MOC: Rio Grande train in orange

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Here you are my first moc train based on the Rio Grande, a train that shares the same Santa Fe engine, but in an orange striped color.

you may notice that some details are based of other mocs I saw around on the net, don't ask me where, because I cannot remember all, but I'll list them as soon as I'll find them again.

engine doors from here

engine carriage from here

bar idea started from here

first of all, a photo of the real train


engine first


some stickers on the windows to make them look round ones would make it look much better








engine can be removed to insert the PF battery pack


standard coach




using some jumper plates, I have been able to offset the seats of 1/2 stud,

allowing 8 minifigs to seat comfortably in a standard lego sized coach.

bar coach






some action (I had only star wars figs around that moment)


and now, full train


thank you for viewing and for your comments

have a nice lego day


EDIT: add link to other mocs that gave me some idea

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Very cool, especially the colours! I'm pretty new to this forum myself and I'm not familiar with this train at all, but there are some questions...

First, about the picture that shows the real train, aren't these all engine cars? I mean, it would be strange if passenger cars had such small windows. So, did you intend to recreate this photo, or is this your own version, where there's only one engine and two passenger cars?

Is the different level of the roofs intentional? It looks a bit disturbing to me, in my opinion it would look much better if the cars were on the same level.

Otherwise this looks really great though ;)

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yes those are only the engine + some F7B units

here you are a photo of a real passenger car, but keep in mind that the passenger cars I made, are my own interpretation, and I wanted to keep a classic lego size and not an extra-long superdetailed version that would not be able to be used in most people train layout.


height difference is not intentional!

it's 2 plates, one from the different height of the engine boogie plate, and one from the different kind of roof.

in the photo, it seems much more though... I'll check what it will look like adding one plate in the roof part.

have a nice lego day


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Bar coach = Epic Win!!!!!

The model is awesome, looks pretty close to the real thing while still keeping the LEGO feel and look!

Excellent work!


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Great Job mrblue!

I love the details in such a standard size. The sliding doors are what first caught my eye and the bar looks beautiful.

Do you plan on making more car or engine units?

Either way it looks great! :thumbup:

Keep the good work coming!

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i absolutely love the work you have put into the trucks on the engine...

truck detail is often my downfall and you've done a fantastic job!

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