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REVIEW: 6517 Water Jet

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6517 – Water Jet

Theme: System/Town/Race

Year Released: 1996

Piece Count: 28

Minifigs: 1


Links: Brickset, Lugnet, Peeron, BrickLink

For many years, mini-figs have enjoyed being in the water. Whether they are out fishing, patrolling, or just out for a nice ride they have had a wide variety of water-craft to help them stay afloat. During 1996 Lego released Wave Jump Racers where Lego citizens could enjoy a good jet-ski race. However, two jet skis weren’t enough for some towns and they wanted more. Enter the Water Jet. Sharing the same styling as the other jet-skis, this would be a fierce competitor to race with.


Box image courtesy of Peeron

Box Contents

The instructions are printed on a small double-sided instruction sheet (like many other smaller sets). The front shows off the usual assembly of the mini-fig and the buoys. The jet-ski is shown being built in nine steps. The back also shows an alternate model.


This set consists of a mere 28 parts (not including extras).

*Note: I can’t seem to find the green 1X1 round brick so I have replaced it with a black one*


Interesting parts of note are the 2X3 slope brick with red stars, the red mini-fig torso with white stars, and the wedge 6X4 with 3 pattern. All of these parts are printed; however there are stickers of stars to put on the side of the wedge. They printed the number but couldn’t print the stars?



First up is the mini-fig. Sporting sunglasses, a helmet and a life vest he is ready to tear up the ocean!



Next are the two buoys. They are simple but effective. Thanks to the round dish on the bottom you can touch them and watch them move back and forth as if they were actually in water.


Finally the main attraction of the set, the jet-ski. I really like the design of this. It looks sleek and the size is accurate compared to the mini-fig. The color-scheme is nice also.



Completed Set

Ready to hit the water!



Here is the alternate model as shown in the instructions. It is a small boat.



Playability: 5/10 While the set itself is nice, there isn't much you can really do with it. It would have been nice if Lego added a shark or a small ramp to increase the playability.

Design: 9/10 The jet-ski is sleek and the buoys are a nice touch.

Mini-fig: 10/10 Very nice mini-fig with a racing torso, helmet, and life vest.

Parts: 8/10 While there aren't many parts in the set, they do come together nicely.

Price: 9/10 If you can find this set for $5 or less it is a great pick up.

Overall: 8/10 While there is little playability that can had with just this one set, it is still a nice model and worth the price.

So what are your thoughts?

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Ive never heard of this set till now. It looks like a nice little set to get.

Thanks for the review Yoshi648.


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AHHHH!!!!! The nostalgic factor is too overpowering! I remember this set. It is so awesome! :cry_happy:

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:cry_happy: -I still have mine! That was soooo long ago when I got it!

It was one of my early sets, before i inherited my brothers.

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Thanks for the review 'Yoshi648' - CUTE and COOL at the same time plus oh, yeah printed parts ! :grin:

I'm a conformist! ! :sweet:

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