W8 piston engine driving all four wheels

Independent front and rear suspension

Modularised vehicle systems allow quick assembly/disassembly

Open doors

Height and pitch adjustable rear wing

The Bugatti Type 35 Racer features

Front mounter inline four cylinder piston engine driving the rear wheels

Live front and rear axles sprung by quarter-elliptic springs

Opening engine cover

Separate Chassis construction with separate body modules

Front wheel steering.

Both models are built to 1:15 scale, similar to the Lego Ferrari and Lamborghini models.


Bugatti Veyron and Type 35 brick built.


And again, from another angle


Bugatti Veyron and Type 35 modelled in LDD


and again,


and once more



It doesn't like my files from brickshelf for some reason.

Can anyone help me out?

There are many more images of the models individually and with DETAIL PARTS on my flickr site, updated and expanded once I get some more sleep:

lego911 on flickr

Mmm, not doing so well at getting images.

All sorted now.


This is where they are on Brickshelf:

lego911 Eurobricks entry on Brickshelf

Edited by lego911

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Class LLD + Real Bricks

1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Combination

This is the model of car from which they made Ecto-1 in Ghostbusters. I don't currently have the bricks I need to complete it as Ecto-1 so this will have to do for now.




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Here Winny Pooh bear.

A MOC I created a while ago, with all the "illegal" technics, such as technic bricks 1x1, headlights & old mod plates 4081a.

When I tried to create a building instruction in LDD, the trouble began from the start.

After redesigning the "pooh" letter mosaic, by making use of the latest new bricks, I was able to create the instruction.

The lxf My link



Pooh 1.jpg

Pooh 2.jpg

Pooh 3.jpg

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LDD Class Only.

Here is my mountains bridge called "White Star Bridge".




Contains 1732 parts. It's my first LDD creation who contains more tha 1000 parts :classic: .

---> Here is lxf. file <---

EDIT: Sorry for editing post, but my computer was so slow... Counting parts took him 50 minutes :hmpf_bad: .

Edited by Set Sprinter

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