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Post LDD Contest Entries here!

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This is the entry topic for the LDD Contest for LEGO Train Tech MOCs. Post your creations here only.

To read about the contest and rules for entries click here

To discuss the various entries, use this discussion topic in the LDD forum.

IMPORTANT To all contestants:

1) If you are entering the LDD Only class you MUST also link to the LXF-file, or you will be disqualified.

2) Make sure you use the [/img]-tags (or click on "Insert Image"-button above) so images show up in the post, not like links, but like pictures.

4) Observe - Max 3 pictures that are max 800 pixels in size each.

If you do not follow the rules, you will be disqualified, so please read the rules BEFORE you post!

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I can't upload a picture here :hmpf_bad: , so here are links:

EDIT: The following message has been placed here by the contest organizer.

This entry has been DISQUALIFIED for the following reasons:

1) Dupliate entries - You are only allowed to enter one entry per class in the LDD contest. You have now entered the same class in both Train and one in Town.

2) Missing LXF (and did not bother to read rules where information can be found how to do this)

3) Have not fixed the above, despite several reminders in this topic

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Here's my entry, a modern take on the Emerald Night coach.



Items to note:

> Opening doors. Almost exact copy of EN coach doors.

> Bogies. Modified EN design, 9 studs long to accomodate suspension, to try and alleviate the bogie "overhang" due to the steps.

Link to file

Edited by Matt Dawson

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I thought I'd give this a go even though I havn't posted much!

My second attempt on LDD and am fairly pleased with the result.

I'd always been a little interested in the travelling post office so I decided to revolve the idea around a mail train in a similar style to a regular lego set.

The first car is empty in case a power functions battery and IR wants to be installed. The first middle car has a few desks, and mail holders for the sorters. The second middle car has sliding doors that allow a 4x3 crate to be slid in filled with mail and sorted by a grumpy postal worker. The rear car has a small compartment for packages and the like. It also comes with a platform, small postal van complete with an assortment of crates, parcels and letters and a few postal workers to compliment them! Theres a few places on the model I'd like to put some of the official mail stickers, but thats not possible with LDD, so just imagine.

There are 1682 pieces.




Edited by Catanas

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My class 8 British Shunter.

The wheels can be swapped for a motor. I'm still trying to work out fitting in a pf battery box and receiver.

For coupling, you'll need an older magnet and holder , not one of the new one piece thingys.

I've tried to capture the greebly detail on the sides. Ideally it'd have wasp striping on the back, but I think it looks ok as is.

On with the three pictures!

Front quarter view


Rear above view


Overhead front view


and lxf file in gallery when moderated

Edited by Chromeknight

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HELLO to everyone!

this is my entry for the LDD + real bricks

it's a train station based on one I have seen don't know where on the net that I really liked.

mostly that I don't like about some lego buildings is that there is a lack of interiors and floors are not "really" connected, so in this train station you can find:

a ticket counter with queue lines and accessible place for the operators and a small waiting area.

a bar with coffee machine and draft beer plus other drinks on the shelves and various other facilities, like sink and under storage and also a small terrace for the clients to wait and drink.

on the upper floor, accessible from a stair on the back, you can find a small (hotel) room for those who have to wait a little longer. the building on the right, is a storage area accessible from both sides with ramps.

roofs and first floor can be removed for easier access.

total bricks count: 2100 (excluding the 4 rail tracks added on the real bricks photo)

enough with description, now photos (3 LDD + 2 real bricks)






LDD file can be found HERE

I like to share my LDD files, I think they can help to see other people techniques and give ideas for a better build!

thank you for watching, and good luck to everyone.

have a nice lego day!

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Hi everyone!

My entry for the category LDD + real bricks is a MOC of an open-air bar carriage, a cross-over of an observation carriage and open-air carriages like those used on trains in New Zealand (most likely also somewhere else *g*). I built the carriage as an addition to the Metroliner train and it therefore uses the same size and basic frame as the Metroliner passenger carriage. The livery was inspired by German Railway InterCity carriages. The idea was to show a carriage that looks like it might have been built by the same company as the other Metroliner carriages but was later bought by another railway operator, repainted and rebuilt into an open-air bar carriage and now included in the Metroliner for luxury cross-border services (as in European cross-border InterCity trains where you'll often see rolling stock from different companies).

The air-suspended carriage is equipped with luxurious seating for three minifigs in the open-air part of the carriage, large windows and a big bar serving drinks and snacks.

LDD screenshots (click to open in flickr:)




Built in real bricks:



And here's the LDD file

Edited by Odyssey

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Here's my entry in the LDD and Real Bricks Category...


This came about because I wanted something to fill the gap on my shelf left by the 2 modular buildings I own. I thought of doing a street scene and hit on the idea of having a tram of some sort. A quick Google led to an old film clip of cable trams used in Melbourne from 1885 to 1940. I really loved the design of them and thought I'd give it a go. As with most of my MOC's nowadays I used LDD quite a bit to try out techniques and colours as I went along.

The tram is an open dummy car (in real life it was this tram that gripped the cable moving under the road, it would then pull a closed tramcar behind it) and I built a short section of track. The white stripe on the roadway is to instruct the driver (or gripman) to release the cable so the tram can coast over the pedestrian crossing point before picking up the cable on the other side. The white pillar type thing is an emergency call box to allow the tram crew to signal the winding house should the cable need to be stopped (for example if a tram was derailed, the cable damaged or the track obstructed).




The real brick version... with added passengers, custom stickers and a few minor changes that I couldn't do on LDD (namely attaching the 1x1 brick to the fence piece on the front for the headlight and the call box design)




I'll post more pics and information after the comp closes.

Thanks for looking and good luck to all who enter...



Edited by greg3

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This is a replica of the first electrical engine of the Belgian NMBS. The type is 101 or serie 29 later

It was first in service in 1949.

It is in the 2 color green paint.

As soon as a saw the engine, I know I had to build it sometime.

Now I did it.

The most difficult thing are the ventilation on the side, that are 1/2 plate appart & stick out 1/2 plate to the rest of the loc.

Many tries later I had a prototype. Only it used the technic brick 1x1 and headlights in the, according to LDD, illegal way.

So I redesigned the complete inner side of the engine.

Now I am waiting for my ordered bricks to arrive, to build it in real.

I will post foto's afer my vacation

My lxf file is here R29 - T101

R29 - T101 foto 1.jpg

R29 - T101 foto 2.jpg

R29 - T101 foto 3.jpg

The inside

R29 - T101 foto 4.jpg

Edited by private_lego

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