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REVIEW: 410 Payloader

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410 – Payloader

Theme: Legoland/Vehicle

Piece Count: 28

Year Released: 1973

MSRP: ???

Links: Brickset, Lugnet, Peeron, Bricklink

*Note: This set was released under the number 604 outside of the U.S.*

Ah, classic Legoland. A time before mini-figs ever existed, and cars and buildings could be made with just a few bricks. The part selection was pretty basic: bricks, plates, slopes, windows and wheels were all you needed to construct an entire town. Heavy machinery could be modeled in 4-wide and be just a few bricks tall. For this review we will be taking a look at the 410 Payloader, one of LEGO’s first sets of a bucket loader. So grab a hard hat, we are heading to the construction yard!


Box image courtesy of Bricklink.

Box Contents

Here we have our instructions which are obviously the older style of LEGO instructions. The steps used much simpler imagery, but they get the job done. They show how to build the Payloader in seven steps.



This small set has all of 28 parts in it.


The more interesting parts of note are the red digger arm, the bucket, the blue 1X2 brick with arm holes, and the blue 2X2 brick with the classic LEGO logo printed on it.



In the first few steps we start building up the base.


Then add the arms and start building the cab.


Add the bucket, the trailer socket and finish the cab.


Throw on some wheels.


Completed Set

And with that we are finished with our nice small model.


Here is the back right side. Notice how the back of the cab was left with an empty spot.


Here is the left side. Notice how on the top of the arm they made it so you could just push down on the tips it to make the arm lift instead of having to grab by the arm itself.


On the front we have the nice LEGO logo shown to remind the forgetful of what they were playing with. You can also see how much space is in the bucket itself, which can't hold more than a few small plates.


Finally on the back we have the trailer socket. This was a nice addition to make it able to tow trailers from other sets like 685.


Just don’t try to bring it into your layout populated by mini-figs, they may have a problem trying to get in. :laugh:


Other Thoughts

Considering this set is nearly 37 years old, I myself am still surprised by how well the bricks have held up. I purchased this set from a thrift store a year ago for a mere 25 cents. Normally when used LEGO is purchased you can expect to see scratches, marks, wearing, discoloration, etc but boy was I surprised to see how all these parts are in mint condition. Even the instructions still looked like they came from a new box and not all ripped up and tattered. The pieces still connect to each other nice and tight and the metal pieces for the wheels haven't rusted. This just shows that with proper care these things can last a lifetime. I really would like to get a small display case to show it off.


Playability: 8/10 In addition to the standard of having rolling wheels, you also get a fully movable bucket assembly. With it you can pick up smaller pieces and unload them into a dump truck.

Design: 7/10 Like all other Legoland vehicles it has a very basic design, but you can still easily identify what it is. Simple yet effective.

Parts: 7/10 Like most other older LEGO sets, all you really get are a few basic bricks and plates. However, you do get a bucket assembly and the 2X2 brick with the classic LEGO logo on it is very cool. It was also nice of LEGO to include the trailer socket so you could tow around your trailers.

Price: 8/10 Bricklink's history shows them to sell for around $10 USD used. While that is a bit much for a set this size, it is pretty good considering this set is over 37 years old. However, if you are looking for a new boxed set be prepared to fork over about $50 USD.

Overall: 8/10 This small machine would make a nice addition to your collection as a reminder of LEGO's past.

So what are your thoughts on this classic set?

Edited by TheBrickster

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Thank you very much for this wonderful review!

This is the oldest Lego set in my collection. I received this model from my grand parents many years ago - I'm not exactly sure who in my family it used to belong to, but it has a home with me now.

It's a very simple but attractive looking vehicle, and functions pretty well too. Overall, very nice.

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Thanks for the great nostalgic review! :thumbup: Great pictures, I love the shiny glow of 37 year old bricks! :cry_happy:

Sets were simpler back then, but not less exciting in their own way. I wasn't even born in 1973, but one of my first sets was the 1982 update of this, 6630 Bucket Loader. Almost 10 years later, but the very same bucket assembly, only the colours have changed.


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Nice review!

Great nostalgic set, like you said, it has nice design-Simple yet effective!

I like construction vehicles, so this set has even bigger impact on me!

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Ah, the good old days........Thanks for the review 'Yoshi648' - CUTE and COOL at the same time.

It's interesting to see that the same front end parts had been used from the early 70's up in to the late 90's !

Nice again to step back in time and I'm a conformist! everyone ! :sweet:

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I voted 'Outstanding.'

Regarding this set, I found mine at a consignment store. It was inside of a larger set from the same time period.

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Woah. 25 cents for a mint condition set! That's amazing. :cry_happy:

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