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This is the entry topic for the LDD Contest for LEGO Bionicle MOCs. Post your creations here only.

To read about the contest and rules for entries click here

To discuss the various entries, use this discussion topic in the LDD forum.

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Well, I suppose I will be the first to enter in this category. I've been reworking this for six days now and I think the colors have been adjusted to those already produced by lego. If any of the colors aren't available be sure to shoot me a pm! And so without further ado, I present R-2-449:


Front View


Back View


Three-Quarter Aerial View

And the LXF:In my folder, when public.

Backstory: The Rhaloka and Rhaloka-IIs were two prototypes considered alongside that of the Baterra. After most were disassembled, Unit 449 became self aware. The Great Beings allowed 449 to be free on Spherus Magna in order to get a field test of the machine. The name came from my original BZP username, Rhaloka Two, if you were wondering. I would love to get some feedback on this :classic: .

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