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Welcome to the first LDD Design Contest here at Eurobricks.

The first contest on Eurobricks that span over all themes

The contest is now closed for entries. Next step is voting, which will start in a few days.

Contest Objective

The goal of this contest is as simple as it is straight forward: To build the most awesome, jaw-dropping MOC ever using LDD in the design process.


You can design and build whatever you want. There is no limitation on style or theme, but there are three simple rules:

1) Your design has to be made in Lego Digital Designer version 3.1.3 (download here). It is OK to use all the bricks in Universe Mode (read here how to unlock)

2) The MOC has to be between 30 and 2500 bricks. You may also add up to 50 minifigs.

3) You can only use bricks with colours that has been manufactured by TLG. Your best bet is to check BrickLink for available colours for each brick. You can also use LDD Manager to analyze your design with respect to colour (read here and download).


There are two classes:

1) Only LDD. In this class you may use only LDD, there’s no need to build the MOC with physical bricks. But remember, only bricks in colours manufactured by TLG may be used. If you want you can use cool backgrounds, but you cannot photoshop the LDD MOC itself.

2) LDD + Real bricks. In this class you must also build your LDD design with physical bricks. With this class we want to promote LDD as a tool to support MOC design with the intent of also building it with physical bricks.

Posting your entry

One entry per category and member (i.e. you can post one entry in each class). And please, no recycling of old creations.

Submissions should be made as follows:

Class LDD Only - Take screenshot in LDD from up to three angles and submit. In this class you must also submit the LXF-file (click here if you need to know how to do that).

Class LDD + Real Bricks - Submit screenshot in LDD from up to three angles as well as photos of your built MOC from two angles. In this class you do not have to post the LXF-file if you don't want to.

Please note: Screenshots/Images shall be max 800x600. See the Tutorials Index for help with resizing images and deeplinking.

So, where do I post my entry?

Entries should be posted according the theme of your MOC. We have created an LDD Entry topic in each of the following theme topics (click to go to the Entry topic):

Lego Licenced

Lego Star Wars

Lego Historic Themes

Lego Action Themes

Lego Pirates

Lego Sci-Fi

Lego Town

Lego Train

Lego Technic

Lego Bionicle

Lego Other Themes

Contest process and voting

The contest will start June 4th and close July 18th 21.00 CET. After the contest has closed, judging will take place by a public vote.

Who can participate? Anyone that is a EB member, no matter when you joined EB!

Who can vote? Only EB members who joined before June 3rd are eligible to vote.

How do I vote? A voting thread will be created after the contest has closed. In this thread all entries from the various themes will be collected. We will get back with more info later on.


Prizes have kindly been donated by TLG and are as follows:

For Class Only LDD

1st prize – Falling Water

2nd prize - Star Wars Rebel Trooper Battle Pack

3rd prize - Chrome Stormtrooper + bonus

4th prize - Silly Surprise

For Class LDD + Real Bricks

1st prize – Imperial Flagship

2nd prize – Emerald Night

3rd prize – Chrome Stormtrooper + bonus

4th prize - Silly Surprise

Best in show price: A special price will be given to an extraordinary entry. Will be decided by Superkalle and Ras 74.

Prizes will be sent to winners free of charge, courtesy of Eurobricks.

Even more questions?

Post them here

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