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Siege and Blockade of Yorktown 1781

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The Americans attacked Cornwallis at Yorktown and eventually cut him off from all resupply through the use of French ships in the harbor. Throughout this time, American and French troops repeatedly attacked breaches in the redoubt made by cannon in an attempt to force an entrance. While none were successful, these attacks led to Cornwallis seeing the situation as hopeless and surrendering his force unconditionally to Washington. Notice the various effects such as a decapitation, serious leg wound, unseated British Lancer, and bayonet stab.


In this image, one can see a French ship of the line blockading the port at Yorktown as American troops seek to gain entry to the British fort. Notice the burning tree, bugler, cannon crew, militia charge, stretcher, and supply cart.


In this image, one can see the blockading French ship lording over the British fort with all cannon at bay. Notice the monkey in the ship's rigging if you can find it!


Here one can see a full rear view of our French ship. Notice our French flag. It is post-revolutionary and therefore not historically accurate but we chose to make it anyway for three reasons. It is impressive, shows the ship is clearly French, and we thought the only way to make the pre-revolutionary French flag was to customize, which is something we did not want to do (except for the ship rigging of course.) Notice the intricate woodwork and fully manned crew.


In this image one can see the front line of the American charge by Grenadiers and Line Infantry. Notice again the baoyonet stab and our Grenadier with a bullet wound through the chest.


Finally, here one can see the rear of the fort. In the fort we used dark gray to show the newly upturned soil of the trenches mixed with wood-work for the cannons. Notice the dead cannon crew complete with guts and blood along with the British infantry racing in to fill the breach.

Here is a link to more info on the Siege of Yorktown on Wikipedia

We unfortunately could not add many of our pictures because we were limited to 6 and therefore we have many more to show including tons of American militia. We have over 100 pieces including men, cannon, and horses. Check out some of our links and enjoy! Thanks!

Visit My Website Page 1 ----Page 1 of Pics

Visit My Website Page 2 ----Page 2 of Pics

Hey this is Craig Jansen and Josh Farrar the creators of this Lego setup. We live in the Pacific timezone USA and here it is 11:28 on May 31st, even though it says 12:28 am, June 1st on the time entry. I am not sure why Eurobricks is saying it is an hour ahead from when we actually posted it.

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Nice entry! There's a lot of good action in it.

And I also like the ship, all the string make it look very real. Maybe some smoke would be nice out of the cannon but that's just a small point.


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Wow, a beautiful entry to be sure, I love all the detail you put in, such as the tears on the american flag, and the rigging of the French vessel. I also like how you designed the whole set up with nearly constant action and eye catching detail. Good work mate, and definitely keep bricking :thumbup:

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Welcome and great entry. There is so much going on throughout this MOC. Very enjoyable to explore. I love the ship in the background but my favorite part is the brickbuilt American flag. Great job and best of luck with your entry.

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